Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

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  • Nasratullah

I am so surprised about this. but, I recognize on badness in this phone. the badness of this phone is the back of the phone that made by plastic and the battery, because the battery type is Li-Po if the battery type was LI-Ion it might be become a good phone in the store.
I am so grate full to GSMarenateam to produced more benefit information about different phone.

  • EHAM

S10 lite or A52 5g?
How about s20fe? I think it's not good because it has heating and touch issue and also it's battery is not good. Is it true?

  • Jim

Guys and gals, what do you think I should go for, this Samsung or maybe Motorola Moto G100 ? Please, if you can, write some reasons why i should go for one or the other. Thanks, and all the best!

Prasath378, 26 May 2021Which region and which country bro Thailand.

  • Prasath378

Sam799, 25 May 2021Just received May security patch.Which region and which country bro

Just received May security patch.

The is one of the best Samsung phone I've used in years. My personal favorites before this were the S6 edge+ (which was one of the best looking phones Samsung made during that time) & of course the Note 8. After trading my regular S10 due to horrendous battery life i got this one & no regrets whatsoever. It surpassed my expectations with its great battery life (thanks to the snapdragon 855 chipset), excellent cameras, great build quality & gorgeous big screen. The only downside is a weak speaker but that doesn't hurt badly. Overall it's been a pleasure using this beast of a phone at a very nominal price.

  • bharadwaj25

s10 lite, 12 Feb 2021How to use FM Radio on this device without original earphon... moreUnfortunately, fm radio works only with the shipped earphones which are in the phone box

  • bharadwaj25

Prabhakaran, 17 Apr 2021Waste of money.. m30 is good compare with s10 lite.. seriou... moreJoke of the millennium !

Nice video. How come the pictures were taken in Bulgaria? :)

  • George

funkyboj, 04 May 2021check your network 4g+ has full 4 lines of sig... moreI have checked the signal with other phone and the network is fine, the problem is with s10 lite phone, it has weak signal.

Amazing phone!

Look, I wanted a great huge screen and battery, decent camera, and expandable storage. This has it all plus the SD855!

Ever since the Galaxy s5, I'd been used to some level of water protection, I miss that here. Also, there is no stereo speaker system, which is awkward. I suppose those are the downsizes.

Plastic build, I honestly do not care, nor for wireless charging since this phone has 45W charge, which is insane.

The performance is great and the cameras are too. I got mine brand new for $300 USD which is insane! I could not not buy it!

  • funkyboj

George, 04 May 2021Hi, don't buy this, it has weak signal, 2 lines with 3... morecheck your network 4g+ has full 4 lines of signal strength with 180+ Mbps download speed

Darkfall82, 03 May 2021This device still awesome 👌 Updated just the other day wit... moreYeah this phone is undoubtedly great & ticks almost all the boxes thanks to the snapdragon 855 chipset. Since the camera is totally exposed & is prone to break or scratch I use a full coverage case for the back with just 3 camera holes visible which prevents it from getting it damaged 😊

  • George

Hi, don't buy this, it has weak signal, 2 lines with 3G/2G (auto) and with 4G/3G/2G (auto) you are unable to recieve calls, i regret i bought it.

  • Darkfall82

This device still awesome 👌
Updated just the other day with April security patch.
Phone dropped on numerous occasions. Screen protector (tempered glass) replaced no faults. Though crack on rear camera panel, luckily for me not over camera. I've purchased a tempered glass protector for that now.

Fido , 26 Apr 2021What about battery life? How much $ do you spend?Since it has a snapdragon 855 chipset instead of the exynos so the battery life on this one is pretty solid.

  • Fido

Alex, 21 Apr 2021Fantastic phone, with amazing support from Samsung (3 OS up... moreWhat about battery life? How much $ do you spend?

Just received the April security patch.

Why on earth did Samsung ditch Super AMOLED plus for 9 years then reintroduced it with the S10 lite?