Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019It's gonna be a curved screen. This is phone is meant to r... moreNo they didn't and no they aren't , s10e didn't gets massive backlash for its small size, and the lite is worse spec than the e , mono speaker, no IP rating, no wireless charging, not variable aperture, slower lens when it comes to f stops, no front focusing camera, no dual pixel front camera , the list doesn't end there

  • Anonymous

No audio jack?? No buy.

  • Anonymous

Arkiki Langstang, 20 Nov 2019Around Rs.20000 im definitely buying it but never happen.Do you know how many countries are using rupees? all has different values compared to each other and USD , Euroes

  • Anonymous

no nfc !!!

  • Anonymous

Tsahi, 21 Nov 2019I second, please flat screen.It's gonna be a curved screen.
This is phone is meant to replace the S10e, there was so much backlash due to the small size of the S10e, so Samsung made this phone with almost the same specs as the S10, the prices vary due to seperate build quality, camera quality, processing chip and battery life

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Mitten, 21 Nov 2019No jack no buyno jacky?! riot!!! owo

No jack no buy

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Well a competitor to fight iPhone SE2020? OwO

  • Tsahi

OkOk, 11 Nov 2019Please have a flat screen. PLEASE!I second, please flat screen.

  • Anonymous

Flat screen please.
Using S10 plus now. Using Samsung for the first time. Don't like the curve edge. Prefer flat screen with 3D edge instead of curve edge which has no benefit.

Around Rs.20000 im definitely buying it but never happen.

  • Jfhfhfhfhf

AverageUser, 16 Oct 2019Sooo, bigger version of S10e with more RAM, bigger battery,... moreIt will

  • Chrsjns

Sponge, 03 Nov 2019So it a renamed A90 5G?Samsung the koreans are smarter now, they recycling products like Huawei, oppo and xiaomi but more specific target market. I guess nobody is buting s10e because of the small screen.....

  • OkOk

Please have a flat screen. PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

Sapple, 17 Oct 2019I think Samsung thinks s10 plus users as fools,they charged... moreHahaha

So it a renamed A90 5G?

Papa joe, 17 Oct 2019I don't trust 45watt it explode your battery .I've got the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 40w charging and my phones been fine, it may just a samsung thing..

  • You55

This specifications are not confirmed

  • madmax

there s no way this phone is s10 lite with these specs.
all S10+ buyers would be like fooled,paying 1000 and now this called lite with better spec all the way