Samsung Galaxy S10+ teardown reveals tiny under-display fingerprint scanner

Ro, 27 February 2019

We finally get to see the insides of the Samsung Galaxy S10+. And on the contrary to most new phones, this one has a lot to show.

The teardown begins the usual way with some pre-heating and prying up. The good news is that the screen and the back plate both attach to the mid-frame so you can easily change the screen without the need of a full disassembly. That's at least what we could gather from the first video.

With the disassembly process advancing, more cool things start to pop up. It appears that Samsung has applied a thick thermal paste and some sort of heat sink along with the advertised copper vapor chamber.

Moving along, we can also see the display cutout and the front-facing camera module once the display has been detached. What's more, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader appears to be quite small and thin. Nothing like the optical sensors found on most phones. You can check out the OnePlus 6T teardown to see what we mean.

And perhaps take a look at this video as well. The more, the merrier.


Reader comments

can you elaborate ?

  • Anonymous
  • 01 Mar 2019
  • vry

Soldered charging port. Makes buying a new phone easier.

Oh I see. Thanks for the insight

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