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Samsung Galaxy S20+

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  • Anonymous

I have S20+ for several months. After the first month problems started. When I talk on regular network people have dificulties hearing me. With viber it works fine and it is clear conection. I tried to change the sim card, I updated it but the problem remained. Any advice?

SAM, 06 Sep 2021Any solution for overheating & battery drain?? I have t... moreI had same problem with s20fe sometime ago and I saw the "one UI" (home)was draining battery so quick,so I went into app settings ,clean data and restart it. Hope this help

  • Anonymous

Tech01, 31 Aug 2021Uses a S20+ (just 1 year and 6 months) no damage to the pho... moreAfter a year and a half, my s20+ screen suddenly turned green too. And samsung is not doing anything about it even though its clearly a hardware malfunction.

Cars do recall when theres a malfunction in the units/models they sold, why cant samsung do that! 😡😡😡

  • Suhaib

S20 plus camera ic number

  • SAM

Any solution for overheating & battery drain?? I have turned down the refresh rate to 60hz, power save/dark mode on (I've never ever used power save mode on any of my previous Samsung phones) still the same, goes down pretty quick, I am not a gamer just use it for whats app calls, social networking sites, few pics but this thing really heats up like fcuk! Any tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

I bought it week ago and it works really good, i recommend it !!!

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Anyone's S20+ started to lag in day to day use? Like i... moreMine works absolutely fine even after the August update, it's pretty smooth.

  • Anonymous

Anyone's S20+ started to lag in day to day use? Like it gets worse after every update and recently it's feel like a budget phone

  • Rmm

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021My S20+ was working fine when I first got it. But now every... moreTry turning off Bluetooth

Would turning on the power save mode be of any help as the battery is draining pretty fast, it doesn't last a day. I'm not into gaming just use it for whatsapp video calls with family, some internet browsing & taking pics, the refresh rate is also set on 60 hz. Thanks.

  • Sam

I bought this phone yesterday for $415 to replace my S10. So far it seems to be a good device, the screen is awesome, phone feels very light in the hands also it doesn't feel too big although it is 6.7" got the August update while setting up the phone, things work pretty smooth, battery went down from 87%-83% from night till morning which is not bad considering the terrible battery life on my S10. I hope it turns out to be good buy.

  • Tech01

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2021After my S20+ got updated patch this August, vertical green... moreUses a S20+ (just 1 year and 6 months) no damage to the phone, now in the screen it appears green vertical lines and it multplies further, Very much frustrated in these expensive flagships.

  • Anonymous

My S20+ was working fine when I first got it. But now every time I connect to WIFI the speeds drop to as low as 5Mbps. I have restarted my route, phone, and have also reset the network settings, turned on and off air plane mode. I have to constantly disconnect and reconnect to get good speeds but even after doing so it will drop after 10-30s. On good days I am able to get 50-60Mbps its good for browsing but when I am at home watching YouTube or Netflix it always buffers every so often.

  • Anonymous

After my S20+ got updated patch this August, vertical green line came up. I have tried many things but cannot fix. Also phone became more hot even there not much apps opened. This is frustating.

  • DENO

i have s10+ should i upgrade to this i see many complain

It's not as good as Huawei Mate 20 for battery back-up performance but the fast charging and wireless charging make up for it. Also, it has better network connection than Mate 20.

  • Mark

liviucip2000, 17 Jul 2021I have this phone for more than a year now... European vers... moreDude I replaced exynos version with snapdragon and battery is far better also better performance on gaming

I love this dual recording thing.

I have this phone for more than a year now... European version. No issues. No overheating. Games work great... The major differences between processor version are just a myth... The only thing that could be better is the fast changing, but one hour for a 4500mh is not too bad... Software is amazing...never blocked

Edgar, 03 Jul 2021I have galaxy s20+ Exynos version, it is working very great... moreHeating 🔥