Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20+

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  • leon

thanks for everyone who told us about the green line after one eyars of usage , i will not buy it !! my God

  • Anonymous

Very poor quality hardware they are is looting the custome.Never buy Samsung device.

  • zai

one of the most useless phone. after 1 year+ this phone turns white and green. Read the samsung forum most users have this issue but samsung didnt rectify it. They will just say its out of warranty, need to pay for the LCD replacement and data will be wipe out. For the price I could get an OPPO. Ive been supporting samsung since s1, this will be my last samsung.

  • Sagar

Plz guyz don't buy this phone I am using this phone last 1 year the battery backup is very worst.exenos processor heating too much.

Samsung s20+ is easily damaged and the disease is a green line on the screen.

  • Win

Waking up to find your 20mth old phone screen turn green. Now the third day the screen alternates between green and white.and can’t off at all. Service Center says LCD problem and to change screen cost RM980.00 and whole Malaysia no stock. What a lousy disappointing service!

  • Cire

Any experience for ui 4.1. Planning to update it. Thanks in advance

  • Mark

After update my headphones stopped working also super fast changing..

  • Pran

Pathetic customer service by samsung. Don't buy the phone. Right after warranty the phone' s display has vertical lines. Looks like a business practice by them. Never going to buy samsung again!

  • Anonymous

My s20+ also faced green line problem exactly after 1year+ without dropping or any liquid. Suck! Samsung

  • Anonymous

Sachin, 15 Apr 2022My s20 plus has also got a green vertical line without any ... moreYes. Someone using this phone in our church has the same issue. Green vertical line on the screen, there's no cracks on the screen so I'm wondering how come about the screen line

  • Sachin

My s20 plus has also got a green vertical line without any damage or like that but it appears, I dont know how it appears suddenly.

  • Joe Subb

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2022I'm using s20+ for 2 years and l didn't have any ... morejust wait, it will come soon

  • Joe Subb

lousy phone at this costly price, less than 2 years and the screen suddenly turned white, sometimes green with lines, cant see anything, repair gonna cost 1/3 of the phone price, what a rubbish device from samsung!

  • Anonymous

Utterly disappointed by @Samsung. My S20 Plus got a vertical green line on its display out of nowhere. Nothing had happened, neither it got dropped or anything.

  • Mark

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2022Samsung's customer service is the worst at least in In... moreIt's a hardware issue not software..

  • Anonymous

Samsung's customer service is the worst at least in India. I updated my S20 Plus's software and then suddenly a green line started appearing which Samsung should have apparently fixed with another update which they probably will never. I should probably wait for like 2 or 3 months for an update, until then I should see my phone's screen with an irritating green line on the side.

  • Mal

used S20 plus for 1.5 years and then
n suddenly got the green line on my screen. after few weeks, got another line on its own. the Samsung center tells me to d=send he phone to the country it was made in. so for a month without the phone. still thinking and confused as to what to do

  • Zumi

After 1.5 years of using this, the green line appears and it costs 3/4th of the phone value to replace it. Useless.

  • Anonymous

I am using s20 plus for around 2 years but suddenly green vertical line appeared and so disappointed samsung didn't do anything about it even all the models having the same problem i am using s series from s8 and it's the first having a hardware problem this soon. Am so disappointed i never buy any samsung products any mor becose itsy Hard money i spent on it.till now they are good for their display and now they lost that also