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  • Mark

Josua, 19 Feb 2021After updating one ui 3.1 taking pictures with flash on dar... moreI just noticed that you can't take pictures with flash.. Brightness is messed out, 90% it will miss the shot

  • Josua

After updating one ui 3.1 taking pictures with flash on dark conditions messed up

  • Anonymous

not good for moba gaming. multi touch issues.

  • SuiSadboi

Gorilla Glass 6 my ass, my screen got scratched when I put it inside my jacket pocket. WTF

  • AnonD-973296

Mike, 05 Feb 2021Bought this phone 10 days ago.. come from xiaomi mi note 10... moreif u love taking pictures, i would suggest GP5 or mi 10 ultra. i personally think the pictures or selfies these take are not that bad

  • Omar

Mdsr, 08 Feb 2021a snapdragon version of any of them. Better if S20+In my country we cant have snapdragons but exynos

  • Sara

Selfie camera is disappointing.. colours are washed out unrealistic colour skin

  • Mdsr

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Guys! I want to know which is really better for gaming spec... morea snapdragon version of any of them. Better if S20+

  • Anonymous

Guys! I want to know which is really better for gaming specially call of duty mobile 1- s20 plus or note 10 plus? I'll switch to one of them but all I care is the battery!!!

  • Mike

Bought this phone 10 days ago.. come from xiaomi mi note 10 Pro and..
I love the screen its fantastic with 120hz
It's fast and very responsive
And that's is it..
The all cameras are very low quality
Main camera oversaturated fake colours
Autofocus not working at all on 64mp
Hybrid zoom is worthless
Portrait not good at all at night
Selfie camera very very bad, fake colours redness and to much shadows, photos looks like they are taken with som midrange cheap phone
I hope Samsung will fix those problems via update
Feeling very sad because I love taking pictures 😔

  • Mdsr

I am from Pakistan. I have been an IPhone user for past 2 years. Finally thought of switching back to Samsung for change of flavour, not that I was disappointed with my IPhone XR. I have been using GS20+ for past 3 weeks now and would like to share my experience in terms of what is better than IPhone XR and what is worse.
+ Better and larger display: display is down right better on GS20+ and there are more modes to choose from. I managed to change the refresh rate to 96 which is not provided in the settings.
+ more versatile and customizable: some apps that I use actually run better than iPhone
+ Fast charging
+ Camera: More versatile and with better performance

- Disappointing Battery life: May be due to higher refresh rate. Although the phone features super fast charging but it discharges quick too
- Worse gaming performance. Games run downright better on iphone
- overall user experience is not as smooth and seemless as iPhone. E. G. In screen Fingerprint scanner is not as good as face recognition on iPhone. Switching between apps is sometimes hit and miss.

I must say android has great potential and Samsung as a giant should focus on user experience instead of introducing gimmicky features.

  • Anonymous

The fkn battery test of gsm arena is useless and take much time than usual so they cant make it to all mobiles
I recommend to change this fkn test to an easy test like
Use phone for 1 hr gaming , 1 hr calls , 1 hr videos , 1 hr browsing , 1 hr stand by and repeat it till battery reach 0%
This test can be made to 10 mobiles each day and just take 6 hr to end and it till a true SOT that we need.

  • Anonymous

SHALASH, 04 Feb 2021No, it is rather the reflection of the sunlight on the face... moreOk i dont face that problem

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2021You mean the reflection of the sun light on the lense? It ... moreNo, it is rather the reflection of the sunlight on the faces i am shooting in the picture, the faces skin are turning like red in the picture. Some phone owners said that this is an oversaturation for the red color and this was a drawback from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

SHALASH, 03 Feb 2021My camera is showing high red color saturation that is too ... moreYou mean the reflection of the sun light on the lense?
It not happened to me to 15% of the photos shooten directly towards the sun

My camera is showing high red color saturation that is too string and so artificial. Not sure if this was before or after the update to Android 11.
It is too annoying and it happens mainly in sunlight taken pictures.

Anyone else having this issue? how to solve it?

  • akshay jain

Tenebries, 28 Jan 2021Guys, can't decide what to buy OnePlus 8 Pro or S20+ w... moreclearly samsung s20 plus

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2021Don't update to android 11 , so many issues Like what?

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for 3 days now. Had used Huawei P10 for 3,5 years prior to getting S20+.
For me the cameras are adequate, and that is high praise as l dabble in photography every now and then (including some semi-professional work for political campaigns). Most people are less demanding than me tho, and will find this camera to be more than enough for casual photography (family vacations etc).
Main and ultrawide are pretty great (auto focus on ultrawide would be great tho, shame it's not there. The zoom camera (can't really call it telephoto) is good enough outdoors in good light. Quality quickly degrades in low light and indoors, haven't tested night mode on it so far.
The screen is superb.
Curves are barely there, which is a good thing.
No 3.5 jack is a negative point, no dispute there. I wish the jack was there. Shameful move on samsungs part.
Performance is good. I don't play anything heavier on resources than ocassional pubg tho, so ymmv. Using global version btw.
Sound from speakers is good enough for yt video now and then.
Battery is good enough. Nothing spectacular, but it surely gets through the day.
I actually love OneUI. I've loved touchwizz on S3 back in the day as well - having more features always felt better than barebones Android some others (like Sony) employ.
Build quality is very good, phone feels solid.
The grip isn't bad (for reference, l have somewhat large hands), could be better but for glass sandwitch it's more than decent - P10 with aluminum body was much more slippery.
Fingerprint reader is mixed bag, first 2 days worked like a charm, now l get problems now and then but not a dealbreaker.
Overall l'm really happy about the phone. Anyone upgrading from 2 or 3 year old phone will not regret it.

  • Anonymous

Don't update to android 11 , so many issues