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I own s20 plus exynos version and i love this phone, no regrets either. Do not rely on youtubers they might mislead you.

  • Mrh

jkss, 18 Nov 2020What's the version you are having? Snapdragon or Exyno... moreI have exynos. This is s20+ exynos forum right..?

  • Anonymous

I'm importing the Snapdragon version from Hong Kong and comes with a one year seller warranty. It's actually 25% cheaper than buying the Exynos version here brand-new.

Mrh, 17 Nov 2020Finally my s20+ arrived.. so far, I'm quite happy.. no... moreI am playing MLBB for 9 hr every day the mobile is crazy fast and i charge it twice very fast

Eeswaran, 17 Nov 2020Check Oneplus Forum pages of each phones even lot many cons... moreYes, Totally agree with you.,, I thought I don't need to research about the phone as im buying a flagship. I should have done my home work. :(

Mrh, 17 Nov 2020Finally my s20+ arrived.. so far, I'm quite happy.. no... moreWhat's the version you are having? Snapdragon or Exynos? Exynos version is the one which gives all the headache.

  • Mrh

Finally my s20+ arrived.. so far, I'm quite happy.. not getting problems like complaint by some ppl. I'm playing RoK, about 1h+ but not getting any sign of hotter.. everything seems normal.. tried the camera, also very nice..and not hot that fast.. i wonder why some ppl complaint? Anyways.. got good deal on 11.11, so far i'm satisfied with mu purchased. At least i feel it better than my s9 amd s10.

I have no words to describe my deep disappointment with the Exynos 990 processor. Occurrences of overheating, crashes when recording 4K videos, playing games, taking pictures in the hot sun or simply watching youtube. Battery consumption is appalling.

  • Moktar

aLREAdY, 16 Nov 2020So i'm thinking of buying this phone or the Iphone 11.... moreiPhone is best.

  • Eeswaran

jkss, 16 Nov 2020I bought this phone last week (exynos 990 version) directly... moreCheck Oneplus Forum pages of each phones even lot many consumer's are bashing & cursing for their decision of buying oneplus,

Concept is none of the companies worried about quality or customer satisfaction, everyone is greedy to increase price and sell as many as phones in MKT,

Buy mid range phones which even works better than flagship , if still not satisfied sell it and go for next midrange phones...

I bought this phone last week (exynos 990 version) directly from Samsung.

I got to say , it has a very weak battery life and phone gets very hot after few minutes of using the camera or watching YouTube.

Really disappointed with my purchases. I even tried reducing the screen refresh rate , switching on battery optimization and disabling background data consumptions.
But the result is still the same.

When it comes to the Camera. Nothing to be happy or proud of. Not a flagship level camera. (Honestly I have seen midranges with better cameras)

Only plus is the nice display and appearance.

I regret my decision to buy this. Disappointed.

So i'm thinking of buying this phone or the Iphone 11. So if anyone has this tell me about it. What are the bad things etc...I'm doubting because i use my phones for about 3/4 years so the support and updates are very important to me(that's why i prefer Iphone) but the display at least on specifications is miles better than the Iphone. So please tell me your thoughts thanks..

  • Hamaki

Sam, 15 Nov 2020After nearly 6 months of usage(and updates). It's the ... moreIt is s20 plus fake editing 🤣

  • Anonymous

Sam, 15 Nov 2020After nearly 6 months of usage(and updates). It's the ... moreU get fake one lol !! I didn,t have any of ur problems
I am heavy gamer and batterry superp in meduim poer saving and this option i do to turn off 100 apps draun battery in back ground lthey work without i need them so i got a full day battery back up 90% to 50% from 7 am to 6 pm

  • Mrh

Sam, 15 Nov 2020After nearly 6 months of usage(and updates). It's the ... moreOops.. I am still waiting for my new s20+ to come.. Are you still using it? Or have you switch to other phone? When? And to what phone? Thanks..

  • Mrh

Will s20+ charged with 45 watt?

  • Sam

After nearly 6 months of usage(and updates). It's the worst phone I could have bought (even if it was cheaper).
Context: I had multiple phones in the past s2, s4, smartisan, lg g4, Huawei p30 and oneplus 7t.

- worst battery I ever had for travelling. You can easily get 40 to 50% consumed in around 6h including 4h in plane mode.

- the camera is nowhere close to the wow effect of the flagship competition. and it doesn't catch special moment like sunset/sunrise as good as any of my previous phone even from 5 years ago (lg g4)
The writings in pictures are blurry and sometimes difficult to read. It takes a long time to adjust and have an acceptable level of quality. A basic samsung phone I bought my father last year takes better picture.

- many usb/jack adapter does not work including the one provided with Bose. That was the worst surprise when you take the plane and realize your Bose don't work with recent flagship phone as it works with any of my previous phone. Samsung doesn't include one adapter with the phone. This is awful business practices imo, see

- poor configurability : I can't easily access some of the configuration like the screen timeout. And the always-on-display does not work exactly as advertised. It's particularly painful when watching Netflix or youtube in some conditions.

- fingerprint detection is a joke. Even after 6 months of usage and habits, it takes me 2 to 3 press to be able to open the phone. And I did register my thumbs multiple time on different finger to improve that as before it took 4 to 5 press to work. I removed the plastic protection since a long time to improve the detection but it's nowhere as good as other phones.

- No differentiator compared to the competition. All other phone had one feature here and there that stands out. This phone have nothing more special or unique.

Dr narahari Thapaliy, 07 Nov 2020This phone best phone of2020Truly fill the one hole of your satisfaction beautifully

Aju, 09 Nov 2020S20PLUS better than s10 plusAnytime

Jass, 11 Nov 2020Can s20+ be able to upgrade in 5g or it just wrks with 4g,i... moreIf 5G is available with your service provider then better go fir 5G, otherwise 4G still enough speed to access & work with your daily stuff