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How does it record front 4k video when the sensor resolution is only 3648 x 2736?

  • Sergiu

Happy, 04 Jun 2020S20 vs p40 which is better & why ?S20 for sure...

  • Happy

S20 vs p40 which is better & why ?

For those people curious about the color gamut of smartphone displays you can find them at Tom's guide.
Here are some of them:
Galaxy s10 has 208% SRGB.
Galaxy A50 has 192% SRGB.(amazing!)
Galaxy S20 has 164% DCI-P3.(wow!)
Iphone 11 Pro Max has 118.6% SRGB.
Note 10 plus has 124% SRGB in natural Mode(wow!).
Oneplus 7 Pro has 180% SRGB.
Galaxy A51 has 211% SRGB.(wow!)
Iphone 11 has 113% SRGB(LCD screen).
Google Pixel 3a has 182% SRGB.
Huawei P30 pro has 180% SRGB.
Google pixel 3 has 170% SRGB.
Samsung s10 plus has 136% SRGB.
Iphone xs max has 123% SRGB.

Keep in mind 100% srgb is average color gamut for an great display. Some high end phones have less numbers to maintain color accuracy with oneplus being the best.

  • Aidanhol626

Aidanhol626, 23 May 2020Did anybody get the update for camera issues? Does it also help ... moreI got it and it doesn't fix anything! It still gets red hot and has a hideous green and purple tint!

  • TeD

Perfect phone. Samsung always makes the best phones and most easy to use. But why all phones are getting so tall ? I would prefer less tall but wider...

Has anyone got a S20 Snapdragon model outside the US with the fm radio chip activated?

  • Aidanhol626

Did anybody get the update for camera issues? Does it also help with overheating, green tint and battery issues on the Exynos model?

  • jenko

Samsung wise people decided:
- headphone jack is not necessary.
- heart rate scanner also is not necessary.
- fm radio neither.

These wise men concluded about is more important:
- 1.000 euros minimum each mobile.
- Exynos over snapdragon.
- 5G.

So these wise guys are crazy and result is nobody want to buy a S20

  • Anonymous

TSV, 22 May 2020what would you recommend, OP7T (600$) or Galaxy S20 (Exynos, 700$)?Samsung s20

what would you recommend, OP7T (600$) or Galaxy S20 (Exynos, 700$)?

  • Anonymous

Samsung need to change ; the previous design of samsung A series and s series was better than the current design ; There is no so sumsung logo and the display takes the whole design of the front part ..I would rather move to other not satisfied with design of the front part...

  • Anonymous

The design of the front part is poor ; No samsung logo and Led notification display . I prefer to see the design with logo on front part also ;LED as on Samsung galaxy s8

  • Anonymous

s20 5g, 20 May 2020i dont think so s20 camera is monster s10 cant compare dude what... moreYes. The s20 camera is better but not so much difference

  • s20 5g

Tiz, 17 May 2020On paper you would think there's a huge difference between s10. ... morei dont think so s20 camera is monster s10 cant compare dude what are you talking about ?? lol

  • Mike

anandreau, 16 May 2020there is no reason to buy s20 or any other phone from the s20 li... moreI have to do upgrade soon, and currently have two S9. Based on experience with Huawei Watch GT related to support (zero support) and Huawei router support (zero again) I would never give premium money to Huawei. They simple do not care at all after they take customers money.

  • Random ppl

I'm new to samsung
As a s20 user
I must say that I dissapointed with the battery
Though the fast charging is helping me a lot
Supprisingly I never drop the battery below 20% in a day even though I used the 60hz mode I charge it in every moment possible
As a former MIUI user, I feel some software is a downgrade but some too is an upgrade, though it's up to your taste in term of software, I just dissapointed that some software that I use a lot in MIUI I can't do it here even though it's a flagship

  • Tiz

On paper you would think there's a huge difference between s10. Well, that's what Samsung want you to think anyway. I understand its a marketing strategy.

If you already have s10, don't buy s20. Camera quality-no big difference. Pointless 8k.

  • Anonymous

need headphone jack, 12 May 2020I have the S10+ and it has a headphone jack. There is no excuse ... moreI will never buy a phone without jack. I rather move to other company.

there is no reason to buy s20 or any other phone from the s20 line. it has exynos 990 processor which gives performance below sd400 series when in heat. the heat is the problem with exynos processors. there is clearly a leakage current problem in their designs which lowers battery life and processor performance after 10 mins of usage.

there is also no 3.5 mm input jack which was a selling point of s10 line among other flagship phones (1 less reason to buy a samsung flagship).

go buy the highest end huawei phone which is miles ahead instead. and use apkpure for apps. thank me later.