Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

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Vlad, 13 Sep 2021You asked for the opinion, and yes, 10T Pro is a far, far b... moreAnd now mi10t pro users are suffering lots of problems everytime they upgrade their OS. I've got two xiaomi devices before i got this phone and their software optimization is really poor compared to samsung.

Here is a very useful tip when gaming, turn off auto manage performance in the game booster to prevent throttling when the device's temperature rises if you play games. Tried and tested when i play codm.

This is one the best phone I've used in years! It was actually a day out with my S20FE, I went to the riverside in the afternoon with my friends & spent the whole evening there, the view there was breathtaking with slight drizzle so I took around 90 pics as it was a huge area & this phone did capture amazing pics without getting overheated & the battery life was also amazing at the end of the day I still had around half the juice left. Really happy with this phone, highly recommended!!

  • Raz

New version 4g Snapdragon is perfect. No problem with touch or overheat, price/perfomance best of the best

  • zz

Sammy, 15 Sep 2021I've a S10 lite & S20 FE both have great cameras b... moreyea i can agree to that point. s20 fe 5g has better camera than on s10 lite.
also, how are the photos on s20 fe 5g when we crop 100%, they loose minute details but still are ok. what's your opinion?
they are great until you zoom in.... lol

  • Sammy

zz, 14 Sep 2021i doubt!! even if you look at the camera review at gsmarena... moreI've a S10 lite & S20 FE both have great cameras but when you zoom in the pics on the S10 lite they turn out to more noisy & distorted than on the S20 FE, pics on the latter are more clear & sharper.

  • zz

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021Nope mine are sharpi doubt!! even if you look at the camera review at gsmarena and crop those images to 100%, you can clearly see the images are not as sharp, text and everything. All the images look good normally, but when you zoom, they are not crisp like a flagship. Details are not much. Pics from my phone and gsmarena are almost similar.

  • Sammy

I simply fail to understand why people are posting such negative comments about this phone, I recently bought it & love it!! Haven't faced any issues people have mentioned here like: overheating, poor battery life, ghost touch issues & so on. I've the 8/128 GB version & it runs pretty smooth, touch is great, battery is good it dropped by 3% from night till morning which I think is great! When i bought it, it had around 12% battery left, still I clicked some pics on the way home & had 5% left then charged it at home & installed all the apps, games etc yes it did become warm but not like you can't hold it, which is normal for any phone. All in all it's a pretty good phone with the features of a flagship.

After reading lots of negative comments about this phone I still bought it today so far so good. Got the 8/128 in red.

  • Vlad

Alpha22, 17 Jun 2021Mi 10t pro is far better in every way? Camera sucks compare... moreYou asked for the opinion, and yes, 10T Pro is a far, far better phone than S20 FE, especially concerning its price!

great phone with sd865 in our area just 240$ 128gb rom 8gb ram.

Does the S20 FE 5G version also heats up with normal usage like the 4G version also how's the battery life on this phone? I'm interested in buying this phone after the horrendous battery life & overheating issues on my S20+ exynos version. Is the S20 FE 5G worth it? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

vzZ, 06 Sep 2021did anyone notice pictures are not as sharp if you crop the... moreNope mine are sharp

  • Anonymous

Paul, 09 Sep 2021Hi everyone, I have Galaxy S10e whole 7 months. This phone ... moreMy Snapdragon version battery life is brilliant

  • Anonymous

Jack, 09 Sep 2021One if the worst cellphones that I've ever owned. Sinc... moreI've got the newer 2021 version 4G with Snapdragon and absolutely no issues whatsoever. Newer batches more than likely, no touchscreen problems, fast and smooth with brilliant battery life.

  • Jack

One if the worst cellphones that I've ever owned. Since the first day I noticed issues with the screen, if I had more than one finger on the screen it'll act weird and glitch, they replaced it, then I had to take it to get it fux twice cause the charging port was broken and it kept overheating. I've been a samsung customer since I bought my first galaxy (galaxy s2) , I also owned different Samsung electronics and I'm disappointed. Yes it has a good price but at the end of the day is better to spend more money on a better quality phone.

  • Miguel

Paul, 09 Sep 2021Hi everyone, I have Galaxy S10e whole 7 months. This phone ... moreI do not recommend this fe 5g. i also have the galaxy s10e and the battery lasts longer. I'm thinking about switching brands

  • Paul

Hi everyone, I have Galaxy S10e whole 7 months. This phone is excellent especially its compact size but the battery life is horrible. When one uses it intensively I'm looking for a charger in the afternoon so I can live till the night. Or during the trip when I look at the map or sometimes turn on GPS, and somewhere mobile network is no available.
Should I buy S20 FE with Snapdragon? I'm not sure about the quality of speakers, selfie camera and fingerprint reader as all these features are perfect on S10e.
Thank you for your opinions.

  • vzz

Smart user, 06 Sep 2021i'am confused about this phone samsung s20 Fe and asus... morerog is for hardcore gamers. If you are not into hardcore gaming. S20 FE 5g is a better choice. Even casual gaming is good in this one. this is a complete package overall in terms of camera, ip68, wireless charging, samsung pay, etc.
sd865 heats up occasionally with heavy games, camera usage but not uncomfortably hot.
overall this is good to choose. no regrets.

  • vzZ

did anyone notice pictures are not as sharp if you crop them a bit. they look good as such but are blurry when zoomed in. Not a flagship grade camera!! Tried lot of turnarounds like focus, using pro mode. Still they are not as sharp which are expected from a S series. Any fix for a better camera? Even GCam is shit!