Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

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  • Anonymous

Great midrange but the build quality is not up to an upper midrange

  • Anonymous

finally snapdragon variant only.

the only downside is plastic back.

  • Anonimus

Samsung A71 has beter super fest charging than S20 FE .... : (

Makaroon, 24 Sep 2020Plastik back F you Samsung I can live whitout 3.5mm jack ... moreI doesn't matter if you have a glass or plastic back if you put a case on the phone and you will to protect your phone so yo won't feel the premium glass or plastic you will only feel the case

  • yu

it has a stereo speaker. I love it.

  • Makaroon

Plastik back F you Samsung
I can live whitout 3.5mm jack stereo speakers 1440p Screen bit plastic No

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 24 Sep 2020I so totally agree with you. People claim about how "c... moreMost of us would use a phone case, don't see the purpose of having a glass back.

  • Anonymous

Roy11, 24 Sep 2020i feel 4500mAh is big enough unless u want to do serious ga... moreWas hoping Samsung to give a 8000mha battery.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2020I saw on a video that it has 3.1 but better check on the Sa... moreJust asked that question on Samsung website but the 'expert' did not know.
I asked about Dex wired and they said that only wireless Dex is supported so I believe that the USB is only 2.0.
I wonder how much more expensive is USB3.x compared to USB2.0 as it seems that only top of the range phones have it (and not all of them -> Xiaomi).

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 24 Sep 2020I so totally agree with you. People claim about how "c... moreWell if Note20 was a 800-900$ phone nobody would complain about the back. People are just pissed at the level Samsung went to cut corners and make their phone cheaper. But S20FE5G (not the 4G one, that one sucks cause of Exynos) will actually be a great deal!

  • Divshady

cherry, 24 Sep 2020Exactly, I see this dropping from 730 Euro to 500 Euro in a... moreS20 I saw on idealo for 580 and even s20+ for around 650, so i will wait for 2-3 months and buy fe with snapdragon

  • Ag

Can samsung please stop releasing sooooo much new hardware and phones.. let stuff evolve abit more and concentrate on updates instead!.

Compare to S20 5G in Sweden
1, It has UFS 3.1 which is better thanS20's UFS3.0
2, It has Snapdragon 865 which is better than S20's Exynos
3, It has Gorilla Glass 3 which is worse than S20's Glass 6
4, It has flat screen which is better than S20's curved screen
5, Fair: screen resolution and plastic back - does not matter, you cannot see better on higher resolution anyway on a mobile screen. and the the phone is always in protection shell so the plastic back is not a problem for me.
6, But the big reason to hold me back is the RAM is only 6gb, much less than S20s 2gb. A big reason to buy Samsung S20 series over the Chinese brands, is due to its desktop mode DEX, which need a decent RAM. If it has the same amount RAM as S20 I will definitely buy it. Fan edition does not mean cheap edition, it is still a S20.

BigMillions, 23 Sep 2020Plastics and Gorilla Glass 3 for $700 😂😂😂I'll take plastic back over glass back all day long. As for GG3, I personally don't mind that since I'm going to use a screen protector anyway.

Thrawn, 23 Sep 2020i'm happy it's plastic if this thing fricken drop... moreI so totally agree with you. People claim about how "cheap" the Galaxy Note20 when it has a plastic back. But for me, I'd be more than happy to take plastic over the glass for the back. I'm always worried sh*t about a cracked front screen, so I definitely don't want to see it on the back of the phone.

I also agree with the gimmicky curved display. Not only finding a screen protector than can fill the whole screen is not easy, the same goes for third party phone cases. Flat design is definitely still relevant in 2020 and beyond.

  • cherry

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020It is going to drop in a couple months to $499Exactly, I see this dropping from 730 Euro to 500 Euro in around 2 -3 months. 730 Euro is absurd, since here the street price of sealed S20 5G is around 550 - 600 EURO. It happened the same to S20, the ultra dropped with a whooping 400 Euro.

Nice job Samsung, It's truly a good choice over the country with Exynos Note and S series. Now it's having Snapdragon in my country, with the price and specs, it's a huge deal. Buy a case also after buying the phone, but preorder gift a case too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020I need bigger battery and audio jack, no no no thanks.Then go n buy samsung M51 lol

  • vaibhav

cost will be high or low

  • much of complaining

for the past few months I have been reading the comment section, it seems that nothing can satisfy you all complain baby. When there is no earphone jack, whine. Using different type of chips, whine. As I look at it, they really hear you and try to make a phone for the complain baby. But, nothing is going to satisfy you whiny baby, am I right? *eyes rolling*