Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

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  • me

Goodbye 3.5mm jack. Goodbye Gaming w/ headphones... WHY??? I know I know newer BT headsets are less laggy, but never as good as wired headphones for gaming experience

  • diinn

palashikbal, 15 Jan 2020yes another disaster from samsung. loss of important Health sens... moreOMGGGGG. What is interesting about you people just BS. about samsung likeee CMOOON
IR Sensor??????
HR Sensorrr????
really you don't have another complain about the rest of the device just some sh.t sensors NO ONE CARESS ABOOUUT.
I just imagine if samsung includes those useless crap then what the complain would be??::
''No Micro USB
No Coax...
No VGA port
This is crap totaly a deal braker i'm looking somewhere else no one buys this ..

  • Anonymous

That thing, is a BEAST. 16GB ram.. oh my god..

  • Lawa


  • Mem8

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020almost 7" lmao this isn't a phone, it's a tabletCurved edge provides more screen surface mate

CptPower, 16 Jan 2020Well no jack is definitely plus. That hole was great just for ... moreHahaha.. May be you can see the future! That's why giving the ratings in advanced XDD you should get food before life!

FlightcranK, 17 Jan 2020Seems final specs are out: 6.9" 221g 167x76x8.8mm 40MP Wid... moreWill destroy it? Well Samsung isn't taking the game weakly now! That's why they excel the number! Even P30 pro got beaten by Note 10+ in most of cases last year.. They just came back with mate 30 pro in few areas! Either Huawei will match Samsung (less possibility) or will be beaten (more possibility)... But I'm sure it'll stand at second position..

  • Anonymous

almost 7" lmao
this isn't a phone, it's a tablet

  • Note9 User

CptPower, 16 Jan 2020Man useless features always gets removed. They are costly but ... moreYawn, you're still bashing Samsung with your hate fuelled lies & biased opinions, according to you this flagship will be D.O.A., whereas it's far more likely that this device will be better than anything you'll ever have, get a life.

  • Norman

221 grs !!! Too heavy omg. Better note 9 or note 10 plus.

  • Anonymous

i love it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Fast Charging in 74 mins....its not fast its 1 hour and 14 minut... moreAnd because of that this phone is trash , Right? : |

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Fast Charging in 74 mins....its not fast its 1 hour and 14 minut... morebut its 5000mah?

finally we gonna a see a GOD from samsung

  • Arslan

Too much big difficult with one hand operating.

  • Anonymous

Fast Charging in 74 mins....its not fast its 1 hour and 14 minutes

Same as Full charging 0-100% of all S'es and S+'es...

Not fast at all fast is 35.mins max

  • Anonymous

hh, 18 Jan 2020I personally think Apple copies everyone else... for example lar... moreApple copies the useful stuff like wide angle camera, wireless charging, etc, the industry copies apple the useless stuff, the notch, the lack of jack, the camera block, because to people a modern and successful phone need to look like an apple phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2020Everyone copies Apple. Huawei is also adopting that ugly monolit... more90% of android phones are ugly except Samsung flagship, some Oppo phones and one plus and Huawei P40 pro looks a lot better than P30 pro.

  • Anonymous

we, 18 Jan 2020I can't believe you'd have to pay for and get this HUGE phone fo... moreAnd whatÂ’s wrong with Exyons?! I used lot of snapdragon phones including the latest and most powerful Soc mi9 with snapdragon 855, one plus 7pro snapdragon 855 (90hz screen refresh rate) both snapdragon 855 that comes with mi9 and one plus 7pro still overheating and one plus 7pro has some drop frame issue even in gaming despite that one plus known as one of the best android phone around when it comes to gaming performance.

  • Anonymous

FlightcranK, 18 Jan 2020Because of misclicking virtual buttons. iPhone has a fixed navig... moreHonestly android needs to get ride of lot of useless features that make OS busy.