Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

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  • URFI

Waooo 10x Optical zoom
And good batery timing

Finally ! The best of the year is here! 😍
Can't wait to buy it!!

  • brofessor

i've owned a galaxy S7 since March 2016
and no phone really amused me. every phone lacked 1 thing. either battery, screen size, or RAM. with this, now we're talking

  • S20Ultra5GUser

Seid. stand up please

120Hz available but 3.5mm Jack not sure...

  • Force Majeure

Primoz, 14 Jan 2020I was hoping for SD for Europe too :/ Yeah, I don't think I would get a non-SD phone. For XDA and other reasons.

  • Iron Man

Back is Ugly.

  • AnonD-754814

What's the fifth Camera ? Dedicated video camera ?

  • ben ben

samsung has finally killed it big time.

5000 mah battery, sd available, 3.5 jack available, crazy cameras, uds, stereo speakers, hope the storage is ufs, wish it was 6.5 inch but its ok, dont have to mention the rest they are samsung standard. The king of phones is here to stay.

nothing to complain this time around. Its a fan phone. This one will sell like hot cakes even on loan

  • Mr. Jo

120Hz display for sure but 3.5mm Jack coming back not sure...

  • Anonymous

looking ugly

Hmmm didn't they talk about 6,9 inch display...?

  • Anonymous

I wish it has dedicated memory card slot

  • Anonymous

AlamgirAH, 14 Jan 2020Oh! Yes!! Mind Blowing Phone now is this!what is Mind Blowing in this phone? its just common phone

Samsung galaxy S20 ultra is one of the best smartphone Really Amazing camera 10x optical zoom

10 mp selfie camera is only the worst thing although it is the best all-rounder phone

Even I was hoping Samsung releases SD version in Europe. Those are better in terms of Standby Battery and few other points.

  • Creativer

Video: 4320p@30fps

Oh! Yes!! Mind Blowing Phone now is this!

  • Primoz

I was hoping for SD for Europe too :/