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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

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  • AndY

Many people would say that this phone is overpriced...and true that is. But price versus specs is only part of the equation. Many people emphasize design, usage, simplicity, color, UI, size, brand name, build quality, material, fashion, resale value, accessories...(same reasons why people still buy iPhones)...So if money is not the decisive point, i understand why people will buy S21 with no regret.

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2021Some people like curved display . Allmoust all phones look ... moreThe S21 was cheaper for me. $300 for the 256GB version after my S10 trade in. Plus it has faster memory and faster storage than the S20 and also has the newest Qualcomm SoC. Those three things alone make it worth it to me. Plus with the newer SoC picture taking has been improved over the S20. Then for me, the flat screen is a huge plus as well.
Also an integrated 5G modem is an improvement over the S20. Even if the S20 were free, i would have still rather purchased my S21 for the $300.

And then I will trade it in for the S22 in 2022 or the S23 in 2023. Depending on when they get the Selfie lens behind the screen.

  • 237874324

Don, 08 Mar 2021The most ugliest phone Samsung has ever made and the worse ... moreHahahah not even looks ugly. Apple phones is all a ugly but peoples like them

How to switch from 5G to LTE on Verizon? I dont see this in settings (mobile network- network mode-manual).

  • Anonymous

Does it support styler

  • Don

The most ugliest phone Samsung has ever made and the worse part is no charger, absolute nonsense.

Zudi Desche, 02 Mar 2021This phone is not very good imo. I wanted to upgrade from m... moreFrom iphone 5 to s21 and you had tge gut to say s21 has a bad experience coming from iphone 5????? jezzzzzzzz iphone 5??????? i wonder the kind of experience your iphone 5 has over s21

  • Anonymous

aaronwt, 06 Mar 2021The S21 has a beautiful flat screen. While the s20 and S10... moreI disagree about the curved display of the S20 being ugly, it's considerably flatter (but still curved) than the S10, and I think it has the perfect amount of curve for a display.

  • Anonymous

Anybody here on this platform who does not like the new samsung s21 phone should let us be and stop commenting about the phone unnecessarily,we who like this beautiful phone will buy it okay.

  • beep bop boop

Alex, 06 Mar 2021People put dozen of reasons why they hate S21, against your... moreur opinion does not speak for everyone, same goes for reviews

  • JiLoJiL

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2021Some people like curved display . Allmoust all phones look ... moreThe point in S21 is that Samsung has to launch a new phone every year, rain or shine. With the pandemic going on, people are not willing to spend too much on a phone, and Samsung having no new technology to show, they decided to reuse the S20 and make it cheaper, to entice people to buy it. It is simply a mid-high range phone in a compact size, and Samsung will show something better next year. But it is still overprized in my opinion. Marketing decision...By the way i have one in phantom violet and 256GB, and it is a pleasure to hold and to use.

  • Anonymous

If I want to upgrade from S215G 256 to S2+ or ultra 256,is it possinle?.

  • Alex

Galaxy God, 05 Mar 2021So I've been using the s21 and it's been great,my... morePeople put dozen of reasons why they hate S21, against your 5 questionable ones. "Better" is not "good". And 2 of your points about camera and value is objectively a BS.

  • Anonymous

aaronwt, 06 Mar 2021The S21 has a beautiful flat screen. While the s20 and S10... moreSome people like curved display . Allmoust all phones look alike , curved screen make them look better.
But that is not the problem . I know that when s20 was lanched it was more expsensive than s21 is now . But the problem is if you whant to buy now a phone , why would you choose S21 when S20 is much cheaper and has better features ? First and most important thing is the display 1080 vs 1440p . Then the S21 5g has 12gb vs 8gb ram . S21 has only better cpu.
So why in this moment you would buy a s21 if it is more expensive and has lower features.
I think that all of us can agree that s20 5g has better specs than s21 5g and lower price .
So what is the point of s21 ?

BenY, 28 Feb 2021What is Samsung doing ??? Even S10 from two years had a bea... moreThe S21 has a beautiful flat screen. While the s20 and S10 had an ugly curved screen. I'll take the flat screen with a lower resolution over the curved screen with a higher resolution. Having a flat screen on the S21 was a huge plus for me.

I certainly like my s21 much better than I liked my S10 or S8 or S6. Although I do wish they could have put the selfie camera behind the screen. I hope that happens next year with the S22. If so then I will trade in my S21 in 2022. Instead of doing my usual two year upgrade cycle.

  • TeddY

You can obviously find several phones with better specs in that price range or even cheaper (Xiaomi 11)...but everything considered, if you want top performances in a very compact and light phone with the best User Interface, regular updates, accessories easy to find, great after sale service, you don't have any other choice. S21 is the one to buy because there simply is no alternative...since the demise of Sony compact flagships.

  • beep bop boop

[deleted post]why cant we just agree that they both are equally great in their own right and have their own perks

  • Galaxy God

So I've been using the s21 and it's been great,my thoughts and here's why.
samsung made some pretty smart desions to reduce cost and make and over all bad boy
1 plastic back : this doesn't just reduce cost but increases durability by 60%
2 snapdragon 888/ exynos 2100 : this aren't just bad ass chips but they are also the latest and greatest android has to offer
3 just better battery life
4 better camera and video quality
5 just a really great value for money phone
So in conclusion I don't get how the heck you would hate this phone pis

this was not sponsored

  • Anonymous

Alex, 04 Mar 2021No one can bash S21 worse than Samsung itself. And you very... moreapparently people that like a phone that u dont bothers u? jeez what a sad life. ever heard of opinions?

  • Alex

NixxxoN, 01 Mar 2021No, I just happen to like the phone... meanwhile you are an... more> "If you don't like this phone what are you doing here"
Ever heard of a customer feedback?