Galaxy S21 series screen details revealed by popular leakster

It's becoming increasingly likely that the report claiming of Samsung announcing the Galaxy S21 family in January is correct as we are witnessing an uptick of rumors. Today, according to one of the most reliable Samsung-related leaksters, the Galaxy S21 trio will use flat and curved screens.

The S21 and S21+ will get "2D screens", meaning no curves to the sides whereas the S21 Ultra will keep the curvature. Additionally, the report says the bezels on all four sides will be symmetrical, meaning no extra bezel on the chin.

Along with two recent rumors about the back and front design, we start to get a clearer picture of what these handsets are going to look like.


Reader comments

  • Anon

It matches the year now... S20, 2020, S21 2021. It is easier to understand. Kind of a no brainer on that.

who cares what the name is???

  • Trues

It makes sense they would follow the chronological order of the years.. The S20 was for 2020.. and the S21, well 2021.