Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Radio without headphone is confirmed? Tyvm.No it hasn't been officially confirmed

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    • Anonymous
    • L@k
    • 25 Sep 2021

    Radio without headphone is confirmed? Tyvm.

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      • Ns0
      • akB
      • 24 Sep 2021

      This phone is a poison lol 5g 120hz snapdragon 888 how this still have the same 4500 mh battery i don't want to judge before the hands on review but one more thing

      I swear if samsung remove the 3.5mm jack from the A73 aka A72s just so this model can sell i wll hate this phone and all users who buy it

      Please samsung keep the 3.5mm jack and micro sd card

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        • Anonymous
        • YTy
        • 23 Sep 2021

        Who knows, maybe they'll downgrade the screen to 90 hz

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          • Anonymous
          • 8xa
          • 23 Sep 2021

          for me the secure authentication method is very important, I don't trust in the optical fingerprint scanner, I prefer the ultrasonic or at least the capacitive in the galaxy s10e.

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            • Tex
            • Lcc
            • 22 Sep 2021

            This is getting worst and worst for more sd card no more charger prices in Europe are higher than elsewhere and other brands...I BOUGHT my last Samsung S20 + 5G will welcome xiaomi and I bought Samsung Electronics all my life never again R.I.P. Samsung

              if it comes with Exynos will not be a good option at all

                If microsd card with 6.5inch and my region come with sd888 I'll buy it 100%

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                  • bruh man
                  • Lxf
                  • 18 Sep 2021

                  Chopper Harris, 15 Sep 2021That's it, definitely going with the Nord 2 insteadgo for s20fe 5g you can probably find it in the same price range but its a better phone and they both have 2 years of os update remaining. s21 fe was supposed to be the champ like s20fe but they effed it up.

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                    • Pritam Roy
                    • gNU
                    • 15 Sep 2021

                    No memory card slot
                    really Disappointing

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                      • Chopper Harris
                      • Drt
                      • 15 Sep 2021

                      That's it, definitely going with the Nord 2 instead

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                        • YB
                        • vxp
                        • 15 Sep 2021

                        Alpha, 14 Sep 2021So its just a regular S21 with a higher price tag...facepal... morelol S21 FE is the budget edition of S21 line. Expected price line is around $700 compared to standard price of S21 at $800

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Kg{
                          • 14 Sep 2021

                          Johny B, 13 Sep 2021No SD card, no 3.5 mm Jack, Not buying. I know right! Given that s20 and s21 sales have gone down year after year, you would think they have figured this out by now. Samsung bloated bureaucracy strikes again.

                            It's A Huge Disappointment for me for these points: 1. NO SD Card option either hybrid slot or dedicated SD any one. 2. No 512GB Internal memory option but it is available in Samsung galaxy s10 lite.
                            So, i am not going to buying it............

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                              • Alpha
                              • 80i
                              • 14 Sep 2021

                              So its just a regular S21 with a higher price tag...facepalm* is this a joke or does Samsung think people are Idio*s?

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                                • Johny B
                                • JEI
                                • 13 Sep 2021

                                No SD card, no 3.5 mm Jack, Not buying.

                                  Deet, 06 Sep 2021I was waiting for this phone for a very long time but No SD... moreYh Sure, It's A Huge Disappointment

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                                    • Roaster
                                    • dZr
                                    • 07 Sep 2021

                                    Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021samsung phones are not vanilla android at all (bloatware, a... moreIt is not an "ugly UI" and they are gonna remove ads

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                                      • Deet
                                      • upd
                                      • 06 Sep 2021

                                      I was waiting for this phone for a very long time but No SD slot is a bummer.

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                                        • Shashank rawale
                                        • Dk1
                                        • 05 Sep 2021

                                        Main shooting camera is 32 MP upgrade or downgrade not sure about that.
                                        And selfie is 12 MP .
                                        No earphone jack
                                        No micro sd card

                                        The galaxy s21 fe is downgrade of s20 fe