Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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  • John
  • 6pC
  • 18 Dec 2021

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2021Asking for opinions/recommendations. Do you think this phon... moreS21 fe is actually an upgraded version of the s21 that were released in the beginning of this crappy year lol!

So you should upgrade to the s21 fe, which I don't recommend, but the snapdragon variant is still superior for battery life, which lasts through a full day on a moderate basis to heavy basis!

    the regular S21 256GB/8GB costs $745 in my country at the moment and the S21+ 256GB/8GB costs $852. I've seen an article about the S21 FE and they mentioned that it'll start at $848 😬😳 I hope it's not true otherwise it's gonna be a failure.

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      • Anonymous
      • Kig
      • 16 Dec 2021

      Asking for opinions/recommendations. Do you think this phone worth to buy for an upgrade? I'm still on my S7e and after 4+ years of use I wanted to upgrade. Thanks in advance

        • J
        • John
        • 6pC
        • 15 Dec 2021

        Frmg, 14 Dec 2021This device will be born obsolete. That makes no sense for me!

        This phone hasn't been even announced yet, but they postponed to the first quarter of 2022, so it's actually an fe version of the s21, which it says snapdragon 888, along with exynos 2100, it will both be sold outside the US when it's released in 2022 as of March

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          • Frmg
          • JZV
          • 14 Dec 2021

          This device will be born obsolete.

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            • Deet
            • vbD
            • 13 Dec 2021

            Not so fan edition. I really wanted and waited for this phone but sd card is a necessity for me.

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              • Anonymous
              • 3rx
              • 13 Dec 2021

              I'll stay with G8 for one more year 😎

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                • Anonymous
                • Pr}
                • 12 Dec 2021

                Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021Barely any difference between s20 fe and s21 fe...Should I get the S20FE instead??

                  SamsungFan, 10 Dec 2021If anything this is more of a downgrade. From what's... moreWhy do you think I said "No, there is no performance upgrade"

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                    • SamsungFan
                    • w4Y
                    • 10 Dec 2021

                    joe nodden, 06 Dec 2021This isn't even an upgrade over the S20 FE. (No, there... moreIf anything this is more of a downgrade.
                    From what's been reported this past year, Snap 888 has been less than stellar due to heating issues.

                    Hopefully, next year's Snap 8 Gen1 and Exynos 2200 aren't that bad with thermals.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • jL@
                      • 09 Dec 2021

                      Barely any difference between s20 fe and s21 fe...

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                        • ob
                        • keK
                        • 08 Dec 2021

                        so the differences between s21 fe and s20 fe are minimal ... it seems there are no major differences other than the body camera layout...s20fe is now much cheaper i got for $629 direct from Samsung Canada...good deal

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 7kk
                          • 08 Dec 2021

                          Samsung pleace make a 7.5 inch phone in mega 6.3 format

                            Do not buy Snapdragon 888 phones. All of them have heating issue.

                              • P
                              • Prafull Bonde
                              • CbD
                              • 07 Dec 2021

                              Still have one ui 3.1 need one ui 4.0 why charging not provide 45 watt

                                This isn't even an upgrade over the S20 FE. (No, there is no performance upgrade)

                                  • A
                                  • Asuna
                                  • na1
                                  • 05 Dec 2021

                                  ibrahimferhadli, 03 Dec 2021Without SD card and headphone jack, That's not fan pho... moreTotally agreed... Although 3.5mm jack is missing, you could still use a type-c converter. But without the SD card slot, there is no replacement. I used to store my songs in the SD, if I wanna play music and attached am external card reader to type-c, how do I use a headphone? Don't tell me to use a type-c splitter, one side with card reader for the songs, another side for the headphone...this is **** insane!!!!

                                    Without SD card and headphone jack, That's not fan phone.

                                    I cannot understand, Samsung is the best Flash memory and SSD producer but they are removing SD Card slot.

                                    With this strategy, Samsung will follow Sony

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • LhV
                                      • 03 Dec 2021

                                      Hence why s20fe is better whether you got 4g version or 5g one. S21fe and regular s21 just ain't got it. Even note 20 ultra was better than s21ultra. Just may skip 2021 samsung phones. N go for note22 ,cos it really don't look like an s22

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                                        • Master
                                        • Me{
                                        • 02 Dec 2021

                                        Ttc, 02 Dec 2021Why no SD card??Security plus there is cloud services now