Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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  • 31 Aug 2022

Nick, 28 Aug 2022What version of google play update do you currently have? i... moreAug 1st software update... Google Play? What is google play?

    Sonia, 06 Jan 2022How Samsung started fooling us: 1. Removed fm 2. Remive... moreSo have the other companies so are you ready to say bye bye to all mobiles

      this phone would've been an instant pick for me if we had the snapdragon version here...

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        • Nick
        • 0p}
        • 28 Aug 2022

        What version of google play update do you currently have? it's still July for me

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          • Michael
          • s9@
          • 27 Aug 2022

          1) Overall fast phone but often doesn't respond from the first time on certain commands or when trying to open some sub menus inside some basic shopping apps. I don't know if this is a touch screen problem or latest Android issue. All I know is that I barely have these type of issues on iphone 11.

          2) The AMOLED display on this phone and on s22 are inferior to AMOLED displays on Galaxy S8 and S9. My family has both S8 and s8 and both look superior! But this s21fe and S22 look like LCD displays because looks like there is a lamp in backgroundand (powder look like which is typical for LCD) and therefore colors are less saturated.

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            • Kubar
            • nq6
            • 26 Aug 2022

            AverageUser, 26 Aug 2022If you refer to my comment - I am glad it works well with S... moreI buy charging brick separately just in case. 25 watt one Samsung. Idk about s10e fingerprint. My wife have a52 and her fingerprint is much worse than s21fe one. Honestly i have zero complaints about fingerprint. Camera bump... You'll must be prepared for this bfor buying the phone. Same is with s21 and s22 series in general. For me personally this is not problem at all. Looks like you didn't make your own testing and research bfor buy this phone. Really i hope to not have same worries like you, coz for now I'm quite satisfied with this phone.Maybe bcoz i move to it from a bit older Galaxy Note 8, but real i dont have any issues for now. Only thing that i missing is the sd card slot. I use camera often and 128gb internal storage feels not enough. I transfer videos and pictures to the computer to free up some space.

              Kubar, 26 Aug 2022Idk is this a fake comments or real ones tbh. For me i dont... moreIf you refer to my comment - I am glad it works well with S21+ and S22 chargers, but it certainly doesn't work well with my S10e charger. And they didn't provide charger brick in the box "to save the environment" - yet I'll eventually have to buy one anyways...

              Screen "burn in" within 6 months is also ridiculous.

              Fingerprint scanner is also a downgrade from the one on S10e in my experience, and the fact that it messes with night mode is just a dealbreaker for me so I don't even use it (despite the fact I paid for it).

              And camera bump making phone wobble or rock back and forth as you type on it while on the table is extremely annoying.

              Not having headphone jack also just plain sucks...

              Epithome of this phone is word "annoying"

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                • Bandixy
                • Jb$
                • 26 Aug 2022

                Kubar, 26 Aug 2022Idk is this a fake comments or real ones tbh. For me i dont... moreI have to agree!

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                  • Kubar
                  • nq6
                  • 26 Aug 2022

                  Idk is this a fake comments or real ones tbh. For me i dont face any of this issues mentioned last two post. No screen burn (have such on my two previous phones, one Huawei and one Samsung). Fingerprint scaner is fast and works like a charm 95/100. Battery charge speed is decent if not great. I use samsung 25 watt charger. Battery life is also good - 5,30 to 6,30 sot 24hrs usage. Os and speed of the phone is great. Snapdragon 888 version. No lags, heating whatsoever. Idk why some people trolling so much this phone, but i dont have neither of these problems that they mention. Phone is great and works perfectly for now. Almost month of usage. Even compatible with s22 and s21plus without any major disadvantages. Have few friend's with these devices. So thats my experience from real, everyday usage of this phone. Nothing to complain.

                    I've had Samsung phones ever since Samsung Galaxy Young, I've had A5 2017, soon got the S8, then S10e for about 3 years, and I've never been so disappointed by my phone, and I never hated any of my phones like this one either.

                    So, I've had this garbage for 5 months and here's my review:

                    1. I already have massive screen burn-in of entire f*****g keyboard on my screen! And I almost never use over 50% of max brightness, it's about 25% most of the time, and my 3yo Galaxy S10e that was really abused -still has no burn-in at all!

                    2. Battery charges slow as hell at pretty much any of the chargers I have, they expect me to buy a new charger for it just to coin me. This phone comes with NO CHARGER under the excuse of environment, yet my old charger doesn't work right with it! Great job Samsung!

                    3. Battery life - it just sucks! I'm guaranteed to have to plug it in for painful charging session at least once during the day and once at the evening.

                    4. Camera bump on the side, so my phone keeps wobbling and rocking back and forth when I do anything on it while it's on the table and it's annoying as hell!

                    5. Shitty fingerprint scanner, I don't even use it as it messes up with blue light filter and everything on night mode, while also being slower than the one on S10e (which is 3 year old phone) and on inconvenient place!

                    6. No headphone jack! And they expect me to use bluetooth headphones on phone with already shitty battery? Maybe I would if they at least even gave me headphones!

                    7. Telephoto camera - unless you are taking pic of something really far, you'll struggle with focus, it focuses then unfocuses, you tap on what you want to be in focus, then it focuses and again unfocuses...
                    It worked fine until the update few months ago, and those crayon eating bastards still haven't fixed it, way to go Samsung!

                    Your 3 year old phone is better than shit you are selling now in 2022. and you wonder why your sales are stalling? You sell overpriced crap!
                    I could have bought some of the other brands and get a better phone for much cheaper price... this is sad...

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                      • Bandixy
                      • 6mM
                      • 25 Aug 2022

                      Sim tray on the top?
                      What did you bought?
                      It sound like a chinese clone...

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                        • EthicsProf
                        • EA5
                        • 24 Aug 2022

                        Warning about Galaxy S21 FE 5G -- This may be a phone manufactured during the pandemic when Asia, like everywhere, had supply chain problems and parts shortages. Don't buy it!! You will get the AT&T/Samsung Care Two-Step/Side-Step/Runaround with no ability to get your phone fixed...or returned.

                        I am so angry about this phone. I bought it because I had still had a 4G LTE phone when 5G was going into effect everywhere. I was behind the times, at home during the pandemic, and this was the one hyped in January 2022. I wish I would have waited. I got it through my AT&T contract, but AT&T doesn't sell the phones anymore -- it was ordered through them online and mailed to me. After about a month, my phone battery went down wouldn't charge at all. (Maybe it is overheating?) The first time, it was down for 10 days. When I took it into the AT&T store for some advice after running around 100 miles away trying to find a working Samsung service provider, they plugged it into one of their chargers and it finally started to charge again. I thought I had a bad charge pad or something, so I changed that out. About two months later, it went out again. I called into Samsung Care for a warranty claim, and they sent me to their service dealer to get it fixed. The only one in my (60-mile radius) area turned out to be closed down for remodeling. I then went to a recommend cell phone repair service. They checked all over the country for a battery -- to no avail!! I was out without a phone for a long time. I could not send it in to Samsung for repairs because I had all my data still on there and didn't want to send it in without a factory re-set that erased my data (really -- Samsung?? You want me to send in my dead phone to an unknown person with all my data still there so they can replace the battery and get access to my data?? I don't think so.) So I got a Galaxy S10+ on Ebay so I had a phone to use. About 10 days after the S21 FE went out, I tried to charge again, and it came back. This allowed me to do a factory re-set so I could get service by mail. In the meantime, I looked for a review because I was wondering why the phone battery went out so much. I couldn't find much at the time, but I did find a review in English from Asia. It said that the phone design was changed at the last minute because Korea was in pandemic mode at some point and they couldn't get the original parts. I noticed that the instructions to set up the phone showed the SIM card slot in a different place (on top) than where it actually is (on bottom). Originally this was confusing to me because I had wanted an expansion slot, but I couldn't get the SD card to fit. Then I read the review and realized that there was no expansion slot. So, basically, my thought is that my phone might have been one of those redesigned in a hurry to deal with pandemic issues. I really am concerned that a new battery won't fix whatever the problem is. This is a risk I don't want to take because if my phone goes out when I'm traveling, I may not have my back up phone with me.

                        I called/texted Samsung Care, hoping to get a new model replacement, but wow (!), what a runaround. Terrible Service. They will only look at the phone and see if anything is wrong with it. At the moment, there is nothing wrong with it because I did a factory re-set, and the battery is working. But what happens if the battery goes out again? Does anyone know how difficult it is to function without a phone these days?

                        My only thinking is that I might try to sell the phone on Ebay, but this seems unethical since I'll be selling a phone to someone who might have the same problem. I still have 30 months to pay off the contract, so AT&T said I can't get an upgrade for free for a while. This is all very frustrating. Don't buy a pandemic phone....

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                          • 7kb
                          • 24 Aug 2022

                          Exynos user, 22 Aug 2022I Got s21fe before few days,this phone has so bas battery,e... moreBattery life will improve after first 7-8 days.I was getting 5 hrs Screen on time but its around 6 hrs now.

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                            • Ghr78
                            • nq6
                            • 23 Aug 2022

                            Exynos user, 22 Aug 2022I Got s21fe before few days,this phone has so bas battery,e... more8+ hrs sot on a52s??? How did you do this? I have this phone before buying s21fe and never have more than 6-6,30hrs sot. Whenever i do. I didn't see much of a difference now on s21fe. Maybe little bit, but not so drastic like you have.3hrs difference is a huge. Mine is Snapdragon version and i didn't face any heating, battery drops whatsoever. Also a52s uses snapdragon 778G which is more power efficient in general.

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                              • Exynos user
                              • 0mU
                              • 22 Aug 2022

                              I Got s21fe before few days,this phone has so bas battery,exynos version,scren on time is 5h- 5h30min max. I was using a52s before sot time was +8h,
                              Camera and speed on s21fe exynos is great only battery so bad, I Use battery saver,Dark skin,60hz sceeen and 5h 30min max sceen on.. any other tips??

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                                • gFJ
                                • 22 Aug 2022

                                fabiosoares, 18 Aug 2022So much negativity about battery life if you use exynos ver... moreSnapdragon version heats up more than the Exynos also battery life is the same with both of them.

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                                  • Astro Volkai
                                  • rvL
                                  • 22 Aug 2022

                                  I got to say this smartphone is lit

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                                    • sajec
                                    • Kik
                                    • 22 Aug 2022

                                    nirmal, 21 Aug 2022Any complaints about green lineMine is still good, with zero display malfunction, even dropped sometimes (always use phone case).

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                                      • Kubar
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                                      • 22 Aug 2022

                                      nirmal, 21 Aug 2022Any complaints about green lineNo.

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                                        • nirmal
                                        • sR1
                                        • 21 Aug 2022

                                        Any complaints about green line