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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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Emptrix, 22 hours agoI truly wanted this phone.. But sadly had to give it a pass... moreYou can use a USB C to 3.5 head phone jack

I truly wanted this phone.. But sadly had to give it a pass since there's no Headphone Jack. I hope they bring it back in the next iteration. Wireless audio is not mature enough to replace the Headphone Jack.

Wireless audio still continues to have bad noise output and high lossless bitrate limitation based on the reviews and reported statistics.

Also the fact that not every device has converted to Wireless audio is a pain as I would have to own 2 earphones instead of one. 1 wireless earphone and 1 wired.

Manufacturers that specializes in audio have yet to begin transition into wireless audio (since wireless audio is not even capable of meeting high res audio standards just yet). This basically means that consumers will be limited to getting their earphones from brands such as Samsung, Apple etc, all of which DO NOT have adequate specialties in audio.

Sound quality (based on the published reviews) of these brands are simply entry level at best, people who are ok with it are those that have yet, the opportunity to try an earphone/headphone from the mainstream reputable audio brands such as Westone, Grados, Jerry Harvey etc, and they will not have a chance if they own a Samsung S21. USB to 3.5mm adapter has been proven to be ineffective, which leads to a high noise output and might additionally degrade the usb c port (Check out Juan Bangell on youtube, he did a thorough analysis on this).

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021Anyone who has an Exynos version: Does it still overheat? ... moreYess its same in exynos s21 ultra .. worst gaming experience just start over heating in 30 mins of gameplay

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021Regardless of whatever their intentions were for capping th... moreWhile I agree that fast charging diminishes the battery life, can you say with any surety that Samsung won't introduce faster charging in its 2022 flagships? I think they will.

Graphene is still light years away to gather mainstream popularity. If Samsung is working on it, I'm sure OnePlus and Xiaomi are doing it too.

We won't see graphene batteries in the market at least till 2025.

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SgRepeat, 16 Apr 2021While I agree that the secondary screen on the Mi 11 Ultra ... moreRegardless of whatever their intentions were for capping the wattage at 25W, there is scientific proof available which concludes that really fast charging speeds can quickly diminish the battery. OnePlus and Xiaomi are headed in the wrong direction, as they're looking to trump one another with regards to charging speeds. Graphene batteries will be the future, and Samsung is already working on it.

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Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021Anyone who has an Exynos version: Does it still overheat? ... moreI've never known anyone to have overheating issues that severe, if your device is still under warranty I'd suggest you get it checked out and possibly exchanged. As the S21 Ultra has a much better Exonys chip, any issues that 990 had have been resolved.

Hudinited, 17 Apr 2021No, its a Sony sensor, samsungs GM1 was in following xiaomi... moredo your homework next time, the Mi 11 Ultra uses a 1/1.2" Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensors in the main camera

Best phone ever used

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Anyone who has an Exynos version: Does it still overheat?
I currently have the S20 Ultra and this is the worst phone I have ever owned. I just can't deal with the overheating issue anymore, it keeps shutting down by itself after I use it for a few minutes.

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Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021to be fair the mi 11 ultra’s camera sensor is made by samsu... moreNo, its a Sony sensor, samsungs GM1 was in following xiaomi phones:
Mi 10
Mi10 Pro
Mi note 10/pro (released months before s20 ultra)
And now Redmi note 10 pro that costs about 300 usd....
Im S21 ultra user, after 9 or 10 xiaomi phones starting with og redmi note that didnt support 4g anyways.
The thing is that samsung camera software is by far superior to xiaomis... i dont think i would back to Xiaomi till they fix their image processing... they make best phones for the buck period but, without any glitches or bugs on samsung i see why it is no1 smartphone brand.... huawei was the only one who could make samsung dethroned but us.... also, i dont say s21 ultra is perfect, i do miss live wallpapers from xiaomi, ir blaster and ultra fast charging, but in trade for much stable and advanced software,more user friendly, better pattery optimisation and beter cameras i think its worth it... not to mention the s pen which i really get used to... for me, if you gonna spend 1200 on the phone, go with iphone or samsung due to software realibility if budget is important to you than go for oneplus or xiaomi... great phones with not that much tradeoffs compared to price difference.

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2021Wow finally someone smartWhile I agree that the secondary screen on the Mi 11 Ultra is a gimmick, Samsung definitely did not provide 25 W charging speeds to increase the life of the S21 Ultra. They just didn't think 65W charging would be the norm among the other flagships of 2021.

Just wait for the S22 Ultra next year where you will see it supporting faster charging speeds.

Samsung is a little complacent like Apple. It knows that it is the most premium brand among Android phones. Hope this doesn't become a trend where they offer fewer features than the competition for much higher prices.

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2021Come on this is the best android phone you can buyIt most definitely is.

Especially after seeing the reviews of the OP9 Pro and the Mi 11 Ultra, I've developed a newfound admiration for the S21 Ultra.

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Yurra, 14 Apr 2021It amazes me every time when someone critiques product by c... moreWow finally someone smart

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Come on this is the best android phone you can buy

It seems that the camera under the screen will never mature because it is not a good solution at all!
Using a 21: 9 aspect ratio, like Sony phones, seems to be a better choice because it drastically reduces the margins of the phone.

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Whatever, 08 Apr 2021Bought it to replace my S9. Not happy: - camera is the w... moreI bought this phone to replace my S9+ and I have disagree with all of your points, because there's no way this phone is inferior. Whilst it sucks that there's no headphone jack (this was taken out last generation) and no SD card slot, the merits of this phone far outweigh the drawbacks. Most of the camera issues that a lot of people complained about have been fixed via software updates, so it really shouldn't be worse than any previous generation phone.

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Ric445, 11 Apr 2021I got S21 Ultra about a month ago, but it has been the wors... moreYou should ask for a replacement unit, because issues like these are common with a lot of new phones (regardless of which brand it comes from). As for the fingerprint issue, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is not sensitive enough to work with certain glass screen protectors. Unless you have a dedicated sensor (not under the display) you'll always have this issue. However, there are a few brands which have made special protectors that do work, if you're interested I can post links to them.

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Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021And yet all Samsung flagship line has random reboot issue!.... moreIt's not a random reboot problem, there's a specific setting in the device care screen which allows your phone to automatically restart for optimisation purposes. I've owned 3 generations of the S series lineup, and not once have I ever experienced "random reboot" issues/

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Alex, 13 Apr 2021Defective pieces? Wow, whole lotta them, looking at the num... moreLiterally every new phone or tech product has issues, it's just people like to scrutinise Android a lot more because of their bumpy track record. I'm pretty sure Apple have had several QC issues with their products recently, from truly weird issues like the iPhone 12PM overheating to the AirPods Max having condensation build up in the earcups.

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Samy, 14 Apr 2021Very good analysis. S21 ultra is a complete downgrade from ... moreIt's not a disaster tbh, but I can understand why people are annoyed by the removal of certain features. The only silver lining is that other phone manufacturers have also removed similar features from their flagship phones, so Samsung really isn't the only one.