Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Hismine
  • xtS
  • 18 hours ago

He pls help i cant login my samsung account since yesterday to SM-G998U Snapdraggon keep on saying failed...but i login to account using browser what can i do

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    • Ashraf
    • MuK
    • 22 hours ago

    I had a brand new S21 Ultra, the problem of it is working ok with the pen but it does not work at all with the touch of hand. Please could you tell me what to do. Thanks alot.

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      • jpn4
      • yJt
      • 23 hours ago

      purplelordlovell, 14 Jul 2024Hey guys i got the s21 ultra 5G G998N South Korea, Exynos a... moreWhat's your carrier?

        Hey guys i got the s21 ultra 5G G998N South Korea, Exynos and wanted to know if anyone has a similar problem like me. The phone performs incredibly well but esim is disabled, no simcard manager and in settings, security, sim security there is a new feature i see called sim personalization( which below says Require/dont require password to use another sim) i got to know its password but i havent tested this phone with a different simcard but its working with the simcard i have in Kenya, Africa and that actually means its unlocked since its a South Korea phone. So i just wanted to ask id therr someone who knows how i can unlock esim, thats the only feature i want enabled.

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          • HISMINE
          • xjH
          • 14 Jul 2024

          I just got this S21 ultra today I hope I ll enjoy it cos it looks smaller in my face probably bcos I used Note 20 ultra before and I like so much love it but the battery drain easily
          And Pls is there a problem with Samsung saver I can't login my account

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            • Nnabazz
            • r31
            • 11 Jul 2024

            S21 ultra or oneplus 10 pro? Please give reasons

              Promise, 26 Jun 2024Is the issue with your device resolved already? And Is y... moreNo its not solved yet. Snapdragon

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                • Amit
                • rK@
                • 07 Jul 2024

                Kellyjr0147, 23 Jun 2024Hello guys, please I need your serious and honest advice 1🙏... morePlease use the SamFw tool to upgrade, you will need to change the csc of the phone to see if the updates are available for that csc, the tool will tell you the compatible csc for your phone,try a few of them and use the keep which gets you the upgrade.

                I had the same issue and samfw solved it!

                  I've the exynos version the phone runs on one UI 6.1 with no green lines whatsoever.

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                    • Okeres200
                    • mFd
                    • 06 Jul 2024

                    Wes254, 27 Jun 2024My daily device. This phone is perfect in every sense, the ... moreAre you using the snapdragon or exynos system, because I'm hearing about green line issues in the screen after upgrading to one UI6.1. And I like to buy this phone.

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                      • Aszi
                      • I@H
                      • 04 Jul 2024

                      Sick of the camera. Only focuses on the middle when taking photos of people. Faces of the people at the corner are soft and blurred! Not good for group photos!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • fuZ
                        • 03 Jul 2024

                        Promise, 22 Jun 2024I think it's a general issue for now, I advise users t... moreThank you for your advice

                          Nexus2007, 02 Jul 2024I've purchased this beast 5 months ago and I have mixe... moreThe battery capacity is 5000Mah. Not 6000

                            Niko ug, 02 Jul 2024I really want to upgrade to S21 ultra(exynos) or Poco F5 pr... moreHey? Buy the one with Snap Dragon processor. Exynos overheats

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                              • Nexus2007
                              • 3EX
                              • 02 Jul 2024

                              I've purchased this beast 5 months ago and I have mixed opinions with this masterpiece. I have scanned all of my Apps with AVG Antivirus and it was loading fast. The battery is just like 6000mAh it drains so slow for 3 days. I even like the notification reminder (for example, the phone is still off, but the notification on the top is showing). Fast charging is just like 40W. The phone is 100% full, in 60 min. The camera is impressive. When I took many pictures of the city in Cologne, the camera looks shiny. (and a little bit blurry...)
                              I love this Phone, and I'm even a Samsung Fan. But, the main reason why I have mixed opinions with this Phone, is because of Exynos. I heavily disliked Exynos, cause when I use the phone for 2 hours it starts overheating. Even Bluetooth is trash for me. When I connect to my Bluetooth Headset, the screen freezes for 10 seconds. But I still like this Phone. Please buy Samsung Phones, if you think this is all true or not. Samsung is just like Xiaomi, who makes powerful Phones. I hope you got that.

                                I really want to upgrade to S21 ultra(exynos) or Poco F5 pro. I do a lot of multitasking, so performance is better for me. I welcome your opinions as you help me decide. Thanks

                                  Wes254, 27 Jun 2024My daily device. This phone is perfect in every sense, the ... moreThis is a common occurrence with this phone. Does Samsung still sell new batteries?

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                                    • Aszi
                                    • xjH
                                    • 29 Jun 2024

                                    Zb, 28 Jun 2024Got green line two days after 0ne ui 6.1I got the 6.1 ready to download from a month ago but I haven't updated my phone. I'm still at 6.0 but the green line showed up. My phone did not fall or I didn't do anything. When I woke up, the screen was still good. A minute after when I opened it, there's a green line, it just showed up. I'm planning to buy and replace the screen but I think, it's not woth it, and it's expensive. I'm also thinking, the green line will showep up again in the near future. I'm planning to buy a new phone, or I will just use my old S20FE.

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                                      • Zb
                                      • RxE
                                      • 28 Jun 2024

                                      Got green line two days after 0ne ui 6.1

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                                        • Wes254
                                        • fna
                                        • 27 Jun 2024

                                        My daily device. This phone is perfect in every sense, the display, cameras, galaxy AI, speed. Device is still solid years later. I'm running on the latest updates, Android 14 and one ui 6.1
                                        My only complaint? Battery runs out fast after the updates