Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Anonymous

Moataz86, 15 Jan 2021Very over price It's cheaper than the s20 ultra so it isn't really overpriced

  • Anonymous

Huge Asian, 15 Jan 2021Just go to buy a budget Samsung and stop orderin' the ... morewow

phred, 15 Jan 2021No SD card, no 3.5mm jack. No charger = NO PHONE Yeah man. Really disappointed about how they first mocked Apple for removing the charger, then removed it themselves. The microSD is basically going extinct for flagships as well. Thanks, Apple.

00, 15 Jan 2021Who needs 3camera...i hardly use 2camera. Remove the Telep... moreJust go to buy a budget Samsung and stop orderin' the flagship to lower its due specifications.

  • Anonymous

Sd card fanboys better to go back to Nokia era lol.

  • Anonymous

Soren Doreri, 15 Jan 2021stup1d samsung, all the color option are ugly. The black i... moreThose call decent colors not cartoonish kids colors like crappy s20 FE .

  • Anonymous

phred, 15 Jan 2021No SD card, no 3.5mm jack. No charger = NO PHONE Go buy a mid range or Nokia phone from 2010 if you sd card lol.

  • srefer

wayyyyyyyyyyyy to over price and i love samsungs

Dometalican, 15 Jan 2021Once again, removing features that are in cheaper devices s... moreTotally agree

No SD card, no 3.5mm jack. No charger = NO PHONE

Regular Man, 15 Jan 2021Samsung S21 Series Will be the best selling Flagship in 202... moreOnce again, removing features that are in cheaper devices should never be encouraged. Last year, the S20 Ultra and Find X2 Pro was a tough decision. Now, I see no reason for people to go with the S21 Ultra over the Find X3 Pro now that Samsung removed the card slot.

Also throwing the word 'boomer' in this context... that's not how it works...

  • CCE

No Card slot, internal ram 128 too expensive for the price tag and not so big changes compare to S20Ultra. It's a bit even better spec than S21.

I think samsung is pushing to Galaxy Note. Maybe on Note 21 there'll be card slot with better specs.

I'm not interested to get one, sorry samsung this one is just like correcting the issues on Galaxy S20.

stup1d samsung, all the color option are ugly.
The black is like charcoal. The regular s21 also not only color but made from plastic.
Cant they give it a better color, like red SE, gorgeus blue, or green from oppo reno glitter?

Actually im an iphone hater, but now i become very hateful to samsung stpidity.

  • Anonymous micro sd,no headphone jack,no charge,no earphone,......i am Happy with my last samsung phone s10 plus at least money......

  • Anti stupid

Aldwin123, 15 Jan 2021🤦🤦 There's a lot things you need to learn about Smartp... moreThank you man... The other person was blabbering garbage

  • Anti-stupid

Ketani, 15 Jan 2021I completely agree with your views . I too have S20 Ultra &... moreSo you have s20 ultra and charger as well why you need another charger? Also flagships are meant to be kept 3-5 years unless someone is irrational consumer. Buys phone just for show off that they are latest and greatest

  • Kea

Just got a sample and used few hours.

Made in Korea.
10X Telephoto with smaller noise.

Not all countries can buy mmWave model.
Snapdragon 888 is really too hot to use.

  • woodyns

jujud, 15 Jan 2021no sd card slot is the most disappointing things for androi... moreWhy would you ever need a card slot when you can have 500GB internal storage? you won't be able to fill it by the time S100 is out.

  • Ex-Samsung Fan

It still will be a Sh*t Phone as it goes for EU Region on Exynos Chipset.
I use to have all Samsung Note series until S20 Note, paid huge price but it works shitty mainly due to buggy Exynos 990 Chipset - overheating, video graphics issues, autofocus issues... Claimed, called, writted to Samsung service center and all the time I was sent off... That was the true face of Samsung Customer Service. Very angry NO more Samsung in my life for sure. Switching to Apple or One Plus.

  • Islam Gadallah

Very Bad Due to loss of important features like micro SD card Support.