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sammy, 22 May 2022since you are coming from an iphone, i would recommend ipho... moreA15 chip far better than sd 8gen 1 cooling efficiency control high fps. Tsmc fabrication is the best. I sold my s22 plus within a month. Its not justify its price low ppi screen batree drain so fast

  • AndroidUser250

Bronze., 21 May 2022Please I need an honest suggestion from you guys. Should I ... moreYou'll find A15 handle games much smoother than 8 Gen 1.
13 Pro Max will have better battery life than S22+ 5G.
S22+ is equipped with fixed 120fps screen, iPhone has adaptive fps screen (10-120fps).
13 Pro max is lot more robust than S22+ and feels more premium.
S22+ has better fast charging and no notch.
Both devices don't come with headphones & charger (greedy!)
Apple has better customer services than Samsung.

  • sammy

Bronze., 21 May 2022Please I need an honest suggestion from you guys. Should I ... moresince you are coming from an iphone, i would recommend iphone 13 pro max instead

Time and wear begining use,wear and tear,iphone 13 pro max still good,better strick to one ,provided if you already sure other phone can do what you wanting to?

Please I need an honest suggestion from you guys. Should I buy this phone or Iphone 13pro max. What do you think? am currently using Iphone 10s max, but am having issues with the screen, it's ghost touching, it's almost unusable now and I don wanna change the screen, Am changing the phone. My concern is I don't want to face thesame ghost touching with the 13 pro max, I used to be Android fan, but since am a gamer and Apple was making powerful chips, I switched to Iphone. But now I see the new "SD 8 Gen 1" is very powerful it can handle the games I play. But I still don't wanna miss the A15 bionic on 13 pro max and at thesame time am worried about future ghost touching from the 13 pro max. I need a review on the two phones. Thanks

  • Dreadish

I dont know what are people talking about. S22+ does NOT have any overheating problem. I even have Exynos version (Europe), and i even did grafical stress test and from everything i have checked , tested using this phone for almost 3 months now, it does not overheat at all. Even under heavy stress gaming test, temp dosent go over 41 Celsius. (performance mode, battery saving OFF) When using it in normal mode, maybe ove LTE browsing it gets slightly woarm - on wifi not even that. Watching heavy movies and stuff, phone is COLD. Phone is great since may firmware updates especialy.

-Battery life is exellent. IDLE over night (8-10 hours only 3%)-with or without power saving mode
-SOT per average 6-7 hours in day and a half
-charging phone every two days
-normal charge dosent even get woarm-i dont recomend fast charging at all-only in situations when really needed
-and if u want battery lasting long time, charge it between 30%-85%

The phone is really fast, snappy, the only thing i wish Samsung will offer in fix is the adaptive refresh rate for movies. Even tho movies are from 24-30FPS, it is notisably better viewing experience with higher refresh rates, but videos are having hickups when using adaptive rate, since phone adapts accordingly to preserve battery life-its not actually an issue. I recomend this phone 100%. It even finally have flat screen, wich i can finally put glass screen protector on. fingerpint senzor works ok. Ussing face id most times anyway.

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Roman, 16 May 2022Did You Face Any Heating Or Overheating?I said there....neither heating nor overheating.....Playing Pubg with HD and high frame rate I feel a slight warm after 10 minutes of playing and I play upto 30 minutes but that slight warm never crossed that slightness even upto 30 minutes.....and afterthat it cames to normal again as soon as I stopped play......This slight warm also happens when I put it on charging for first few minutes like 5-10 minutes then again it came back to normal during that charging period.....No heating or overheating......My device is Snapdragon version.

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Chipset , 16 May 2022 The issue of Battery and performance is due to the yield ... moreI know but I didn't find any issue as per my usage and with that much gaming I feel it is superb.....getting 6.5 hours of SoT with that much gaming is acceptable to me.....My SoT is like 4 hrs plus for a day..... That's why it is a 1.5 days battery life device to me....Samsung is doing good with optimization these days.....I know it is not like iPhone optimization but still it is best in the Android world right now and acceptable

  • Roman

Anonymous, 13 May 2022I play games...... Pubg for 30 Minutes only and clash of cl... moreDid You Face Any Heating Or Overheating?

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Anonymous, 13 May 2022I play games...... Pubg for 30 Minutes only and clash of cl... more The issue of Battery and performance is due to the yield on both variants as was really low so some good some really bad variation between devices

Also bad optimisation

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GroovyStarlight, 13 May 2022My mayor SOT time was 7 hours 10 minutes, but mostly 5-6 ho... moreI play games...... Pubg for 30 Minutes only and clash of clans which is not a power consuming game for 30 minutes.....I get around 6.5 to 7 actually snapdragon variants are good.....actually people complaining about this phone are mostly exynos variant.....My device doesn't heat up also it is slight warm after playing Pubg only but it soon gets normal after gaming....and a slight warm when I put my phone for charging for 1st 4-5 minutes......And u can easily cover 5 years without gaming with that same battery.

  • GroovyStarlight

Anonymous, 13 May 2022So after a week of usage my review..... (It is Snapdragon ... moreMy mayor SOT time was 7 hours 10 minutes, but mostly 5-6 hours since I don't play games. Actually I do plan keeping it for 5 years also, so I hope it lasts until then.

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Anonymous, 08 May 2022Bought S22+ yesterday Snapdragon variant Green colour....I ... moreSo after a week of usage my review.....
(It is Snapdragon version)

I got the green one and I love this design
The display is superb if u apply the vivid colour option especially
Audio quality is great with Dolby Atmos
Rear Cameras are the best in class and a huge upgrade by Samsung.....but selfie camera I found could have been better but not bad either.
Now coming to battery
My usage on daily basis :-
30 Minutes of Pubg on HD mode with high frame rate (9%)
30 Minutes of Coc
1 to 1.5 hrs of YouTube watching
1.5 hrs of social media and browsing
I use my phone as mobile hotspot to connect my laptop 2 hours of connection.
My SoT is like 4-4.5 hours per day
Total battery consumption for these things 55-60%
That means If I charge at morning before using it to 100%
At night after these usage it was left with 40-45%
My location is always turned on and AOD always turned on....My wifi and Bluetooth turned off always.....I use mobile data only
So basically I'm getting 6.5 -7 hrs SoT with my usage so it is a 1.5 day battery life phone to me.

I have upgraded from Samsung Note 10 to this so I found all the things are upgraded only I miss the S-pen support but I found this design more interesting and the flat screen.

Will Keep it for 4-5 years.

  • GroovyStarlight

Anonymous, 09 May 2022No I'm not facing any such issueNope, neither on mine.

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Anonymous, 09 May 2022Anyone facing microphone issue, that is, the person on the ... moreNo I'm not facing any such issue

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Anyone facing microphone issue, that is, the person on the other line have difficulty hearing you as your voice is breaking up, crackling, etc. Brought the phone back to Samsung and they said it's the Telco 5G not stable, causing this issue. But then, my Poco F3 has no such issue on the same Telco 5G.....I didn't accept Samsung's explanation but they said nothing can be done as the phone software is the latest and hardware diagnostics shows no fault. BTW, while I was there, there were another 2 folks also there to report similar issues with their S22. What crap!

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Anonymous, 08 May 2022Your looking at s22 256gb not s22+ thats 999Yes you're right 🤦‍♂️. S22+ 256gb is £989.45 now. Massive savings 🤣

Now that I've had it for a few days, the phone itself is not quite as slippery to hold as the S21+, but still too slippery not to use a case. Using the phone without a case, with the glass back, you can't tell by feel which is the front and which is the back when taking it out of a pocket. For me, using a slim leather case gives the amount of protection and adds texture to the back that allows me to grab it out of my pocket and know which side is which. To me the glass back is a total waste of money, since it needs to be covered up for proper use. I like the camera improvement with a legitimate optical zoom for longer range photos. Battery life seems very similar to the 21+ which I was very happy with.

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Anonymous, 06 May 2022Just noticed amazon UK are now listing s22+ 256gb at £819, ... moreYour looking at s22 256gb not s22+ thats 999

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Bought S22+ yesterday Snapdragon variant Green colour....I love this design and the phone is doing good.....Will post a review after using for a week.