Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

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  • gjQ
  • 15 hours ago

This is pretty much the perfect phone for me
No curved screen or back. Everything is flat as it should be
Not too big like the Ultra or too small like the iPhone mini, just the right size
Glass and aluminum, none of that garbage plastic
The only thing i don't like is the 1080p screen. For the price of the phone it should have been 1440p

    Anonymous, 01 Jul 2022The speaker stopped working for no reason within a month, i... moreI've had my S22 since February 22nd. So far, I've had no speaker issues or any other issues with it. It's been working great.

    I know the USB port worked the one time I used it, when I first charged my phone the night I received it. But I have only used wireless charging with my phone since then. And with wireless Android Auto in my car, I never need to use the USB port on the phone. Which is great. Since I hate having to be tethered to something.

    I embraced wireless charging when I got my Galaxy S6, in 2015. And never want to go back to wired charging again. And when I finally got a Motorola MA1, in January this year, for Wireless Android Auto. I no longer needed to use the USB ports on my cell phones for anything.

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      • Ibx
      • 01 Jul 2022

      The speaker stopped working for no reason within a month, its a very common issue if you Google s22 speaker stopped working. The charger plug got bumped into while plugged in my car and knocked itself loose, now the plug wobbles. Charger still works but we'll see for how long. Overall this seems to use super cheap hardware and when you look on Samsung website for warranty it just sends you to their repair service and they wanted to charge like 150 for the speaker when the phone literally had never been dropped. I had to call them to get it under warranty which took like 3 hours of course. This is my first time moving to a big brand phone from OnePlus and so far its been absolutely terrible. I do not recommend this phone, and I don't expect it to last more than a year since its only been two months so far and two things have already failed with normal use.

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        • 3bm
        • 28 Jun 2022

        Note9 User, 28 Jun 2022You are wrong! It IS Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass on the ba... moreI have a problem with plastic because it scratches too easily
        I'm currently using an A51 and it has a million scratched on the back from all the times i put the phone on a table. It looks absolutely disgusting and decreases the sell value of the phone as not a lot of people are interested in buying a second hand phone that looks like it went through a grinder, so i decided my next phone must have a glass back no matter what

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          • Note9 User
          • nE1
          • 28 Jun 2022

          real, 27 Jun 2022It is not glass at the back. Also who have problem with fin... moreYou are wrong!
          It IS Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass on the backside of the S22, I've seen it & held it, & it's clearly stated in the Spec's & Review.

          Although personally I have no problem with the plastic back of the S21 5G, at least you don't have to worry about it breaking for those who insist on not using a case.

          The dealbreaker for me to recommend the S22 is the inadequate battery life, which is even worse than the S21.

          I hope the S23 has a 4,000+ mAh battery & easily lasts all day (non-gaming), by which I mean 24hrs, with 6+hrs SoT, using an efficient SoC, (probably a TSMC fabbed QSd), hopefully resulting with a GSMArena endurance rating of 100 hours.
          We've had enough of Exynos in Europe to be honest.

          The competition is edging ahead in camera quality, & most of us don't care about 8k or money wasted on P.R., invest in the product & it will sell itself.
          The S line is Flagship, so it should be the best!
          I hope you can sort it Samsung.

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            • real
            • smx
            • 27 Jun 2022

            Anonymous, 25 Jun 2022Can someone confirm is the back is really glass? I'm i... moreIt is not glass at the back. Also who have problem with fingerprint , problem is only if you have tempered glass which is not suitable for fingerprint sensor. You have to find tempered glass fingerprint scanner friendly

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              • Anonymous
              • 3bm
              • 26 Jun 2022

              aaronwt, 25 Jun 2022Unfortunately, it is glass. But since I have my phone in a ... moreUnfortunately? It would be better if they used aluminum for the back like how they made the iPhone 6 and 7 but since they don't make those anymore, glass is your best option

                Anonymous, 25 Jun 2022Can someone confirm is the back is really glass? I'm i... moreUnfortunately, it is glass. But since I have my phone in a Spigen Neo Hybrid case, I never have to see it. Or worry about it slipping out of my hand.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3bm
                  • 25 Jun 2022

                  Can someone confirm is the back is really glass? I'm interested in buying this phone whenever it arrives in my country but if the back is plastic i'm gonna look the other way

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                    • 39y
                    • 25 Jun 2022

                    Posted a while back about the battery and how bad it is. Few months on and a few updates later and it's still the same. I love this phone (form factor, build, size, screen, cameras and general quality) but the battery gives me range anxiety which I've not had since an iPhone 7. Even setting power saving mode doesn't seem to help much.

                      Lion, 22 Jun 2022😊 can you compare 120hz and 60hz,Android and iOS, Samsung... moreWho the hell to compare?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • L9%
                        • 24 Jun 2022

                        terrible battery life. joke, not a phone.

                          Anil, 24 Jun 2022I have purchased S22 ULTRA and will not recommend. Incomin... moreMaybe you got a lemon? My Base S22 (Snapdragon) has none of those issues you listed.

                          YouTube is a smooth as butter. Whether in portrait or landscape. And I've had my S22 for over four months now. I've not had any problems with the incoming call icon.

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                            • Anil
                            • nvm
                            • 24 Jun 2022

                            I have purchased S22 ULTRA and will not recommend. Incoming call ICON does not appear . Called help centre always they just ask me do Factory Reset. Blaming on third party app which I have but very limited and really global app. I have iphone and honor with same apps and it is working fine. Even youtube videos in portrait mode freezes. It has been only ten days and finding glitches. It seems it has not been properly tested . It is not worth as top end phone. Only camera is good.

                              Relan, 23 Jun 2022Battery life is amazing when you set everything as it shoul... moreWith my SD S22 the fingerprint sensor is the opposite. It has been basically flawless. And reads the fingerprint basically instantly. This is with a Spigen Neoflex screen protector on the phone. All it takes is a fraction of a split second on the fingerprint sensor and the phone unlocks. It has been lightning fast and accurate for over four months now.

                              It has easily been the fastest and most accurate fingerprint sensor I've ever had on a cell phone. My S21 fingerprint sensor was very fast and accurate. But my S22 fingerprint sensor takes it to another level.

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                                • Relan
                                • smx
                                • 23 Jun 2022

                                Battery life is amazing when you set everything as it should. Easily 3-4 days with sot 1:30-2h a day. Or 8h+ sot in one day. Camera is brutal at night.

                                BUT fingerprint sensor is total garbage.

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                                  • Lion
                                  • x$r
                                  • 22 Jun 2022

                                  Silk, 04 Jun 2022Iphone 13 is also a small size compact phone but it has mor... more😊 can you compare 120hz and 60hz,Android and iOS,
                                  Samsung features and Apple features, and you are trying to say Apple has more battery Life, try to make things in android to IOS, then let us see what how iOS can deal with it.

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                                    • Furkan
                                    • pT4
                                    • 22 Jun 2022

                                    Kuba, 20 Jun 2022Yes battery is bad, you will get ~4h screen on time. Which ... morebuy Xiaomi 12 better battery life

                                      Anonymous, 21 Jun 2022I have had the phone for a week and I can say that its batt... moreIs that Snapdragon or Exynos? Because with my SD S22 I can be listening to BT music all day from my Galaxy Buds+, and the phone barely gets warm. Let alone hot.

                                      Heck, I can even be using Wireless Android Auto for a couple of hours and my S22 is only slightly warm.

                                        pl3ym0b1l, 20 Jun 2022i dunno what is real world usage for some of you but, im lo... moreUpdate it has been 1d and 20 hours since last full charge 6h47m screen on time and 1d 12h screen off