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That processor is so so 🔥...{regardless the firm ex: Sony, Samsung,etc}. It just doesn't worth it. Hard pass. The last true FAN EDITION was the s20 fe 5g... This model is dead from the start!

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    • Inva
    • S3c
    • 18 Nov 2023

    Anonymous, 17 Nov 2023Runs very hotThe only thing running hot is the keyboards when you and the other shills post lies and FUD on GSM Arena and other forums to discredit European and Asian brands.

      Anonymous, 17 Nov 2023Runs very hotSnap 8 Gen 1 is very well optimized for Samsung. You need to use the phone before jumping to conclusions. I'm using the S22 Ultra with the same processor and it works super fine giving me 7 hours of sOt with over a day battery life.

        I have been using this phone for the past 10 days.. In Iraq we have the Exinos version..

        So far I am very pleased with the device, I come from S22 Ultra as my Primary phone and Realme 11 Pro Plus as a secondary..

        The Performance is quite good, no heat at all, though I don't use games in phones but it has been performing good under heavy use.. Screen is very good and bright, Speakers are very good and it is much better than the ones in S21 FE, Battery life is better that S22 Ultra.. I am not an expert but I am just explaining what I am experiencing here.

        The bezzles are fine you get used to them, The cameras are great for the price,

        I have watched all the reviews and the negative comments, but I bought it anyway It is a good device and using it will change the prespective of the device.

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          • Anonymous
          • Nu6
          • 18 Nov 2023

          Very poor battery life. Not interested

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            • ss1
            • 18 Nov 2023

            Is samsung dex working on this device?

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              • kek
              • GBh
              • 18 Nov 2023

              This phone is the perfect example of whats wrong with current smartphone market.

              It has NOTHING, literally NOTHING going on for it. Its as if Samsung decided to do the most uninspired phone ever and this is what they came up with.

              In typical fashion, we get the following:
              >lame boring reused design
              >phablet sized
              >notched screen
              >same 3 camera sensors for marketing purposes rather than usefulness (I can bet you that telephoto is useless)
              >no sd slot
              >no 3.5mm jack
              >high price at launch
              >poor SOC
              >boring colors
              >no accesories in box

              You do get good software support, but the same can be had for less money in the A23 model.

              I honestly dont know which market segment Samsung is trying to grab here

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                • Anonymous
                • Qr%
                • 17 Nov 2023

                Cheerful, 17 Nov 2023What is exactly wrong with "Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon... moreRuns very hot

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                  • Cheerful
                  • kjG
                  • 17 Nov 2023

                  Amr1370, 17 Nov 2023Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 itself is a faulty processor!!! Samsung... moreWhat is exactly wrong with "Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1"?

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                    • H.Sanborn
                    • rZt
                    • 17 Nov 2023

                    Abysmal 2016 screen to body ratio, no SD card no headphone jack 👏

                      Anonymous, 17 Nov 2023This is the impact of good relationship between korea and a... moreSnapdragon 8 Gen 1 itself is a faulty processor!!!
                      Samsung should have used Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 chipset for all markets!!!!
                      Also, this phone has low touch speed in gaming, which is annoying!!!😶

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 84G
                        • 17 Nov 2023

                        This is the impact of good relationship between korea and america, for america vertion has sd 8 gen 1 and for other countries got exyinos 2200. Maybe The buyer in other countries would pay same price with america vertion but they just get exynos 2200 that has low performance than sd 8 gen 1

                          How did they make a phone with a smallish, 6.4 display be over 200 grams?? A deal killer for me, after the better sized A53. The S21 FE has the same size display but is only 177 grams, more to my liking for weight.

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                            • Geniusaddict
                            • 7X9
                            • 16 Nov 2023

                            Love the phone, but not the battery life.

                            It sucks

                              It was enough for Samsung to fix the touch speed of this phone, which has a little delay in the game!
                              And instead of Exyno 2200, it used Snap Dragon 8+Gen1 to make this phone really amazing!!!
                              The large margin of the page is also annoying, but not as much as the two cases above!!☺

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                                • Stoon
                                • NhC
                                • 16 Nov 2023

                                Aszi, 16 Nov 2023Finally, just read the review! Then I can say, I'll p... moreThe problem is not the battery ... it's the SoC inside : very power hungry

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                                  • Stoon
                                  • NhC
                                  • 16 Nov 2023

                                  The only thing that can save the party is the price : should not be over 400 buck (€, $, ...)

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                                    • Aszi
                                    • I@H
                                    • 16 Nov 2023

                                    Finally, just read the review!
                                    Then I can say, I'll pass. The battery is terrible. S23 vanilla is still better even though the capacity is smaller. I'll go with S23.

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                                      • SAM
                                      • sGk
                                      • 16 Nov 2023

                                      Best, 14 Nov 2023I will save more money and buy s23+ battery is bad for gami... moreThat's a wise decision.

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                                        • Best
                                        • r31
                                        • 14 Nov 2023

                                        I will save more money and buy s23+ battery is bad for gaming on s23fe