Samsung Galaxy S24 phones start receiving first major camera update

Yordan, 16 February 2024

Samsung is now seeding the major AXB5 update to Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra and has confirmed it will improve the camera experience in addition to addressing the screen issues. According to multiple sources online, including X users, Samsung Members, and Reddit posts, devices in South Korea are already receiving the new package.

Here's the full changelog, according to a Samsung moderator:

  • Brighter Backlight Shots: Say goodbye to washed-out photos! High-pixel mode now shines with better balance in bright scenes.
  • Sharper Text Zooms (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Get closer than ever with crystal-clear text, even at high magnifications.
  • Ultra-Smooth Video (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Capture your moments with stunning clarity and detail in rear video recording.
  • Indoor Portrait Enhancements (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Brighter shadows, sharper faces - perfect indoor portraits every time.
  • Food Mode Fiesta: Colors pop and flavors come alive with richer, more vibrant food photos.
  • Night Mode Magic: Experience improved saturation and white balance for more natural-looking nighttime shots.
  • DNG Gallery Zoom: Explore your photos in even greater detail with improved image quality when zooming in the Expert RAW app.
  • Action Heroes (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Capture fast-moving subjects in backlit conditions with sharper focus and clearer details.
  • Subjects Shine (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): People, flowers, and more come to life with optimized exposure and color expression in photo mode.

We reviewed all three smartphones and found out that they are already doing a great job. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ have solid photo and video quality despite having last year's setup, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra is as versatile as ever thanks to the new telephoto camera and latest Qualcomm chipset.

Source (in Korean) | Via 1Via 2


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They need to focus on the software glitches. The AI is rough to say the least. Glitchy glitchy. If had the AI kick on in the middle of calls and start random translate text for no reason and drop calls. Futher the signal seems to be worse than my s23...

because samsung is trying to encourage customers to buy their ultra bricks for more features. same goes to their s24 series where they get the worst chip for the vanilla and plus instead of better ones in the ultra. the S ultra competes against iPhon...

Duplicate post, sorry

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