Samsung Galaxy S24 to use stacked battery tech borrowed from EVs

Chip, 23 April 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is about ten months away now, which means the development of the components that will go inside it should be nearing completion to allow enough time for testing and manufacturing. And according to the latest report from South Korea the next bar flagship might bring new battery tech, borrowed from the EV industry.

Korean publication The Elec claims Samsung’s SDI division, which is in charge of battery R&D is looking to carry over stacked batteries to the smartphone business. Rather than a change to the chemistry content of the battery this refers to how the cells are arranged, but the effect is still a higher energy density, allowing for higher capacity to fit within the same volume. Audi’s Q8 e-tron used a similar tech to fit a 114kWh battery inside, while Chinese battery maker CATL has an even larger 140kWh stacked battery.

Samsung Galaxy S24 to use stacked battery tech borrowed from EVs

Obviously, smartphone batteries operate under a vastly different environment compared to EV’s power packs, but the report claims we should expect a 10% improvement in density. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Galaxy S24 Ultra will pack a 5,500mAh battery compared to the 5,000mAh of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung could well use the improved pack to fit the same capacity within a smaller cell, freeing space for other components or enabling a more compact phone.

The assembled batteries are usually one of the first component to leak as a smartphone moves through its development phases so we’ll likely be hearing more about this soon.

Previously, we heard the Galaxy S24 may come with a new camera setup and a massive GPU boost.

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Phones and laptops will always be more efficient (because they have to) than pcs because of the battery and size restrictions

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