Samsung Galaxy S4 mini I9195I

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini I9195I

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  • Anonymous

How I can ad persian language on my phone

  • Erin

i forgot my security pin. Was stupid and changed it intoxicated

  • Olly Stretton

Why is it called Samsung Galaxy S4 mini I9195i or Samsung Galaxy S4 mini+?

  • Papa

How can i erase on the screen another mini screen

  • Anonymous

Not quad-core but dual-core

  • Geo

Melon, 08 Dec 2018This phone was very good phone until one day. I restarted my pho... moreI had the same problem (a lot of app crash) I reinstall official ROM and no more crash (for the moment)

  • me

broke my heart when it broke after several years.
currently using an old phone from my mom until i find another one that can compare to this...

  • Melon

Nilo, 23 Aug 2016My Samsung MINI just stop today, i dont know what happened? i tr... moreI think your battery died. Buy a new one

  • Melon

This phone was very good phone until one day. I restarted my phone and then I wanted to connect my phone to WiFi but my phone forgot all the WiFi passwords. And this phone has crashed like million times. So I decided to buy a new phone (Meizu M6) and I didn't used my S4 Mini anymore. But I had some problems with my Meizu and I wanted to use my S4 Mini again. And I charged it for almost 13 hours but it didn't turned on. What's problem with my phone?

Perfect smartphone size! I wish there was more internal storage before having to go for a microSD...

  • mtrantalainen

Anriss, 06 Apr 2017true. and not to mention that the cores are more powerful. A53 c... moreThe fact that i9195i is faster in multicore benchmarks than i9195 should not surprise anybody because i9195i has quad-core CPU whereas i9195 has faster dual-core CPU. As a result, single-core performance is better with i9195. And most apps are still single-core so guess which is faster in real world.

  • indo

Big72, 21 Feb 2018Can anyone help me ? My S4 mini is not booting up... try to h... moreHi, same here, it doesn't reboot :-/

  • Val

Do you know if there's anyone else (besides China..) that makes batteries for Samsung phones?

  • Anonymous

Please note there are two types of S4 mini. My one is the newer I9195I. It is a great phone. It fits great in the hand. Everything works well as it should. The Super Amoled screen is fabulous.

I have too many apps installed, so occasionally have to clear out space, to allow installation of updates (despite having a memory card).

Igot a Greatshield phone case, and it has been dropped on the floor a few times and survived!

The only bug, I noticed is the alarm clock (which does not ring). So I installed a third party app.

It is worth buying a second battery, and much better then carrying a power bank and cables around.

  • Big72

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018I have one S4 mini and keeping using it until It dies recently. ... moreCan anyone help me ?
My S4 mini is not booting up...
try to hard reset but message appear no command on screen .


  • Anonymous

I have one S4 mini and keeping using it until It dies recently. I still like handy phone. Apple valued his customer and still produce iPhone SE. I don't know why don't Samsung keep this practical small S4 mini or small 4 inches phone.

  • shaman

Battery. For what it is worth. I acquired a S$ minii9195i quite recently as a 2nd phone. Assume later than June 2015 as per spec. Battery however is dated May 2014. My first reaction was that battery life was poor between 4 and 6 hours. So I bought a new one, dated 2017 and apparently identical in appearance. This seemed no better. So I decided to do some life comparisons. The old one lasted 27 hours with just one email. Today it died in 5 hours after 5 call. Now testing the new one again.
Li ion batteries are miles better than Ni anything at least in electric drills. Able to be recharged from any level, and stay charged for months.

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (either LTE version, NFC or dual) they all do have Ir infrared port. I own one and I use it to shoot my photo camera.

  • EM333

Frank, 30 Nov 2016I don't know where you that information or what you base it on.N... moreFrank, I think it is you who needs to brush up on rechargeable battery chemistries. Li-ion battery lifetime is measured in time (which is at most 3 years), not in recharge cycles (like nickel based chemistries). And what is "good" or "bad" (in terms of deep discharge, storage charge, charging algorithm, etc.) for a li-ion is NOT the same as for NiCad or NiMH. So like I said in my original comment, a li-ion battery's ability to hold a charge starts to drop off dramatically after 2 years (it doesn't matter how "well" you treat them). NiCad/NiMH (esp. NiCad's) that have low charging cycles can last for DECADES with proper "treatment". The ONLY advantage li-ion has over Nickel is a higher energy density. So for people who say that their 2-year old phone's ability to hold a charge is getting a lot worse--THAT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL, and it's time for a new battery.

  • Trooper

Jan, 27 Mar 2017S4 galaxy battery is swelling and i called Samsung shop no help ... moreYou need to buy a new battery (and take care of that one better), as batteries are not covered under warranty.