Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

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  • Clem

AnonD-363817, 15 Feb 2015the s5 mini lte that we bought tends to hang after not being use... moreHi I get the same problem, then I have to open the phone, take out the battery and restart :-(

  • AnonD-255766

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, not Exynos 3 Quad 3470.

  • Anonymous

Does this mobile supports call recorder app. If yes, what about the quality of the recorded voice?

  • Nick

I am considering getting this phone, the exynos 3 is great but the Mali 400 not so much, it's only like $399.99 unlocked, in my opinion I love it so yea just let me know.

  • lhaine

jules, 10 Feb 2015hi, may i ask where did you buy your Samsung S5 mini? i'm also f... moreI just bought mine OLX and it 2nd used for 2 weeks. The 1st owner said he bought it in Greenhills. I don't have any issues with it yet. Just make sure that the one you buy is sealed. I bought G800F.

  • AnonD-345273

I thing for much better "Samsung Galaxy S6 mini" need to contain this basick specs:

1.Display.- 4.7"inches FHD - IPS-Neo - CGG 4 - 468~ppi
2.Memory.- 3 GB RAM
3.Chipset.- Snapdragon 805
4.Camera.- 12 & 5 MP
5.Battery.- 2400mAh

Please do it with specs Snapdragon 805 not Snapdragon 801 and IPS-Neo

  • AnonD-363817

the s5 mini lte that we bought tends to hang after not being used for a few hours. here what happens. it works perfectly fine, then the phone switches to idle after not being used. after, maybe around 3-4 hours, when we want to use the phone, the phone is pure black but the buttons at the bottom light up. also, when you slide to unlock the screen, a sound can be heard. sometimes, i can make the picture be visible again. but the last time was a non responsive screen. the phone was just charged. what seems to be problem? have you experienced a same scenario?

  • Pargat virk

AnonD-361581, 09 Feb 2015is this phone is water proof ?????Not water proof

  • jules

lhaine, 19 Jan 2015I just got my s5 mini for a week now. Can I just say I love it a... morehi, may i ask where did you buy your Samsung S5 mini? i'm also from the philippines, and i want to buy this phone. thanks!

  • AnonD-361802

AnonD-361581, 09 Feb 2015is this phone is water proof ?????IP67 means the device has a high degree of resistance to dust and water, but not that it's completely "waterproof." It is merely designed to SURVIVE under water (depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes) but will not OPERATE while underwater like some true "waterproof" devices will (example is Sony Xperia Z1s that you can swim and take pictures underwater)

  • AnonD-361581

is this phone is water proof ?????

  • Anonymous

Had mine for 3 months then it suddenly over heated on the charger and cut out completely. It was in for repairs, received it back with new battery, over heated again and could not charge to more than 8%! Now back at workshop... Think I got the DUD!

  • Rick

It is not 4G!

  • ln

Mike, 11 Apr 2014Is it Ip67? Waterproof?Yes since it's IP67 certified that means that it is water proof in 1 meter for 30 minutes

  • shahid

ranju, 11 Dec 2014bro dnt wry abt the batry...i use s5 mini its amazing batry life... moreWhat deffrence in korean & original.?????

  • anonyme

Everything works fine, display is good, camera is good, performance suffices..

  • Student

I have been using this phone for a week now. My first impressions?

Phone design is feels like something between mid and luxury. Not as handy as I thought it will be, but I guess I still haven't get used to little bigger screen (my previous phone was Galaxy W). Screen is okey.

Performance could be better, when connected all social profiles and turn on synchronizing, I was suprised that I was left with only 300 mb of RAM.

Primary camera is noisy. For the first moment I even felt that secondary camera took better photos.

Batttery life? Actually, I'm satisfied with it. It squeezed out in two human days (tried all apps, used fb,twitter,wapp and I even fall asleep while watching vines). So it beat me.

Everything else works fine. Overall, I am satisfied.

  • Gremlin

Bought this and had for a month before sending back.
It looks OK and back has nice texture but doesn't feel very responsive in changing screens and switching apps.
In terms of specs it is quite weak as a phone half its price (Ace Style LTE) has much better CPU and GPU.
My opinion is avoid as you aren't getting what you expect or what you pay for

  • X81

I dont get it its really nonsense it has mali 400 gpu which is absolutely bullshit cause even my LG optimus G is better than this both on gaming and user performance i wonder why people buy this phone?

  • Anonymous

is it a dual sim fonr,guys???