Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Duos

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Duos

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A good smartphone

  • Khawar

shanth24x7, 02 Feb 2017Hi all, This might be too late to write opinions on this p... moreThanks for such a detailed analysis u spared quite some time for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2017can you help me. i have this phone s5 mini duos. if i turn ... morePlease verify if the operator has the proper band in Your area. The network providers are changing the bands in some countries due to cell BTS overload.
I.e. in Poland The PLUS network is rushing to B20 LTE, so the 3G/2G has many blind areas, and ofcourse the lot of commercials with LTE everywhere...

  • AnonD-634028

Galaxy s5 mini security update coming soon

  • Anonymous

can you help me. i have this phone s5 mini duos. if i turn my simcard into GSM/2G im having a no signal for both simcards. but if i turn it to WDCMA/3G its a having a signal, but only to the one sim. the problem is if im on travel im having problem with a signal with a 3G and only one sim card i can insert for it cannot turn both sim card into WCDMA/3G. pls help. Godbless to all

  • metyoo

Anonymous, 01 May 2017GPS :(((((((gps on mine is also pretty terrible

  • ctsam

It is a very nice phone that I have been using it for over two and a half years!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

GPS :(((((((

  • Anonymous

wael, 28 Feb 2016yes there is an update to lollipop 5.1.1Have 6 marshmallow S5mini duos

Hi all,
This might be too late to write opinions on this phone. But i purchased this phone very recently and have seen lot of people complaining about battery. So, thought of sharing some opinion here.
first there are couple attractive things on this phone, The splendid camera and the phone size and nothing else. I downgraded my mobile experience from Moto g4 to this phone only because of the size. No time to regret, I have already made the mistake. After using Moto phones and experiencing their battery life, all the other mobile batteries performance looks useless. I apologize Samsung fans here, but this battery is not worth for a giant like samsung. after there was a firmware update on my phone, the battery was draining tremendously. I was so frustrated that i wanted to degrade the firmware (which is not possible without moding). And the biiiiiiiiiiig mistake i did was login to samsung account and allow the samsung apps kill my battery. Not sure if Touchwiz is the culprit here, but i was very annoyed with this mobile. Cause i put more money than what i actually thought.
Later i did a factory reset again and this time i didnt do the mistake of logging into samsung account, As far as possible, i have disabled all samsung apps. And i have installed Nano launcher and not using touchwiz. I dont understand the purpose of this phone... to save battery we need to turn off wifi and data. All i now do is turn off sync in the background, putting the phone in battery save mode. and turn of wifi and switch it on only once an hour to check any messages. As i have disabled the sync i will need to check the mails manually.
This is like going back to 1980's after experiencing 20th century. I only have a feeling, i have wasted my money purchasing this. I didnt expect any miracles but a phone with good usage and not needing to sit near the charging port. I dont intend to promote moto brand here, but i have used Moto G, Moto g4, moto e3, moto g turbo edition, all these phones were awesome. I never install games on my mobile and strictly use it for official purpose. and the speaker is a joke, all the latest phones are coming up with a speaker near charging port or near the mic, and this phone has a speaker on the back and we lose all the important calls as the phone sticks to the base and cant hear the incoming ringtones. I dont need a phone to look stylish but need a better battery performance and this has literally failed on the expectations part. The only good thing is it fits the pocket unlike the huge moto phones. and if you want to avoid chinese company phones, then this is the only option. Samsung, please hear the customers problems, you could have done better than this at such price range.
Well to let you know, after disabling as many apps as possible and after removing sync option and after disabling wifi and data (thank god this doesnt support 4g or it would have been still worse) and after installing only majic jack and whatsapp battery looks little better (i mentioned after switching off wifi :) ). Now i have to deal with this till it damages itself or i damage it. samsung fans am sorry once again.

  • Anonymous

chege, 03 Sep 2016help me i want to import this phone does it really have n... moreIt is a great phone
But it has no radio

  • AnonD-603065

chUnCHEn, 10 Jun 2016Hi, I have an s5 mini duos (SM-G800H) running of 4.4.2, whe... moreyou need to download the firmware and then install it with cable with you laptop using odin

  • AnonD-603065

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2016 he... morethank you

  • Rick

No 4G.
Anyway to upgrade to 4G? Mod perhaps?

  • Anonymous

here is Russian marshmallow rom for dual sim version.

  • Anonymous

gi, 19 Oct 2016can this phone get 2 sims and dedicated sd card slot ? or ... moreYes.

  • gi

can this phone get 2 sims and dedicated sd card slot ? or ? it has just 2 slots

  • nithi

Mine 4.4.2 version samsung s5 mini sm-g800h...whether I want to update to lolipop for 4g

  • nano

wayo, 20 Jan 2016Please my samsung galaxy s5 mini duos sim is not functionin... morePlease , u go ro menu then celact the sim card manager there u shuld find every thing ... then do what u want...

  • chege

help me i want to import
this phone does it really have no radio cus if so i wont buy it