Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

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  • samson

very good phone and i have europe version and dont have update to andorid 7 but still is good phone with android 6.0.1 work great no lag or anything just work also pubg work good on medium on high can play but sometimes lag but for almost 5 year old phone is good

  • parker

is the G903W rom compatible with the G903F

  • Anonymous

blueberryflapjacks, 13 Jul 2019my s5 neo is still going strong and has android 7 (i'm in C... moreThe J3 is a major downgrade.

Bell Canada tried to do this to me when my s5 died. I had insurance.

1) Tech support is withdrawn. It use to be with My Tech Expert. They were quite helpful in getting the s5 data transferred to the j3.

2) j3 has 1.5 GB ram. S5 has 2 GB. 16gb storage vs 32gb on the s5. No SD. poor Cameras. USB 2.0 which is very slow. The list goes on. I would not pay $50 but for a j3

3) I had to use the j3 while we sort this out. It's now been 4 months. Data merge does not work. Galary, memos, and phone log were left behind.

Your s5 is a good machine. The j3 is a pos (not point of sale)

  • blueberryflapjacks

my s5 neo is still going strong and has android 7 (i'm in Canada) just wanted to add to the info in the thread.

I'm trying to decide if I want to change to the galaxy j3 2018 though, it wouldnt cost anything for me but they seem like very similar phones

  • Stelu

S5 Neo with Android Nougat 7.0. When I am using the external phone speaker (the one in the back) during calls the other people complain about hearing an echo every time they talk, as if someone repeats what they are saying. No issue when I use the headset or the ear speaker. For me I hear them clear, the echo is just on their side. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

Hi there for whoever may be reading this. This phone isn't entirely capable with Nougat like this website says. Only certain countries were granted with Nougat for this phone. Country models like Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and England were granted with Nougat and all models from those countries are upgradable to Nougat but countries like America, China, Japan, and Canada did not, unfortunately receive Nougat for their models :(

  • UptownBOI

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019As of 06 July 2019 my S5 Neo is still on Android 6 [UK]No, its forever going to be with android 6, unless you have the canadian version, which has android 7

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2019Did the european model get android 7.0?As of 06 July 2019 my S5 Neo is still on Android 6 [UK]

  • Anonymous

It's still a useable phone as of June 2019 surprisingly, but don't expect to play games with high specs on it.

  • Froxie

I'm having problems with the ringtone volume. It's.not loud. Yes i went to my volume options.

  • Anonymous

Did the european model get android 7.0?

  • Anonymous

does it have screen mirror feature?

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019does it have led indicator?it does

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019does it have led indicator?it does

  • Anonymous

does it have led indicator?

  • Scotty99

Has anyone in the USA bought the canadian version and successfully updated to 7.0 nougat?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2019Why not updated to android 9 ?better than itel

  • Gundi

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018This phone was horrible until the Android 7 update. But it ... moreProbably you have installed apps that drain too muh battery, i have this phone since the release and have not changed the battery, even it degraded after so many years. It can hold up on normal social media apps, but if you are gamer you should not even complain about this

  • Nakem08

how to buy replacement lcd of this in small amount

  • Anonymous

Why not updated to android 9 ?