Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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  • sundude07

2600 mah battery? At least 3000 mah should have been added for this specifications. Bad move Samsung.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-358267, 01 Mar 2015samsung because you're so stingy with batteries? 2600 mah i... moreThinner than iphone 6 and 6+
Faster than iphone 6 and 6+
Screen 1000 times better than iphone 6 and 6+
Fu*king 40 grams lighter than iphone 6+
Shorter than iphone 6+
Narrower than iphone 6+

Did you ever complained about iphone?
No, never because Sammy is allways target of you.
If you need storage? Buy then 64 or 128 gb option.
You need protection for water?
It has still splash water protection, you dont neeed to take a bath with that phone?

Look at the M9 just came out, about almost 1 cm thick, 157 gram, still fullhd screen.
Yes it has sd card slot, are you happy?

  • AnonD-351047

I'm I the only one dissapointed that there's not storage expansion available?😱😭😭😤

  • AnonD-369403

Love the design & performance of this S6 Edge :) However, it seems like it went backward instead of going forward. Non-removable battery, No Micro-SD slot, and no IP67 Certified... These features what makes Samsung itself the best and its finest...Anyway, the S6 edge does have a wireless charging!

  • Mike

I can't believe there is no micro SD card. That plus no removable battery is a step back in my opinion.

  • peskeric

[deleted post]thats you're unonymous ;
You'll see Apple making cuved screen iPhone soon.

  • shetty

My next phone! Good job samsung

No radio again. I think some companies are out of mind really. It is so simple to add that BASIC feature. It is not a big deal to add that stuff. People wants it. I see lot of comments about people complaining about the lack of FM Radio.
I know there is Internet Radio, but you need Wireless connection for that! Wi-Fi will drain your battery very fast!!! I hope somebody from Samsung will read my comment.


My Next Phone will be Samsung S6 edge, also I will keep my Galaxy S4... the most sexy phone samsung s6 edge in the world...

  • AnonD-358267

samsung because you're so stingy with batteries? 2600 mah is very little

  • TechSmart

when i held it in hand for the first time i was kinda surprised it wast't any thinner. and when i read how thick it was i knew that samsung surendered the thinnes war between the companies around the world. overall it's a very very fast phone with a good camera.

  • A.T

do you live in this world just to buy samsung's phones ?

  • AnonD-369364

577 ppi!? Samsung u seriously got back in business! Having gorilla glass four n 3 gb of ram i would blindly go for this phone!

  • Anonymous

this designe makes me remember nokia's c3

  • Anonymous

Wow really looks cool

no card slot.. why??

  • AnonD-355881

Best smartphone ever!

  • AnonD-369338

HOT !!! it will be mine soon

  • The CooLesT

[deleted post]You are for sure an iPhone user hahahaha

  • sam sam

no sd card, non removable battery, nooooo.rather get iphone or note 4 now than this....