Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  • mido123

xperia z5 better than galxy s7, s7 edge

  • shahid ghani

I like note edge phone but Samsung note edge not launch this year

  • AnonD-505457

I hope next iPhone will be IP68

  • AnonD-193845

Bro it's always-On-Display even if you don't look at it. it will go off once you put in pocket or put the phone upside down.

nice presentation SAMSUNG like it
nice phones S7 and S7 edge specs are cool to but innovation was missing like LG did with G5 , i like both LG and SAMSUNG this two phones are like LG the ROMAN REIGNS and SAMSUNG S7 and S7 edge like BROCK LESNER i think SAMSUNG wins

  • mehdi mido

Sony Xperia Z5 premium better than Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

  • Taz

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2016wrong thereWait and see


no 3d touch screen?? :(

  • AnonD-486979

s7 nice,but Samsung where is my beast,when r u going to unleash the beast ( "note 6" ). i am really excited to see the unpack event for note 6 in coming days.

  • Anonymous

Taz, 21 Feb 2016Amoled+Always on display=dead pixsels big time If you'd actually watch the presentation and stop making yourself look like an imbecile, it only turns on when YOU look at it. Not on a desk, not in your pocket, when YOU look at it.

  • Anonymous

Taz, 21 Feb 2016Amoled+Always on display=dead pixsels big time wrong there

  • Taz

Amoled+Always on display=dead pixsels big time

  • Anonymous

mohammad sadra, 21 Feb 2016Regression not progresslook and learn go see what they say

The white one is such a beauty :)

  • AnonD-80894

argh was thinking of buying S7 edge in gold, but the golden color is too damn dark like copper and looks ugly , S6 edge+ had calm golden color, disappointed :(

sohail shafayat, 21 Feb 201612MP, 1/2.6'' sensor size, 1??? µm pixel size??? how? shou... morenothing special, NOTHING!!!

  • mohammad sadra

Regression not progress

  • AnonD-275228

Hallelujah the return of the SD card!

12MP, 1/2.6'' sensor size, 1??? µm pixel size??? how? should be bigger pixel pitch.
16MP, 1/2.6" sensor size, 1.12 µm pixel size on S6, S7 camera pixel size should be larger.
1.4µm is the size. Nothing special though, aperture is not everything, Samsung's software will surely make the photos artificial

  • Anonymous

AnonD-505423, 21 Feb 2016I have a feeling this year the one that innovated the most was L... moresee that presentation and learn