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Samsung Galaxy S8

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021is this worth getting for 150€ in 2021?150 is a fair price for this phone, I would personally go for it, as I got mine for 160 ish

  • Anonymous

is this worth getting for 150€ in 2021?

silversurfhur, 14 Oct 2021Even I'm using this phone since past 4 years, and with... moreMy S8 sometime little bit stutter but overall still running fast & yess original battery from first bought this phone is drain fast but i planing to change the battery later in samsung service center

If you want your S8 running slightly fast just turn off animation to 0 in develover option & reduce animations in setting/advanced feature

  • gasdol

I was searching for new phone after 4 years using s8 and i realized that samsung s8 still has much better screen, it has perfect size and decent camera and it looks magnificent, comparing to mid range new phones (a52s 5g, xiaomi note 10 pro, oneplus nord2...). Basically buying new mid range phone would be downgrade :(

  • Martino

I love this phone I'm still using it as we speak no issue at all and the battery is nothing but iron.. lol.. very strong and reliable..go for it mehn like now ..

Restu Fajar, 12 Oct 2021I still use this phone in 2021, & i'am not insane Even I'm using this phone since past 4 years, and with latest software update.
Although its slow now and battery drains faster (original battery still in use), but pretty much usable with anything you can throw at it (even plays Genshin Impact on lower graphics).

I use it very roughly in a UAG case. Throw, drown, falls...still not a single scratch.

  • Behshad

One of the best,slimest and the most beautiful phones that produced in the world. I have one of them and use it frequently beside apple iPhone xr or 12 max pro

  • Sadboi

I've used this since August 2017, today Oct 14,2021 I've replaced this.,,🥲 The screen just got a burn-in and glitches between usable and useless hence becoming unreliable. The battery life is down the drain also. But if I've waived these two issues, it can still kick-ass on any newer phones out there.. I loved it when I had it, it gives you an overachieving device that you sometimes am ashamed how it took action on a minute task by giving it a higher rating.

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Oh I remember this phone, it got rendered useless by the An... moreI still use this phone in 2021, & i'am not insane

  • Anonymous

Oh I remember this phone, it got rendered useless by the Android 9 update. Can't imagine using this in 2021 without going insane

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2021Check the antutu benchmarks before making these bold claimsIt's not about the benchmarks. I've been using this device for almost 4 years now, and it's still can do what newer phones can.

  • Anonymous

Tribot, 13 Sep 2021Yes you can buy it in 2021, the Samsung galaxy s8 is better... moreCheck the antutu benchmarks before making these bold claims

  • go for S8

go for S8

I hope it can support 5G with this appearance.

  • Canicee

Kevindb15, 16 Sep 2021I'm using this phone with pixel experience android 10 ... moreHow did you do it

  • Anonymous

Should i get the second-hand S8 for 70 euro or go for a modern Xiaomi or Samsung A?

I inherited an S8 from a friend who got a new phone on his plan. It has a cracked fingerprint scanner, but other than that, it's in great shape, and the price was certainly right.

The good:
- cell reception (people take it for granted, but it's essential)
- LTE reception has no problems, Wifi radio likewise works perfectly
- microSD storage
- has an earphone jack
- very good camera

The average:
- the battery is okay, but not great, and it can't be easily replaced

The bad:
- nothing, really.

I'm an average to low usage user (I'm on a PAYGO account and use well under 500MB of data a month), and the S8 makes a great phone (as in, making and receiving calls), a very good camera, MP3 player, and GPS, as well. So this phone does everything I need, and then some.

I don't play games, so the WQHD+ screen is overkill for me, and in fact a battery hog, so I just set it to FHD+.

I don't do banking or anything financial or secure with my phone, so I'm not terribly concerned about the lack of updates. Security is important, but I don't use GMail for my mail, and I don't keep anything confidential on the device, so I'm not worried about it being compromised.

Even with my light usage, the phone is usually down to 10%-25% charge at the end of the day. If I was playing games or watching movies on it, I'd probably pay to replace the battery, charge it mid-day, and/or carry a portable battery pack so I didn't have to worry about it dying in the middle of the day.

Would I buy this in 2021? Depending on the price, sure. But it's not for everyone. It's a great phone, but you should be aware of:
- Being 4 years old, be prepared to replace the battery
- Lack of security updates would be an issue if you do banking or keep confidential material on your phone
- If you need 5G, this phone doesn't have it.

But generally speaking, it's a terrific phone as long as you're not looking for the cutting edge.

The only concern would be a 4 year old battery (the phone was released in 2017). If you're a very demanding user, need 5G and/or the best possible camera, this isn't that. But

  • Lutzy

Tomal Fahmi, 19 Sep 2021How's the SOT with the new battery? Did you replace it... moreI only get 30minutes-45minutes more battery life with a new battery.

  • Tomal Fahmi

Kevindb15, 16 Sep 2021I'm using this phone with pixel experience android 10 ... moreHow's the SOT with the new battery? Did you replace it from Samsung or any third party? I'm planning to change mine.

I'm using this phone with pixel experience android 10 and a new battery it's still so good. The size and screen are amazing