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Samsung Galaxy S8

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  • 08 May 2024

When it come out I fall in love. Still using in and cant even find a better one

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    • ter
    • 25 Apr 2024

    Azu10157, 02 Mar 2024Do you still use it as a main phone (potentially with banki... moreI'm still using a Nokia 8 from 2017 with banking apps installed. Haven't had any problems so far.

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      • Farhan Khalid
      • 6QP
      • 14 Apr 2024

      Samsung S8 is a Better compact budget phone.

        Not bad in 2024. In mine camera, flashlight and selfie camera doesnt work idk why. Battery ok. Honkai star rial on medium setting still playable. And very good screen.

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          • wd5
          • 21 Mar 2024

          Lov it but ill never broken this again My biggest mistakes

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            • nadee
            • Xjf
            • 10 Mar 2024

            lov this mobile

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              • no h8 for s8
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              • 07 Mar 2024

              Azu10157, 02 Mar 2024Do you still use it as a main phone (potentially with banki... moreYes but I don't use banking apps. I haven't had much problems on the lower android version either (9) but custom ROM would solve that problem. Its way faster than those Mediatek G25 or P25 or whatever cheap phones. Screen is very good looking + you can use as an MP3 player with wired headphones and SD card full of music. Camera is good, less processed than later models and in my opinion skin looks more realistic, but can be noisy in lower light like at night with lights on. It has OIS but its not enough for gimbal like video. Selfie camera is good too but its lower resolution than the rear. You also can reprogram the bixby button to flashlight which is THE best feature ever

                MFM, 01 Feb 2024I have S8 european, 2nd hand oct 2019, phone new march 201... moreDo you still use it as a main phone (potentially with banking apps?) I'm just curious

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                  • Dan Lyso
                  • Y1M
                  • 25 Feb 2024

                  I loved the S8+ when it first came out. And I and I was actually stubborn and didn't get the Otter Box because it didn't have the screen protector for the same price and the minute I walked out of MTS and stepped into my truck with my shorts on. Shas into the ground, because the phone was so smooth with this model, and curved. I feel like you almost have to have a case with it. It's too curvy, for me anyways, Luckily I had insurance. But I didn't go back right away. I later went to the mountains for work, and still no case. because of the no screen protector. I thought, what's the point of spending all that money on the casing if the screen isn't going to be protected anyways. So I was in the mountains for 5 weeks diamond drilling in Yukon, and we were moving our drill one day. This included laying new hoseline down, and I had the phone in my chest pocket blu toothing music to a speaker on the side by side which had all of our tools and stuff, and was our get around quick vehicle on the mountain, instead of recking the F-350's. They were also more diverse and what not. So basically I bent down to put the Chicago clamps together and my phone just slid out of my pocket ice on wet metal. Crack all over the screen. It was just barely enough to use it to get back from Mayo to Whitehorse, then Vancouver, and Winnipeg and finally Flin Flon where I live. Which is usually a day trip. I still had about a week of work left there. But, I mosly just used my phone for reading books and comics to pass time, and also listening to music, very important part of m day. To get a few albums into me before we drive up the mountains to the drills and relieve the cross shift. Any who after those 2 phones, I had a traumatic brain injury and went into a coma for a month and a half. so I lost or got rid of the phone possibly. So when it came time to get a new one, I got an S8 the smaller size (the one hander). Just because I like Androids and I'm used to them. But I do download a different UI, I can't remember what it is called now, it might even cost money now if I stand corrected. It just makes the wholes main screen eb and flow seamlessly. You have your main apps at bottom, with a button for all apps at bottom right and then you can pick how many screens you want up top, and also use widgets as well. It's very beautiful. And my lock screen just says the time in a simple 24 hour format with the notifications, as well as battery life with the percentage and the corresponding date along with it. When I go to use Apple products, it's like trying to use my left hand or even try to speak another language I don't know, which I don't. Because I know Android with

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                    • Anonymous
                    • GYq
                    • 22 Feb 2024

                    i honestly love the S8 because it has great sound design and i like the curved screen, to be honest this phone is perfect for me

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                      • mk4
                      • 01 Feb 2024

                      I have S8 european, 2nd hand oct 2019, phone new march 2018,,, so its near being y years old.... sadly 2 to ground drops, some cracklines, but I still use it, it runs flawless!!!!!!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • qTI
                        • 26 Jan 2024

                        Big Chungus, 22 Dec 2023When my S8 was brand new with a healthy battery, I got 6 to... moreget a new battery replacement

                          This my last samsung s device because of curve screen and finally they bring back the flat screen curve for me is stupid designed ever

                            ngoma, 30 Oct 2023how is the battery power usageWhen my S8 was brand new with a healthy battery, I got 6 to 8 hours of screen-on-time per charge. Not bad when compared to others at that time in 2017. Now the battery only lasts 50% as long as it did when brand new, if I'm lucky.

                              Ive owned almost every Galaxy model ever made lol. I loved the S8, yes it got cracked and had a Black spot at side of screen but still works fine today. I went from S,S2,S3,S5,S6,S7+,S8 to S20 and i must say im glad that i did. S20 is an awesome phone 12GB ram and 64MP camera which even the S23 hasnt got. Android Rocks!

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                                • scorpio
                                • PPS
                                • 15 Dec 2023

                                Narazumono, 14 Dec 2023If you have a phone for a few years you will drop it at som... moreIf you keep dropping it then surely that's good reason to get a good cover for it. Would you not want to protect it? A lot cheaper than replacing the screen.

                                  scorpio, 14 Dec 2023Lesson 1 don't drop your phone. Leson 2 get a good wa... moreIf you have a phone for a few years you will drop it at some point unless you baby it and i don't like to baby my phones
                                  The S8 was just a fragile phone

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                                    • scorpio
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                                    • 14 Dec 2023

                                    Narazumono, 04 Dec 2023Mine cracked at the bottom right. It was a small crack at f... moreLesson 1 don't drop your phone.
                                    Leson 2 get a good wallet type protective cover for your phone. It will give you peace of mind and as a bonus you can use it as credit holder in the pockets inside the cover. I've also dropped my s23 several times without damage.

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                                      • 10 Dec 2023

                                      ChristianNerd, 05 Dec 2023I have one since 2017 terrible battery gotta charge twice a dayMy s8 is now 4 yr old and I have to charge it twice a day as well. Despite being a fantastic phone, $70 to replace the battery is not practical. Wish theydbring back user replaceable batteries. Just replaced it with an s23fe which is also very good.

                                        ngoma, 30 Oct 2023how is the battery power usageI have one since 2017 terrible battery gotta charge twice a day