Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ users reporting fast charging issues after recent update

Himanshu, 01 December 2017

A number of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ users are reporting issues with fast charging on their units. Most of those affected say a recent update has completely broken the feature.

Aside from Twitter, Samsung's own forums are also filled with similar complaints, with users confirming they are using the original Samsung charger and have fast charging enabled in battery settings.

Some even say wireless charging has also been affected, but those reports aren't widespread. Officially, Samsung hasn't said anything on the matter yet.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-720231
  • 04 Dec 2017
  • sh7

I did notice that currently it only does slow charging since yesterday (I installed the update on friday night) on my device. I have the US unlocked version.

Not a job or profession? Whuh..what? Im talking about 'acting' professionally towards problem. Not talking about job. Thats not my brand. My money is my brand. I buy whatever brand I deemed as great enough to be my daily driver. I dont care about bra...

Use a second phone. Why complain so much. If can afford an S8 you think I cant afford other phone? ; )

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