Samsung Galaxy S9 promo video leaks

Vlad, 24 February 2018

Earlier today a bunch of live images showing Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ got outed, but perhaps you want something more official. How about a newly leaked promo video created by the Korean company for the two devices? Here you go.

The video is focused on selling the S9 handsets to enterprise customers, saying such things as "now the perfect phone for you is the perfect phone for business". It does however reveal the main slogan for the S9 - "The Phone. Reimagined", which can and will be broken into more specific iterations - like "The Camera. Reimagined" from the company's official event invite.

Another interesting tidbit is that Samsung is promising "up to" 4 years of security updates for the S9 duo, but that seems to only apply to those who get the Enterprise Edition package. The S9 phones are also said to ship with "AR Readiness", and support for remote over-the-air firmware updates.


Reader comments

its a marketing gimmick.. Read fine print.. Shatterproof glass means... In event of glass breaking, it won't shatter and cut the users hand.. Car windscreens are made of shatter proof glass.. You must have seen that they dont become large glass knife...

no... by logic of samfan , $799 is affordable , while $380 iphone 6 is expensive af .. they can buy 2 note 8 for that price

  • Golu

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best mobile phone but the future are normal quantity.

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