Samsung Galaxy S9+ will allegedly use a 1/2.55" IMX345 sensor

Peter, 05 February 2018

From the back of a retail box, we know that the Galaxy S9 duo will bring back the variable aperture – the camera would be able to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4. Behind that aperture will be a 12MP Dual Pixel image sensor and now we have a name.

@MMDDJ_ claims that the Sony IMX345 will be used on the upcoming flagship. Measuring 1/2.55”, it will be essentially the same size as the one in the Galaxy S8 and Note8. However information that leaked on suggests the new sensor will support much faster readout - fast enough for 480fps video.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ will allegedly use a 1/2.55" IMX345 sensor

The IMX345 name was reported earlier by Ice Universe (among others), but Sony is yet to officially unveil such a sensor so we can’t confirm these details.

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  • Anonymous

"Less efficient". Typical bias assumption without any logical proof or base from a occult follower

  • AnonD-4254

I understand your point, and you're mostly right. However, shutter speed can be increased to deal with bright lights. Another approach is to use ISO 50, for even better quality, while keeping the small sensor intact. These will not be so complicate...

  • lol

SONY IMX345 sensor. why not compete with you samsung isocell and the users will see who has the best output.

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