Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

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  • Anonymous

Three problems space, battery, and hanging. Otherwise m satisfied.

  • Madhukar Tonpe

Great phone, no issues since i bought.

  • vishal

this is a small phone having almost all the specification

  • Yezdhan

Great and super mobile

  • Daoud

Almost 1 year since i bought it and i'm very problems until now!!!

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for more than a year, despite it's low end specs, the battery is very weak and this phone heats fast and overheats.

  • Sanjay Thakur

its a bakbas mobile n it's hanging when this mobile is running. It's always hang when I using camera and music player. .....main problem is that if network gone and it comes after 2 or 3 or more days. .......Other problems is battery it shows 70 % but after few minutes battery goes down under 10%....its a big problematic mobile. ..neve buy that kind of mobile. .

  • Fisty

my phone always showing me that storing spaces running out it wont load on the memory card.

  • uvi

Im using this one for one yr
If u can root the phone its no.1
For camera use cndy cam
Dont use cleaning sfs
Uninstall unnceasry apps
Disable some uneedy
Give better class sd
Its nice awsome

  • BKP

It is always geting hang

  • ch

Ansar Shaikh , 13 Dec 2015i am using Samsung 7582 since one year, but the mobile is hangig... moresame problem i facing

  • Nishant

I have purchased sduos2 before 1 year ago. I am not satisfied dis mobile due to hang, so please-100000 dont purchase this mobile.

  • priya

Worst phone i have ever seen It hangs automatically while we are playing games and chatting.worst camera

  • Ansar Shaikh

i am using Samsung 7582 since one year, but the mobile is hangig up so much time in the day . ... i would like to share one more complete in the whole day so many time mobile coverage is automatically hide so many times people calling me but my number is out of covrage aria when i want to spaek with sone i have to reset my mobile every time this is very pathlic piece ...
So i would suggest to everyone dont purchase samsung mobile for use ..
Ansar shaikh, shirdi. 8855851514

  • AnonD-475107

does the google play music app always running in the background. disable it or do the software update

  • Abyss

This mobile hangs very much, too bad for multitasking. Takes 3 to 5 seconds to open contact page and to select the contact number for calling.

  • Rajveer

please guide me to which battery best in s 7582
for up to 1500mAh

  • Anonymous

payel, 07 Dec 2015I m using it for 1.5 yrs. It's battery back up is so worst that ... moreSame with mine, I can't even use data without having it go dumb and shut down.

  • mya

musahid, 07 Dec 2015software problem mine too

  • mya

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2015it is very bad battery backup,it is very slowIt just went out of service some say it probably sofware problem, what can i do.