Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

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  • Anonymous

How can I close Camera sound in S duos 2

  • MC

hi, my phone keeps on hanging up, at a times the camera doesn't open.the menu fails to appear; you cant call or text. Ave tried to reboot several times but the problem doesn't seem to stop. What could be the problem?

  • kalam

why my phone hanging when I am trying to accept a video call? please help me

  • Shekhar34

AnonD-53590, 03 Apr 201416gb sd is enough my friend but if you like 32gb its up to you...Hey buddy, my Sandisk Mobile Ultra 16 GB 30 MB/s (Class 10) shows 14.83GB actual storage! is it ok?

  • Venby

AnonD-251842, 07 Apr 2014does it really run PlantsVsZombies2 smoothly?, i know for a fact... moreYes. I've tried it and so far it's all good.

  • Kumar gaurav

Realy very cool divice.

  • Anonymous

Budget phone

  • bapu

can update is mendatory

  • AnonD-53590

AnonD-251842, 07 Apr 2014does it really run PlantsVsZombies2 smoothly?, i know for a fact... moreIts running smoothly the Plant vs. Zombie 2 that I have installed in my phone Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and after installing it I transfered it to my sd card...

  • AnonD-53590

AnonD-251842, 07 Apr 2014 if u watch that vide... moreYou can save some aplications in the sd card but not all and my suggestion try rooting your phone...

  • Sd

Hi frnds i wan buy this mobile please sugges me, i don't use boy android mobile yet,please help me its possible or not installing apps to sd by coping apps to sd from computer and inserting sd card in s duos2 then apps can installs in sd or not? Please help me frnds.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-251842, 07 Apr 2014does it really run PlantsVsZombies2 smoothly?, i know for a fact... moreIt will depends to the phone if the CPU is fast

  • AnonD-251842

AnonD-53590, 07 Apr 2014Yes! How many times I already posted here that you can play Asph... more if u watch that video, the reviewer said, on the later part of his review, that "u cannot save apps to the external storage" ..i really wanna know which is which?

im getting SDuos2 on May.

  • AnonD-251842

AnonD-53590, 06 Apr 2014Yes you can download REMOTE CONTROL for this phone Samsung Galax... moreremote control apps for tv?, it has no infrared right?

  • AnonD-251842

AnonD-53590, 06 Apr 2014Are you kidding me a simple ugly game like FLAPPY BIRD is not ru... moredoes it really run PlantsVsZombies2 smoothly?, i know for a fact that PVZ2 requires 1GB of RAM, and SDuos2 only has 768MB.. i previously owned MyPhoneIcebergMini-Philippines ..MicromaxCanvasTurbo in India. it has 2GB of RAM, Quadcore 1.5 GHz, but still it has difficulty running PVZ. im getting SDuos2, that's why i interested. tnx.

  • bipin g

my galaxy became hot while charging and using internet. why??

  • AnonD-53590

AnonD-244942, 07 Apr 2014How's the Video Player ? Is there any problem while playing the... moreThe sounds doesnt goes off even your watching videos from this phone Samsung Galaxy S duos 2 and the video player is good.

  • AnonD-53590

AnonD-244942, 07 Apr 2014Can we take photos while playing videos means by stopping the video ?Yes! You can take photos while playing games that is why this phone is a multitask

  • AnonD-53590

sb, 07 Apr 2014Is there in Light sensor which will adjust the display when we a... moreIt doesnt have Light Sensor but you can install a application for LIGHT SENSOR in the PLAY STORE for free.

  • chandu

can i play HD (1080P,720P) videos in this mobile. Replay plz