Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

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  • AnonD-60521

AS ALWAYS right thinking at right timing.....perfect competetior against LG OPTIMUS L7.....

  • AnonD-34132

finally!! im looking for the best dual sim phone!! this should do it... :)

  • AnonD-34301

This might end up super over priced.

  • Anonymous

is 512 ram enough?

  • AnonD-64182

Dude, it can't cost less than 20K

  • Anonymous

I'll get this come december

  • AnonD-57901

Wow!A mid-range ics from samsung!well,after lg's L style,they have to work a lot in this segment.The price of this phone must be less than 15k,so there will be another competitor for sony miro,lg L style phones........

  • Azfar

waiting for this! In India

  • Bunty

will this be a samsung always on (dual sim active) phone or a simple dual sim??

  • AnonD-54342

this should be awesome

  • Sam

looks like a toned down version of the S III

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S Duos : single core + 512 Mb of RAM = Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy W : single core + 512 Mb of RAM = no Ice Cream Sandwich

what about touchwizz INCOMPABILITY with low RAM????

  • AnonD-18025

Nice dual SIM smartphone with front facing camera...

  • Bunty

i hope it has a super amoled screen.