Samsung Galaxy S II T989

Samsung Galaxy S II T989

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  • k
  • karthik
  • tTg
  • 23 Aug 2016

I a got this phone by my uncle has given me.It is the best phone by using it tuff and strong very nice phone i love it

    • S
    • SKIDO
    • fuI
    • 18 Aug 2016

    When i drag to next page then it tells me the page am dragging to so i want to stop it

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • guf
      • 12 Jul 2016

      data &wifi on by itself & drain the battery.pls I need help

        • m
        • my name is bebo
        • Nue
        • 10 Jul 2016

        I want to buy some accessories of the phone but I can't find them

          • K
          • Keys
          • aaE
          • 10 May 2016

          I can attest to the durability of the phone. With a semi-rigid plastic bumper as its only protection (bought at the T-mobile store), it's survived two bicycle wrecks and many drops. I replaced it with a Note 3 on AT&T two years ago, but a year later started using it again (in addition) because my company offered a T-Mobile plan if I would provide the phone. Aside from the limitations from being four years old (slower speed, older OS and lower RAM than current phones), the phone is still performing like a champ.

            • k
            • k._.lizz
            • kx@
            • 28 Apr 2016

            Tunde, 01 Dec 2015Pls ao much did u get d screen? My own fell down and the sc... moreI have dropped my phone almost every day and it hasn't broke not even a scratch on it.

              • i
              • ian sanchez
              • rr0
              • 18 Apr 2016

              my phone has lost its band version now am not using since even network it has lost how can i get band version so that i can use the phone

                • P
                • Pop
                • fqe
                • 17 Apr 2016

                Very gooog I have it from 4 year without any problm

                  • s
                  • septon
                  • Py%
                  • 07 Apr 2016

                  i have problem with charging, its very hard to get fully charged, even i was in 24 hours, anyone can help me? all support still normal and standard phone.

                    • a
                    • arrow
                    • fsT
                    • 16 Feb 2016

                    the data of this fone

                      • D
                      • De0ne
                      • Nug
                      • 07 Feb 2016

                      Bray, 02 Feb 2016I love this phone. I have had it for 4 years and do not wan... moreYea d fone is gud buh d tin i hate in samsung is dat dere parts are too own fell down and the screen broke dey ask me to bring #12000 b4 i can replace it. Av made up my mind nt to do it buh 2 buy anoda fone whch will never be samsung.

                        • B
                        • Bray
                        • 47T
                        • 02 Feb 2016

                        I love this phone. I have had it for 4 years and do not want to get a new one. I wish Samsung would create an update for it. I wish it was LTE. I tether with it all the time. The secret to the phone not heating is to keep it plugged in while tethering or streaming. I have the original battery and still going strong. I keep my phone in a glove so its just like new.

                          • k
                          • kefeyalew demessie
                          • 9FX
                          • 16 Dec 2015

                          how could this cell phone be compatible to Ethiopian net work?

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • fmg
                            • 08 Dec 2015

                            Tunde, 01 Dec 2015Pls ao much did u get d screen? My own fell down and the sc... more300Gh

                              • T
                              • Tunde
                              • r3H
                              • 01 Dec 2015

                              AnonD-446168, 30 Sep 2015Bought this phone in January 2012, the only things I've had... morePls ao much did u get d screen? My own fell down and the screen has broken.

                                • n
                                • neeru
                                • f{1
                                • 11 Oct 2015

                                AnonD-358339, 31 Jan 2015As anyone else noticed that this phone is a little more pow... morehow can you say that ?

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-446168
                                  • Ibx
                                  • 30 Sep 2015

                                  Bought this phone in January 2012, the only things I've had to do to it are replacing the screen (I dropped it, obviously) and get a new battery (curses to Samsung for their notorious bad batteries).

                                  Other than that, it's been a phenomenal phone for almost 4 years now, finally going to replace it with a Galaxy Grand Prime because I desperately need a new phone and the GP is a cheap price for a phone that actually is a valid upgrade from the S2 in every way except the camera (both front and rear cameras are identical to the S2).

                                    • G
                                    • Galaxy S2 T989 User
                                    • r9H
                                    • 21 Sep 2015

                                    Using This Is Very Good, I Put In The CyanogenMod 12 Rom To Keep It Up To Date, It Is Fast, My Mom Likes The Colorful Icons Even If She Likes Her IPhone Better And Its Useful For Me To Test Out Things And It Is Pretty Calm Phone For Me, Just The Way I Like It

                                      • m
                                      • maxwell1
                                      • fuI
                                      • 30 Aug 2015

                                      your battery i your big problem of samsung phones

                                        • k
                                        • km palash
                                        • Kxa
                                        • 30 Jul 2015

                                        big problem is battery so hot .......because mobile data connected than hot the phone and battery.......this is the problem.