Some Samsung Galaxy S III stock delayed in the UK

29 May, 2012

It appears that some Samsung Galaxy S III units won't make it in time to the UK.

Clove has informed preorders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III will be delayed until June 1st, rather than the announced May 30th release date. The blue variant is expected to be delayed even further, with supplies set to be available on June 5th, although that date is tentative.

Crosstown retailer Vodafone has stated that the 16GB version of the white S III will be available on tomorrow’s launch date, while the 32GB version will face an unspecified shipping delay. This same delay applies to both the 16GB and 32GB blue variants of the device.

Delays to the Pebble Blue version were expected as early as last week, with an alleged several hundred thousand blue cases being scrapped by Samsung due to unspecified manufacturing issues.

The Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated in recent memory. You can get answers on all your questions about the device in our full review.

Update: Samsung have confirmed that the Pebble Blue variant of the S III could be in "short supply in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks."

Whether "some regions" means the UK, or "short supply" indicates a flat out delay can only be speculated on. Although Samsung have not commented on problems with the manufacturing process, the rumors of issues they were having with the hyperglaze material on the blue S III sound much more legitimate.

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Reader comments

  • jay
  • 02 Jun 2012
  • nx@

got the blue one on order and doing the maths, im going to say it will take four plus weeks .. re-casing , rechecking, shipping controls, distance of shipping.. 6 weeks seems more realistic for us in UK ...

  • AnonD-57177
  • 01 Jun 2012
  • S3J

My Samsung Galaxy s III 32GB White model arrived today!!! Pre ordered it on Vodafone UK about 3 weeks ago

  • beazy
  • 30 May 2012
  • Tr8

I work in the industry for one of the networks and trust me when I say you couldnt be more wrong mate, Im not expecting stock of the blue anytime soon. And as if its apple fanboys spreading disinformation, grow the hell up.

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