Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

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  • Ndiphs

I am disappiinted, Samsung is not serious. Howcan they put in dual core 1GHZ processor on the Galaxy Tab 7 snd 10,1 succesor? You have tablets with quad core processors this year and Huawei is very serious. I hope there is a better tablet coming up because I do not see these tablets as successors.

  • dcfv

7.0 plus is a shit. a temp product. think this gtab2 much better...

  • AnonD-3837

the only difference with the P6200 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus), is recording 1080p video, and downgrade of the front camera to VGA?

well maybe the unknown chipset we wait for details...

  • Anonymous

will this charge via USB?

  • pinkstuff

i love it,it was love at first sight.its so cool

  • fzie203

bunty, 25 Feb 2012Hi , any one can tell me what about 7.7 its cool or bett... moreWell.....i just bought tab 7.7 a week ago.....believe me that you wont regret...very happy with the battery life

  • sambir

bunty, 25 Feb 2012Hi , any one can tell me what about 7.7 its cool or bett... more7.7 has super amoled scherm and better hardware overall.

  • bunty

Hi ,

any one can tell me what about 7.7 its cool or better to buy 7.0 because tomorrow i want to buy it please let me know whats right one .


  • ABHI

i dont think i hav enough room in my jeans for this device.....

  • maddy

guies it is awesome yarrr....

  • Anonymous

wats new abt thios mo

  • ravi

hi friends nice this phone

  • jeffrey

what gpu does this have? seems like p6200 but lower specs.

  • chheku

missing flash light for camera.............

  • Anonymous

an android with infrared port??? SERIOUSLY??? It would be great!!!

  • Known

I have to work with it.
It would be nice. But Camera... forget it!

  • Anonymous

Terrible. Samsung confusing customers so they can play around with features here and there, cutting cost and quality. People are fedup.

  • alex

I tell this tablet price is under 250 $

  • William

I got my GT P6200 7"Plus it works all fine except main touch screen sensitivity draging slow. Its need to improve on that feature and lack of MS application in it. Great job samsung keep it up.. cheers

  • Asher Pat

Original Tab 7" had the width (119mm)that allowed it to be ealisy put into a standard inner pocket of a corporate suit, meaning that Wall Street types cud hop into the yellow cab without a man-bag. Blackberry Playbook, that shud have been the first to notice that, was wider at 130mm, so after a few drops into the pocket, you need a new jacket or a repair.

Now this tablet is 122mm, why oh why no manufactuere understands the importance of this little trick!