Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110

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  • Anonymous

To be honest, i was just testing galaxy tab 2. 7 incher. I really had bigger expectations, and i realized, old bb playbook has far better response and user interaface and even though ot is 2 yrs old hardware, it is still ahead of galaxy tab 2.

  • Anonymous

I'm planning to buy a tablet so I wanted suggestions that I should buy this one or the nexus 7?? Really confused.

  • Anonymous

it is great sexy body and handy. apps are great screen is very good and battery life is long it is necessary to very one to enjoy our life... in a low price only enjoy!

  • miki

what type of ddr is it ? ddr 3 ram ? or what ?


rebel4ever, 03 Jul 2012can we connect 3g dongle in usb n use it for internet? is to sexy to have..


rebel4ever, 03 Jul 2012can we connect 3g dongle in usb n use it for internet? is to sexy to use and have it....

  • Crisanty

This machine is simply the best in the market, for me is 5 stars, I love it.

  • tej abt 10 days before..........definately best and recomended

  • Anonymous

Bought this tablet about a week ago. Highly recommended!

  • Maninder

Simply Awsome

  • k

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2012Better buy Micromax FunbookThanks but tell us why?

  • bhench

binh, 01 Jul 2012How to install the adobe flash player?i have tried so many times... morehow to use a video call to facebook@yahoomessenger
plssssss...reply give me an info

  • Sampath

Tab was given to me as a gift. it is very good. Handy to use and the features are grate. No hesitation in recommending for anyone seeking a handy tab.

  • Ash

rebel4ever, 03 Jul 2012can we connect 3g dongle in usb n use it for internet? thx...Can b connect 3G dongle

  • Haris

Major thing to note is that blackberry device uses blackberry OS 7 where as Andriod is used by Samsung tab.

Andriod has 600,000 applications whereas Blackberry OS has just 20,000+ apps.

Andriod is far better than BB OS

  • vainchicc

i am planning to buy a tablet i need to know which is better blackberry playbook or samsung galaxy tab 7.0 P3110? price difference is not that big... can u pls give me an advice thank u!

  • MakatiAndroidFan


Be sure to get a good bluetooth headset for calls and avoid looking like an idiot using this tablet Ü And a stylus for taking notes and editing pics. This is truly the best mobile computer you can get in the market today. I also love the case I got which does not make me look like a grandfather.

  • MakatiAndroidFan

Awesome for watching movies because of the big screen and battery life, great for editing pictures, perfect for reading magazine apps, emails, everything! Just get a stylus and don't use the camera especially if you have a DSLR if you want the best shots. It's weird anyway to use something this big to photograph stuff. I have been an Android use for may years and this is one phablet I will never let go for a long time!

  • sumit

..this is one of the best product of samsung .. which have. very... ..lots of features... software included it..

  • Julius

anyone? just wanna ask that can this tablet can be connected to a external hard drive??