Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220

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  • AnonD-466691
  • aqv
  • 01 Jun 2016

MICHAELLE, 28 May 2016my battery was totally drain why i try it to charge again i... moreHi. Your charger is 2000mA ?
Maybe change your USB cabel! Original fat cabel was good for my Tab. ( 4xemple)

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    • AnonD-543155
    • fuG
    • 30 May 2016

    the battery is not 6800 mAh - samsung is liar - max 2000 mAh

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      • Mfx
      • 28 May 2016

      my battery was totally drain why i try it to charge again its not my battery already collapse or damage?

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        • Tomas
        • D8x
        • 15 Apr 2016

        I fried my Samsung Note 10.1 when using a non-original charger and leaving it overnight on the kitchen table. When I got in the kitchen the next morning, the room was cosy and warm (although it was still February), and both, the charger and the tablet where rather hot.
        Is it possible that just the battery has died and could be replaced, or is it more likely the I melted the processor and/or mainboard as well? Is it worth to send it for repair or trying to open it myself? Thanks for any tips & tricks.
        BTW: pls don't tell me how stupid I was - I know it already...

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          • AnonD-521725
          • Dnh
          • 02 Apr 2016

          My tab is not charging properly, It charges very slow and even on charge if I use it the battery drains...
          Please advise...

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            • chica zero
            • g02
            • 21 Jan 2016

            Paul, 13 Jan 2016My Samsung was not charged for 4 days. It was flat. Now I a... moreIf your tablet doesn't charge, u need to open the tablet up, disconect the battery from the tablet, no need 2 remove the battery from tablet, reconnect it then begin charging right after. Keep your tablet opened while testing it if it does charge. If your tablet doesn't charge u need 2 repeat the process a few times until it eventually begins to charge. Once it begins to charge don't close it until it gets up 30%. Then close & never allow your battery to get to zero or u will have to do this process again. Enjoy.

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              • Jake Blues
              • 7x1
              • 17 Jan 2016

              Paul, 13 Jan 2016My Samsung was not charged for 4 days. It was flat. Now I a... moreLiPo batteries should not reach zero. When that happens, it may not charge ever. But I was having an issue with mine when the tablet was only three months old. The battery would only charge to 70%+/-. I had to open the tablet and disconnect the battery and then reconnect. It then charged to 100% (only ever shows 99% when full on the screen).... for another three months. But my battery never went fully dead as well.

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                • Paul
                • 9Eh
                • 13 Jan 2016

                My Samsung was not charged for 4 days. It was flat. Now I am trying to charged out, but it does not show anything.
                Any suggestions

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                  • pooria
                  • B}6
                  • 02 Jan 2016

                  I have problem with battery too

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                    • pooria
                    • B}6
                    • 01 Jan 2016

                    I have problem with battery too

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                      • AnonD-349077
                      • Nvf
                      • 27 Dec 2015


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                        • MR.BROWN
                        • StN
                        • 26 Dec 2015

                        i have a tab 3 10.1 p2500. i used it 1 month and the battery was corrupted.

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                          • Evan
                          • IVK
                          • 26 Dec 2015

                          I have used this tablet for more than a year now. There is not much problem to deal with. The biggest problem is heating and battery draining. That pretty normal considering this is a dual core tablet. But fortunately Intel Hyper Treading doubled the core. So it's actually quad core when you are using it. The ram is also actually 2gb. Not much lagging but definitely not suitable for heavy gaming. The battery can last up to 6 hours of usage if you watch video and read facebook. The version is android 4.4.2, but you can update it to lollipop via CyanogenMod 12.

                          So in conclusion, this is not a very good tablet. You can consider buying others.

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                            • Pyro
                            • rsx
                            • 30 Nov 2015

                            Awesome tab and mine does have a radio 📻

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                              • Anonymous
                              • LE{
                              • 10 Nov 2015

                              Mohammed Akhtar , 28 Oct 2015I am having samsung galaxy tab 3 p5220 10.1 My tab has gone... moretry to transfer all the PICs VIDEOS and other APPs to the SD card... to many info on the internal memory will make it slow

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                                • Anonymous
                                • spw
                                • 10 Nov 2015

                                My tableta is P5220LTE and has 2BG RAM memory! Please be advise!!!

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                                  • Mohammed Akhtar
                                  • uth
                                  • 28 Oct 2015

                                  I am having samsung galaxy tab 3 p5220 10.1 My tab has gone very slow please suggest remedy. Thanks

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Kg%
                                    • 13 Oct 2015

                                    Hello Samsung may I know if the keyboard for my samsung tab 3 10,1 is available? If ever avai ow much ???

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                                      • levinz
                                      • fu%
                                      • 12 Oct 2015

                                      Can you play GTA San Andreas on this TAB or need for speed most wanted or what action game can you play on it......?

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                                        • Johan Redelinghuys
                                        • rv1
                                        • 09 Oct 2015

                                        My SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220, according to me the best device ever, I'm 24/7 on my tab, from emails to whatsup through to normal SMS's, then photos, e reading, google browsing, Skype, ect...
                                        I'm now due for an upgrade, but to what?
                                        Well done Samsung!