Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

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  • Cheems

Decent tablet personally, if youre just a student or person who does basic tasks, then this is good tablet

  • Anonymous

I've had the galaxy tab a for a year now. And I've already decided to upgrade to the galaxy a32 . Not because the performance was bad but because it was not enough. Keep that in mind if ur gonna buy this tab.

No I don't think you can use S pen

  • Ar

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021Can I do zoom meetings on the Tab A?Yes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021Can I use s pen ?No

  • Anonymous

Can I use s pen ?

  • Arjun

This device has no sensor no gyro

Copy and paste is also a problem for me. So is the charging speed. Over 3hr for a full battery, and since I've had this tab for 2yrs now the battery only gets me through half the day

  • AnonD-1013570

Hello, guys. I have this tablet for about 18 months. It has been working well since today. But in the recent weeks, I've been facing a huge problem - sometimes my tablet says that my antivirus doesn't work. I mostly used Avast Antivirus, but one day, I factory reset my tablet, and when I started to download apps, I chose Avast, but the app scanned my files slowly. So, I uninstalled the Avast Anti-Virus and decided to download another one. It was from AVG, and had the same interface with the one from Avast, but it had the same problem - it scanned the apps and files very slowly, which annoyed me. Yesterday, I was working on an important project and the problem worsened - I saw "AVG AntiVirus isn't working" 10 times. I don't know any solutions to stop that huge problem. Can anyone help me? I gratefully thank anyone who helps me find a solution to that problem.

  • Anonymous

Copy and paste remains to be very problematic with this Samsung 2019 10.1. It takes many touches to get copy link, it won't highlight the chosen area. Then it won't show the click on paste link. I would not buy this Samsung tablet or the Samsung A21s mobile phone as this has the same problems with copy and paste. Screenshots are another problem on both devices, unless you download a fixed on screen symbol for this. A21S call volume is terrible, I have to use speakerphone for all calls. This distorts the callers voice and what they are saying. You can add Samsung notes on both devices but after a while it won't allow you entry to view these, it closes it mmediately and takes you out of this important notes area.
On both devices it requires you to press down for some time and hold side button a lot of times to switch it off completely.
Samsung advised me some time ago to remove clear film protective cover. This made very little difference.
My previous tablet was the Amazon fire table 8 "and cut and paste was no problem being both quick simple to copy and paste. I would not buy Samsung again. My previous Huwaei honor phone was way more sophisicated and advanced than the Samsung 21s. I keep all software up to date so thats not the issue. It astounding in the high tec world we live in that this Samsung tablet and phone cannot deliver the basic actions and requirement required in todays market. I waste so much time trying to get it to do what is should do simply quickly and accurately. I do not find customer service or customer tecq easy to get hold of either. You often will not receive any response to your questions. Thumbs down Samsung.
My recommendation would be not to buy either device.

  • Mindey

Copy and paste remains to be problematic with this Samsung 2019 10.1.
Samsung advised me some time ago to remove clear film protective cover. This made a little difference.

Bro, 07 Jul 2021Anyone else updated to Android 11? What is your experience?its good but still really slow

This tablet is really good in my opinion, I bought this on January 3rd, I bought this tablet for gaming the first month went really well but after a month my game started lagging and my device started to heat up really really quick even when i just opened the app my tablet was already heating up and the game becomes unplayable, I stop gaming on this tablet but on the other hand this tab has a really good battery life, extremely good for watching movies and YouTube etc the games i played are call of duty and minecraft. If you want to buy this tablet you should only buy it for entertainment purposes only, and the other thing to this tab is really slow, keyboard not opening and more.

  • Miserable

Rockstar09, 13 Jul 2021They removed they feature to access files in internal/andro... moreDownload file manager+. Thats my temporary option
Maybe its a bug

  • Nitish

Fake !! I us this tablet no gyro on pubs mobile

  • Big4520

Rockstar09, 13 Jul 2021They removed they feature to access files in internal/andro... moreIt is there have to change the option on the arrow that says essentials and pick all. There youl see al the files.

They removed they feature to access files in internal/android/data and obb after updating to android 11,Same issue with SD card too.Anyone know how to access them without root and without PC.

  • drakula

Bro, 07 Jul 2021Anyone else updated to Android 11? What is your experience?One UI 3 runs fine. One thing I've noticed is that the animations are bit 'fluid' now. Runs fine on my Tab. I'm still checking it if there is any issues. Until now everything works fine.

However I've read comments of people that after the update some apps runs pretty slow or the Tab slowed down. In such cases, just clear the cache/data of specific that specific app OR just Reset the Tab (if it seems slow). (Most of the time this 'slowdown' happens due to incompatible configuration from Apps in previous version of Android, so a simple reset will help.)

PLEASE BACKUP Before update.

  • Santosh

Bro, 07 Jul 2021Anyone else updated to Android 11? What is your experience?Best ram management

  • Bro

Anyone else updated to Android 11? What is your experience?