Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

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  • AnonD-833125

2gb on an Android device in 2019 should be considered sacrilegious. Unless you want this tablet just for basic stuff, better looks elsewhere.
In terms of performance Ipads this days are the best tablets. And they are not that expensive, not iPhone expensive anyway. I mean 300€ for an iPad 2018 9.7" and is light years away than any Android tablet. I know because I had one and also a 8.4" Huawei Media Pad M5.
Not to mention the new 2019 iPads have been announced.

  • Finlandman

My only problem with this tablet is 2gb ram (why not 3gb?). Not a deal breaker as I use tablets only for youtube, etc. Also, this one has Pie from the box while most other new tablets come with Oreo.

  • anonymous

This is the lower end of Samsung Tablet, the one with pen and more ram I guess with the Tablet S series

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 16 Feb 2019Man only 2GB ram for 210 euros thats laughable. This thin... moreI totally agree with you the person that makes those decisions should get shot

  • chinhphuc

No pen supported, i believe, If so, shouldn't produce it!!!

Man only 2GB ram for 210 euros thats laughable.
This thing starts with Pie out of the box while A series and M series will start at Oreo.
Samsung is really weird.