Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 & S Pen (2019)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 & S Pen (2019)

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  • Tiki

Hey guys. Does this tab lags@stutters when opening multiple apps or in split screen.? Im thinking between this or ipad mini 5. Ipad is like tablet on steroids performance wise but is so limited with its space. I have so many pdf and documents. Looking for a good tab with reading capabilty and occasional scribbling, note writing. Not into gaming.

  • Jimbob

This device is like non existent

I am currently looking for an 8-inch Android tablet to replace my iPad mini 4.
If this was retailing at £300/EUR300 would you consider this a good value for its specs particularly for watching Youtube, News, Weather, Wikipedia, Evernote, occasional Word documents, casual gaming, et al?
And does anyone know exactly when will this be released in the UK or EU?

I've been using it for 45 days, and it's good. With 3GB RAM, I can do multi-tasking between job and games (NICE)

  • soo

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2019You can currently buy it online through an international seller ... moreyep, I got it from there for ~$250. They delayed my shipment for like a month while kept telling me they will restock in a week. It's a really fishy/sketchy website but i waited bc it's the only site that ship to US without jacking up the price. I definitely suggest buying it with paypal+credit card. I'm happy with the tablet tho, it's perfect for digital painting. I had Samsung Tab A 10inch with Spen(2016) but this tablet is def light and easier to carry around. So worth it

  • Anonymous

User43, 16 Jun 2019Is this ever coming to the US? It's like impossible to find an 8... moreYou can currently buy it online through an international seller (­ng-galaxy-tab-a-8-sm-p205-3gb-32gb-lte-black-1.h­tml) and use on most LTE bands in the US. Model SM-P205 also does telephony via its built in speaker/modem 👍🏼

  • User43

Is this ever coming to the US? It's like impossible to find an 8" tablet with full HD resolution and Android 9.0 in the US... I don't want a 10"+ sized..

  • Dee8526

Heay guys do it have a fast charging

  • Anonymous

bombeybox, 28 May 2019Where did you bought this tablet? If a free touch pen with this device..?

  • bombeybox

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Using this tablet and kind of like it. I think this is the only... moreWhere did you bought this tablet?

  • Anonymous

Using this tablet and kind of like it.
I think this is the only 8.0 tablet with stylus that support USA LTE bands.
The screen is not that horrible.
would love it if it has fingerprint reader.

  • Joe

Alex, 24 May 2019WHY NOT OLED????? Why tablet needs to be a junk?I think this cheap tablet is meant for student, taking notes with the Spen, reading e-books. 8" is a perfect size for those tasks. Want OLED? get the S5e, want more powerful? wait for bigger S5.

  • Alex

WHY NOT OLED????? Why tablet needs to be a junk?

  • Fred Flint

REALLY want this tablet in the U.S. What's the holdup? Anyone know for sure if this WILL be released in the U.S., (for 4G or 5G LTE/Verizon, preferably)?

  • Arno

When is this tablet in USA or latin-american countries released

  • Rei

skylar, 21 Apr 2019I really hope they release it in the US somewhere around ~$270. ... moreIt's about USD 290 in my country. Although import tax where i'm from is a bit high so it might be lower where you're from.

  • Anonymous

I think IPS is really great for eyes if they used a good quality one in this tablet.

this tab needs software update. the face unlock is not fast enough. It takes 3-4 seconds to unlock the device in medium light condition. face unlock should be quit fast which this tab only featured with face unlock, no fingerprint instead.

  • Anonymous

Habil, 07 May 2019I just bought it, it's really fun to use. The Processor is enoug... moreHow about battery life when playing Pubg?

  • DPS

Should play pubg on this tab???