Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

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  • skypara

What is the max screen brightness (nits)? No information anywhere. Planning to use this under bright sun all the time and this is the most important factor.

  • Nick0

Great bit of kit but can't find a folio case to fit it.

  • Bob

Had mine for 3 months now and its a wonderful tablet..more than I could ask for.

why o why is the battery so small... I mean 5050mAh is not enough to last even 5 hours! Other Samsung phones (where space inside is at a premium) have 7000mAh+

The battery size for this tablet is not enough and certainly does not compare well to what is written in the specs.

I will have to buy a spare battery to make it last longer... but also replacing the battery is a hassle... having to remove the tight-fitting plastic cover (risk of damage) and then the flimsy back cover (again these plastic tongue tabs look fragile) before getting access to the battery..

Don't think this is as well designed as other Samsung products. Come on Samsung you can do better.


Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, my 12 years old son accidentally dropped our Active Tab 3 and the screen broke. Also vertical lines now appear, indicating that something more serious has happened inside.
It is not as rugged as Samsung makes it out to be. It is a lovely tablet, but not as tough as one thinks.
Local service center said this kind of damage is not covered. Have to look for alternative solution.

  • TazTag USA

Solun1, 17 Feb 2021There is no Gorilla glass on this tablet.had the same problem with mine. the Glass broke easily on dropping it on a hard surface (even with the jacket). Samsung would not replace it. Lost data.

Blackslide, 23 Jan 2021Well, Gorilla glass or whatnot and the provided silicone ca... moreThere is no Gorilla glass on this tablet.

  • Blackslide

blackslide, 25 Dec 2020Bought this before christmas, dumb.. paid 599eur and it... moreWell, Gorilla glass or whatnot and the provided silicone case provided no contest to an icy yard with gravel on it. Glass shattered easily in a single impact from about 3ft. Also broke the screen, about 75% is a total mess, touch digitizer died totally.

The screen is really fragile, so a sturdier protective case and/or protector glass is a must for this thing to actually last.

  • Anonymous

worst design

Jmdolphin , 09 Jan 2021Not for business without ability to use smart watcheswould have expected like a 7000maH battery or at least in 6-7K range (couple of their phones are already in that range)

Xuen, 10 Jan 2021I really want this but it is not available in the US.ebay

I really want this but it is not available in the US.

  • md burhan uddin

blackslide, 25 Dec 2020Bought this before christmas, dumb.. paid 599eur and it... moresamsang galayx tab 3 very good

  • Jmdolphin

Not for business without ability to use smart watches

  • blackslide

Bought this before christmas, dumb.. paid 599eur and it's 549eur now. Anyhow, needed a replacement device for my hybrid tablet/laptop (lenovo helix) and this is really a great device for doing stuff on the go. S9 chipset is a bit old and screen resolution is not the best, but the battery lasts a day and google drive stuff works just fine, so I can't complain.

The cover that comes with it, has an s-pen slot, and is adequate for drops and bumps, even guards the screen somewhat (sides protrude maybe 1mm above screen). Still it is useable and even fits most pockets, easier or little less easier, but fits.

Only complaint is the glass, it gets scraped and scuffed fast, even keeping it in a pocket leaves scuffmarks in the glass. But it works pretty well with working gloves on, so I guess it is a tradeoff..

S-pen works just as in any galaxy tab, so this is great even for drawing on the go, etc.
Car, etc. dockers are available from multiple brands and the pogo pins are great. Notice though! If you want to connect something to the tablet while pogo pins are in use, the docking solution must come with a usb connector, the device switches usb to an aux display output when the pogo pins are in use.

I would recommend this tablet to anyone, but the glass durability is a clear issue. Either you swap protector films on a regular basis, or live with a scraped glass. Pogo pins and docking ability are a big plus, so is the ip rating and useability with gloves, removeable battery, another big +... good product, could be a bit better.

Finally they brought back physical front buttons again, at least for a tablet

buck, 28 Sep 2020Navigation buttons kills this. Their function cannot be alt... moreJust go for a non-rugged tablet, simple as that

Arsi26, 29 Sep 2020It looks like the galaxy s7 active in a tablet form... 😂😂😂And S9 chipset with S20 ringtones!

  • Waqar masood

omzig, 07 Nov 2020so how do you buy one in asia?From your country's official samsung website.

  • Charlie

I got the LTE version. The only bad thing is the absence of VoLTE and that is very strange as this is a pro device and it should support it. That makes your life hard when someone is calling and it drops from 4G to 3G or H+ that have very bad signal strength at the current place. In many cases 4G has better coverage and when is dropping to bad 3G you can not use at the same time your data connection. Otherwise is an excellent device for someone that need a bigger screen for everyday use in both professional enviroments and home use. It is like a big smartphone and can replace yours easily if you can cope the size :) . Lets hope that samsung will add VoLTE support in a future update. The only way to pressure them to make it happen is to spread the word that there is no support for VoLTE and hope for the best :).