Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

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  • Charlie

I got the LTE version. The only bad thing is the absence of VoLTE and that is very strange as this is a pro device and it should support it. That makes your life hard when someone is calling and it drops from 4G to 3G or H+ that have very bad signal strength at the current place. In many cases 4G has better coverage and when is dropping to bad 3G you can not use at the same time your data connection. Otherwise is an excellent device for someone that need a bigger screen for everyday use in both professional enviroments and home use. It is like a big smartphone and can replace yours easily if you can cope the size :) . Lets hope that samsung will add VoLTE support in a future update. The only way to pressure them to make it happen is to spread the word that there is no support for VoLTE and hope for the best :).

  • Koppula Ajaykumar

Pendrive slot available or not

  • omzig

so how do you buy one in asia?

  • digitalpaul

Wish they had updated the lte bands. So for now I'm keeping my old Samsung Active tablet.

Wow Samsung... You manage to caught my attention on your Tablet

  • Sir

I mean if you kids need something rugged that they can bring anywhere, look no further!!!!

  • Anonymous

buck, 28 Sep 2020Navigation buttons kills this. Their function cannot be alt... moreIt's built to withstand force. Imagine if a touch scenario causes the screen to become damaged, the user is going to need a way to physically force the tablet to work. Remember, the average guy isn't going to use it, firemen and people working in extreme conditions are. They do appreciate solid hardware buttons that work reliably.

Only rugged android tablets these days.

It looks like the galaxy s7 active in a tablet form... 😂😂😂

  • buck

Navigation buttons kills this. Their function cannot be altered . Dumb

What is the price?

  • Nene M.

I will love this! Don't be shy.

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