Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

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  • Ptex

Monkey biter, 09 Mar 2020Pie and Q now available on XDA - with working camera. Gr... moreCan you please send us the download link.

  • Monkey biter

N.C., 03 Oct 2019The latest ROM available for this is Android Nougat 7.1. Y... morePie and Q now available on XDA - with working camera.

Great tablet now with new life

  • N.C.

hunk0429, 15 May 2019can anyone please tell me the most updated ROM for this tab... moreThe latest ROM available for this is Android Nougat 7.1. You can get it from XDA or LineageOS. The only issue with it, so far, is that the camera will not function with the ROM. It is a known issue, but since development for the SM-T320 stopped in 2017, there will be no fixes for it. I recommend disabling the Camera app after installation.

  • Jason

hunk0429, 15 May 2019can anyone please tell me the most updated ROM for this tab... moreCheck XDA developers website for latest rom on this device. I think Android 7/nougat last I checked, but there may be later versions

  • William

This is a really good tablet. Had it way back 2014 and is still functioning well. The only problem I have is the battery but aside from that, it still performs as if it was bought yesterday. Hope they release more tabs of this kind.

can anyone please tell me the most updated ROM for this tablet? are all components working, camera, LED light, etc? please let me know what ROM to install without any issues

  • Anonymous

Great device.
Now they make tablets for you to buy them as often as possible, not to enjoy the usability.

  • Caz

Why don't they make Tablets like this anymore 😕

  • AnonD-708814

If you're rooted, try the Slim 6 stable rom. The rom is Android 6.0.1 without anything extra. Slim 6 is smooth as glass, fast as a bat out of blazes and very easy on the battery. If you had a lot of apk's to make all of the above happen in Android 5 or earlier, they are no longer needed. I was thinking of upgrading to a new tablet. After upgrading to Slim 6, I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

  • wirn

They don't make tables like this anymore.such a shame

  • AnonD-561684

If you want to update repairs on your tab pro 8.4, try

  • AnonD-668657

Hi. I recently found my Tabpro 8.4 wouldn't fully charge, it would go up to around 65% and then plateau infinitely. I almost gave up on it until I finally pried it open.

It's damn hard to open, the back cover has a perfect fit. Unlike the larger version (10.1? can't recall), it's not only the leather-like part that comes off, the sides comes off as well in a single piece. You need to slowly, patiently build a gap between the screen and the border (a rather soft pliable plastic) using some soft plastic (though less pliable than the border :) ). I used a medium fine guitar pick. It scratched some of the chrome coating in two places, but nothing bad. The fit after I replaced it was still perfect.

Then I removed a tiny sticker over the battery terminal, unplugged and plugged it back in. The terminal is plugged by vertical pressure, you lift it up to remove and then just press it down back in place. It's also a tight fit, you wouldn't imagine it could come loose, but it did the trick for me. I placed the sticker back, reattached the back cover and resumed charging up to 100% very quickly.

  • AnonD-654415

I have had one of these since they came out and I love dearly... but it's starting to show age and damage. I'm thinking about replacing it but none of the current Samsung offerings really catch my eye. Any recommendations?

  • AnonD-649763

Hi guys, I had the same problem with my battery so I'm gonna try your suggestions about opening the back and reconnect the battery.
I have another issue with my Tab Pro, all of a sudden I cannot drag down my notifications at the top of my screen. So I don't have easy access to my settings and notifications. I did not install anything new at that time and then when I try to drag down to see my notifications, it doesn't work anymore. So for the meantime I found an alternative solution and installed this Drop Down Status Bar app. When I click this app on my screen, that's the only time that my shortcut settings and notifications drops down. However if I am on FB, Instagram or any apps that is open, I need to go to my Homepage first to click the Drop Down Status Bar app to open my notifications at the top. Unlike before whatever apps you open and you need to check your notifications bar, all you have to do is drag down the top of your screen.
Hoping you could help me with my shortcut settings and notification bar issues. I would really appreciate it a lot :)

  • Anonymous

Thanks to all of you for posting your battery issue and solution! It worked for me, too!

  • Anonymous

Zox., 18 Oct 2016I have the same problem. I disassemble my tablet and decone... morei did the same thing since we had the same problem, now it's perfect! Tab is amazing!!

  • Zox.

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2016hm..i'll try :P so,my tab pro for unknown reasons, keeps re... moreI have the same problem. I disassemble my tablet and deconect batery. And afther 1min i connect battery. Now it works perfectly without restarting anymore. I hope it will help you. You can find on youtube how to open your tab and decconect battery.

  • Anonymous

Here are the instructions to root, backup, and install CM13 on your tab pro 8.4. Mine runs better than ever now. This tablet is still a viable machine and will be for some time with the right software.

  • Anonymous

Brane, 07 Oct 2015Got my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 in June. Great tablet but lately ... moreI solved it by removing the battery cable at the back then putting it back in. It works perfectly!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-173439, 10 Feb 2016want to know are there any issues by using this tab and doe... moreThe tablet does overheat after a while is use and has bubbles in the top corner, also the battery can be temperamental and sometimes change slowly, I would get the tab s over this because of the samples display and finger print scanner