Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

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  • Jawbreaker

Sorry to say but the build quality of this tablet looks cheap than Tab S 8.4. But the performance between these tablets, the Tab S2 wins this battle.

  • wkshai

Tab S 2 install any game n play very smooth, light weight won't let your hand feel tire & it will make your every finger touch & play.

Battery consumption much better, fast speed 64 bit processor even battery 4000mah

Bravo! Bravo! Fantastic!

  • wkshai

Additional + 32gb internal memory & Micro SD Card up to 128gb.

  • wkshai

Hi there, i had try Samsung Tab S & S 2, both devices are good, i had just sold my Tab S 8.4".
I had bought new Samsung Tab S 2 8.0" are awesome, screen very smooth, super slim. super light weight, processor 64 bit faster internet browsing, good gaming, camera good too even without flash.
I like it very much!!! Bravo Samsung Tab S & S 2

Thanks & Cheers Samsung Mobile Company :)

  • ILham

My opinion is still better samsung galaxy tab from the tab S2 S8.4 because judging from the size just looks less premium S2 tab.

  • AnonD-105280

16:9 and HD video are here to stay. But this tablet gives users more choice. I never use a tablet in portrait position unless an app forces me to do so. So this model isn't for me. Good to see 16gb tablets might be history some day. Why no flash for the camera?

  • AnonD-105280

Jarret, 03 Sep 2015Why Samsung downgrade the battery? 6000 mAh is betterBattery size can only be determined by the space left over after the tablet is designed.

  • AnonD-357526

go home galaxy tab s 8.4 users go back to your own page we dont need your opinion , stop bragging about tab s is more superior cause of the downgrades , btw as a user of tab s2 it feels more premium than tab s and faster, slim and lighter tho. ,for those who says it is an apple copy by its aspect ratio it is a no.. tab s2 dont look the same as the ipad

  • AnonD-188155

Feysion, 11 Sep 2015If I may add a few comments, as I own a tab s 8.4 and a tab s2 8... moreCould you maybe try how smoothly the game HEARTHSTONE works with this tablet? For may people (including me), this specific game is the main reason for buying a tablet in the first place.

  • Feysion

If I may add a few comments, as I own a tab s 8.4 and a tab s2 8.0 at this time. I have read that many of you say the tab s2 is a step back. Though I can agree on a couple points, such as removing the flash on the camera, and the removal of the if blaster does take a step back, the rest is a step forward. I know I did not mention the lowered battery, but I do not notice a difference in battery life from the tab s to the s2. Someone before also asked what chipper these use. The tab s 8.4 uses a Samsung exynos series 5 5420 chipset (32 bit octa core using the arm big/little architecture quad core arm v7 @ 1.3 ghz, quad core arm v53 @ 1.9ghz) with a Mali t628 gpu. The tab s2 8.0 uses a Samsung exynos series 7 5433 chipset (64 bit octa core using arm big little architecture quad core arm v53 @1.3 ghz/ quad core arm v53 @ 1.9 ghz) with a Mali t760. So even though clock speeds are the same, the performance is much better both in pure processing power and graphically for gaming. While I am not a huge fan of the 4:3 aspect, it is neither good not provide bad in my opinion. I can say that side by side the color on my tab s2 is slightly better. The s2 feels significantly lighter than the tab s though in reality it is only approximately 50 grams lighter. So what does all this really mean? I can say that even Web browsing at times on my tab s8.4 was leggy and no I'm not talking about my hsi speeds here. I mean chrome, internet, puffin, whichever browser I used, the interface lagged at times. Over all there could be said that the tab s 8.4 would...hesitate. That being saie, I have not experienced such on my tab s2 8.0 so far. I hope this at least helps a few people.

AnonD-416825, 09 Sep 2015Guys Guys, can someone help me understand, i can't figure out th... moreYou do not need a tablet. I have a Tab S 8.4 & I don't use it at all. I always use my phone or my laptop (most of the time). I don't see any point to buy a tablet.

  • AnonD-439483

I think my tab s 8.4 has more feature than this tab s2. Why samsung not upgrading the spec, but downgrading it? It will be more perfect if Samsung add the s pen feature for this tab, i will buy it absolutely.

  • AnonD-416825

Guys Guys, can someone help me understand, i can't figure out the reason of having a TAB!
for the info on the go i have my NOTE 4 and for other reasons i have my MACBOOK AIR! so whats the purpose of having a TAB?!

  • LTU

added Infrared port :)
lighter and slimer :D

  • Hakoniwa93

Ali, 05 Sep 2015No Way To Buy It. Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is much better and in afforda... morestop talking Bullshit...

In my country (Indonesia) the price only different by about $50
and not to mention the Tab S build quality is shit..

the frame (bronze color) look so damn cheap..
and if u have sweaty hand, the frame color will fade...

while the specs is totally similiar, the tab S2 build quality is much better...

  • Ali

No Way To Buy It. Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is much better and in affordable price. Same Features.

  • Anonymous

no look change.

  • AnonD-436812


  • Jarret

Why Samsung downgrade the battery? 6000 mAh is better

  • AnonD-143205

HOIK, 19 Aug 2015Galaxy Tab s2 Or Tab s1 ??S2 is faster and the build is better.