Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

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  • nova

We want marshmallow on the T815 tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eny

Got confius did this tablet have 2 version because i find that version 2015 used exynox cip correct me if iam wrong tq

  • Anonymous

Smartron T book is launched. Which one will be better to buy !!

  • Goale

This tablet is an excellent update to the previous version and look wise it is such an premium tablet.

Just noticed Tab S2 camera aperture is f/1.9 on par with S6 Camera module .
Now completely satisfied
Why dont gsmarena put the aperture rate in the spec sheet and none of the reviewer mentioning about it.

  • Oilo

Plz some one help me below.

  • oilo

Many of you say that theres a problem with power button.I like the tablet but i'm afraid to buy it because of that. Is it good to buy it under such a condition? Plz help me.

  • Anonymous

i love this tablet, it does everything i need it too. i was eyeing it for months manage buy it. its far better then my iPad since apple wants full control over content.

  • AnonD-315820

Great tablet the size & weight is perfect to handle the software and battery are excellent!! Best samsung tablet i have!!

  • Anonymous

l'm looking forward to buying samsung galaxy tab S2. l love the tab so much.

  • AnonD-33451

I'm using this tablet its amazing tablet.
I have never seen before this function.
so i only said to all everybody if u want to buy tablet so only buy samsung galaxy Tab S2.

  • Dam

Just bought 9.7 lte model 5 days ago. had a problem with power adapter (not charging) went to the shop it replace a new adapter. OS runs butter smooth. still didn't got the time to use it more than several hours. but it played everything threw at it. even a full HD 2gb .mkv file. Loving it!!!!!

  • Anonymous

The tablet can be updated to 5.1.1

  • El shokafie

device tab S2 the strongest tablets that used recently as well as the battery is more than impressive this device a real success for Samsung.
If the any one want buy it ..............Go quickly😉😉😉

  • AnonD-440574

Kathy could it be its set to low in setting u can set it for 1-2 mins so on

  • bill

Sameer, 07 Mar 2016Where can I buy an S2 with the sim card slot? Anyone knows?Buy in amozon

  • username0007

Sameer, 07 Mar 2016Where can I buy an S2 with the sim card slot? Anyone knows?call up o2 - can get 1gb with the tablet for 26.50 or buy tablet outright and get datasim

Sameer, 07 Mar 2016Where can I buy an S2 with the sim card slot? Anyone knows?At a store, I guess

  • Sameer

Where can I buy an S2 with the sim card slot? Anyone knows?

  • Sidney

I returned the Galaxy Tab A because it turns off occasionally and got Galaxy Tab S2, which also turns off occasionally. The power button rarely brings it on. Why?
I am disappointed......

  • Anonymous

I'm using it for the last two weeks. It shuts off occationally. It does not turn on with the on button. I need to connect it with the charger and then it turns on. Any other way to on it?