Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

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  • Anonymous

Tab S processor is such an out dated historic processor when compared to Tab S2 processor.
Tab s is the best !!

  • Chandu

Dear. ..I am interested to bey samsung s2 9.7 is it ok are any problems with the tab please tell me thank you. ...

  • Anonymous

Is the spec sheet accurate on the battery life - tab s2 (9.7) can play 12 hrs of multimedia???
Ipad air2 with a bigger battery plays up to 10 hrs??

  • AnonD-403369

I bought this a couple of days ago with 4G LTE and official case/keyboard. Price is steep, of course. I paid 750 EUR. Everyone is talking about small battery, but compared to ultrabooks, 6-7 on screen time is fine for me. Tablet is very slim and lightweight. Samsung case/keyboard adds additional weight, but total package weight is only 935 grams. Keyboard is great and has touchpad. I went to settings to faster pointer speed and everything is perfect. I connect to my PC via remote access, if I need something big. Otherwise I can do many things on tablet itself with good keyboard. I will buy Samsung Action Mouse for additional convenience. Good tablet, good case/keyboard. Love it.

  • Anonymous

Totally confused between Gold and Black !! any insight. For premiumness ..

  • Anonymous

Tab S2 is far far better in terms of processor !

To be factual Tab S processor is already outdated by more than 2 years. Many apps still lags when compared to Tab S2 !

Tab S is a granny when comapred to Tab S

  • mahfuj

why not any led flash

  • Anonomuskiller

What to buy tab s2 or other tablet
For me tab s2 just real eased yesterday so I am buying gold lol

  • Anonymous

only podfor Tab S2 is 64 BIT Processor and 32 GB and than everything Hands down wrt Tab S

  • Me

This tab is fast and reliable with a beautiful screen. Im using it now!

  • Mike

marius, 23 Sep 2015Got it few days ago. Sorry apple lovers - be4 tab s2 i had ipad ... moreThanks for your comparison. I was on the fence (Samsung or Ipad), but I think I going with the Samsung, based on you sharing your experience. Thanks!

  • strikexi

i wan Buy tab s2 9.7 pls tell true opinion pls

  • Mick

Is there a zoom in and out on the new galaxy tab s2

  • marius

Got it few days ago. Sorry apple lovers - be4 tab s2 i had ipad air. I like tab s2 much more than ipad. It has newest android, no lags, perfect screen, perfect made body. If u want something different thqn ipad take this tablet

  • anonyme

I want to know where we put the nano sim in Tab s2?

  • AnonD-137171

1. Lower screen resolution than the previous generation (it's the same resolution of the ipads it accully has same screen size of the ipad air 2 and the same screen destinations)
2. No LED flash
3. The speacker's sound quality it less than the previous generation and no stereo speackers
4. No infrered port
5. No USB host
6. A lot smaller battery than the previous generation with less battery life

1. Improved fingerprint sensor
2. Better over all performance
3. 64 GB storage option available with microsd card slot
4. Very thin 5.6mm and very light 392g
5. 1440p video recording

  • AnonD-137171

I don't know what this company is doing every thing become worse first is the note 5 then the tab s2
Samsung why are you doing this ????
Please listen to your costumers not trying to be like apple

  • Anonymous

Pros wen compared to Tab S series

Processor and 64 BIT OS
32GB Internal memory

Cons :
Remaining all !!

  • Anonymous

guys which colour looks more premium? black or gold ??

  • Jeroen

Why the hell would this S2 be an upgrade over the S 10.5? The S 10.5 has a bigger screen and still much better resolution. The amount of pixels of the S2 screen is really sad..

This thing should be called an S0 because i would have believed it if they had launched it in June 2013