Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

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  • LaR
  • 21 Dec 2022

Twobits, 20 Dec 2021The s2 and s3 tablets had 4:3 screens. Guess they didn... morePerfect for reading, photo editing as 4.3 ratio is best for this, also for watching older movies, TV shows that we're made in 4.3 ratio..
Otherwise they end up stretched on a 16.9 screen or have huge black bars either side to watch it in

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    • Lai
    • PIF
    • 19 Dec 2022

    YGB, 14 Jul 2022Where to buy in KL? Hi I’m currently selling one 4gb+32gb for Rm820

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      • gqQ
      • 07 Nov 2022

      Don't update to android 9. It will be laggy and slow.

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        • tDR
        • 14 Oct 2022

        I barely used anything other than watching movies and very often I didn't use it at all for many days, sometimes even months. But then suddenly everything became so slow even after you do format. It is no longer flagship tablet, damn slower than some newer A tablet.
        I will trade it for new one, but definitely not samsung.

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          • YGB
          • tVX
          • 14 Jul 2022

          Where to buy in KL?

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            • Abldulhamid
            • 3Ak
            • 13 Jun 2022

            adamer, 28 Dec 2018Assume you have noticed that it have microSD slot and you c... moreafter waiting and hesitating long time for a right tablet, I finally chose this one, mainly for it's acceptable size, as for lags that some whining maybe I should avoid updating it's software.
            you see tab s4 is long and other varieties of later generations have gone too far than just being a tablet which is supposed to be used by holding it, Samsung doesn't seem very concerned about this, tried to use a tab s6, wow, can't you feel it is too big and clumsy?

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              • Gui
              • EUk
              • 28 Apr 2022

              GoldenOldieG5, 10 Apr 2022Very disappointed with this tablet. Screen is nice, colour... morehi , shop elsewhere for a battery as such like around $30, it's not worth $270 an installation but normally around 50-80

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                • GoldenOldieG5
                • q}{
                • 10 Apr 2022

                Very disappointed with this tablet. Screen is nice, colour is vibrant, but it fills up too quickly even with a 64gb card and the battery does not last. We are 6 months past an extended warranty from Staples and the battery dies. Will cost 300 bucks or half the original price to replace. We are just a couple of seniors who bought this for some games and for the grandchildren to watch some movies come bedtime. Very disappointed. Will not buy another Staples warranty nor will I buy another Samsung tablet.

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                  • Twobits
                  • kuu
                  • 20 Dec 2021

                  Anonymous, 27 Oct 20214:3 screen? If Samsung can make an updated version of this ... moreThe s2 and s3 tablets had 4:3 screens. Guess they didn't sell well or something. It is the reason that I am still using my s3. They had a deal with Barnes and Noble to make a Nook version that probably speced a 4:3 aspect ratio. It is better for reading but for video 16:9 is preferred and I guess more watch videos than read any more.

                    Well the updates are restrict at some country so some of you might not able to updates change to other tablet that support every country like nilai tablet t30 since It has android One android one support all country and comes updates faster you two days or a days I'll get app update atlhough i live in Asian

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                      • 63x
                      • 27 Oct 2021

                      4:3 screen? If Samsung can make an updated version of this tablet with latest hardware, that can easily give the iPad Pro a run for its money.

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                        • Sina1
                        • ptj
                        • 16 Jul 2021

                        This tablet was very smooth without any lag in the first year . But after latest two updates it became laggy that forced me to use reduce animation option. I won't update android devices anymore. The story of android Samsung tablets are deferent from iPad. iPads functionality are stable more

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                          • Arche
                          • nUv
                          • 24 May 2021

                          Was fun while it lasted. TBH, I used it a lot less than I thought I would. But the offscreen notetaking functionality was really great.
                          The sad part is that the darn thing decided to brick itself shortly after the warranty expired.
                          Will think twice before buying samsung (censored) again.

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                            • twQ
                            • 05 May 2021

                            Gino76ph, 18 Mar 2021If I install a 3rd-party launcher like Nova launcher will i... moreGo to play store, search FNG, the blue one is the one you want!

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                              • Peter Ooi
                              • IVx
                              • 23 Mar 2021

                              worse experience buying this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 ever !
                              i bought it 2018 Jan , at the end of year 2019 , the Tab become very laggy
                              and it wont charge anymore

                              they use some sort of storage that become more laggy as u use
                              wont be buying from samsung anymore !

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                                • rW7
                                • 20 Mar 2021

                                Pita, 12 Mar 2021I do not know where to go from here. I bought this tablet ... moreTry a factory reset.

                                  If I install a 3rd-party launcher like Nova launcher will it disable (or have the option to disable) the bottom navigation buttons so i can fully use the available gestures of the launcher?

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                                    • Pita
                                    • TiL
                                    • 12 Mar 2021

                                    I do not know where to go from here. I bought this tablet in 2018 and I have never used anything better...I truly LOVE THIS MODEL Samsung tablet. Problem is, it was doing an update and suddenly stopped working. I used it but not much 2 years owning it and I may have used it about 6 months split up in different uses. Now it comes on but only to power on screen then nothing after that....I am beside myself....Any ideas...?

                                      Its supported, i have copy from my storage type u or by otg converter.. btw the filesystem storage must fat32 only, cannot ntfs!

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                                        • Minu
                                        • tew
                                        • 04 Mar 2021

                                        Anonymous, 13 Feb 2021Where can I find which fast charging protocol and voltage/c... moreAs far as I know, this is either 10W or 12W